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Tyris Phaenin [Teacher]

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Tyris Phaenin [Teacher] Empty Tyris Phaenin [Teacher]

Post by Requiem on Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:15 pm

“The world will succumb to darkness and anarchy if nothing is done. I’m here to help and ensure that such a thing never happens."


Name: Tyris Phaenin

Age: Thirty-two years of age; born on the third day of the eleventh month.

Gender: Male

Species: Faunus; Human-wolverine crossbreed.

Call Sign/Symbol: An image of what seems to be a single angel’s feather, gradually fading from white to black to dark purple from top left to bottom right.

Occupation(s): Close-Ranged/Unarmed Combat Tactics Teacher of Beacon Academy (All Years)

Appearance: A rather tall and somewhat gruff-looking male, standing at a height of six foot seven and weighing in at one hundred and seventy-nine pounds; slightly lightweight for a man of his stature. His figure is toned and strengthened even more so than the average human due to his above-average build, though is also capable of agility as well, thanks to his ‘light’ weight. He hosts a pair of narrow, grey eyes, which are lightly shaded over by his hair, which is of a natural, brown shading. The hairstyle that he sports appears to be short-cut around the head in general, though is long enough to hook slightly over the forehead and above the eyes. Primarily, his hair coloring is of a deep, chocolate, though fades toward a light hazel as it nears the middle section of his skull, creating a single stripe that divides his hair into two seemingly symmetrical halves. Sideburns are seen scoring down both sides of his head, stopping around the area where the bottom of the ears are.

Due to his Faunus genetics, he does bare attributes similar to the animal that he represents: the wolverine. For starters, he has the creature’s sharp, curved, and semi-retractable claws. As a normal human’s are, his nails are shown all of the time and grow at a normal rate. However, his wolverine bloodlines allow him to unsheathe them to a greater length, and also to retract them to their normal lengths. Alongside the claws, he also has the wolverine’s sharply-pointed canines. He has no tail or other major features, so he is often mistaken for a human at first sight.

His normal attire is somewhat simple. For clothing, Tyris sports a flannel as a first upper body layer, with a coat over it. The flannel is primarily black, with designs of white and deep violet. The coat itself is a dark shade of grey; nearly black, though not quite. Its right sleeve was also torn off in order to reveal his arm. Around his neck and beneath the collar of his shirt, he wears a neatly-tied tie of a semi-dark shade of purple. As for the lower body, he wears a simple pair of black slacks with black dress shoes. Atop his head, he wears a black fedora with a violet stripe circling around the crown.

Tyris’s background is pretty simple. Born and raised in the Kingdom of Vale, he always strove to follow in his parents’ footsteps, making the goal of becoming a Huntsman his highest achievement-to-be. In order to do so, he began school attendance in Signal at the reasonable age, growing up through the years and progressing through the grades with high marks all around, be it academically or in combat.

The occasional obstacle due to his Faunus heritage held him down a bit, as times were a bit different during the time that he was in school, and discrimination without punishment was somewhat more common. Regardless of this, however, he pushed on, the dream of becoming a Huntsman guiding him and drawing him further in a similar way that one can’t help but walk toward a single, far away light of a candle in a darkened corridor. While keeping his academic marks up through tutoring, after school programs, and cram school, he honed his combat abilities with the help of public training schools and his parents. By his last year at Signal, he had sent his application to Beacon Academy. Soon after his graduation ceremony, he was enlightened by the realization that he was accepted.

So, he moved off to Beacon in order to continue his education. His luck team-wise was actually pretty okay, as he managed to find his way into a team that actually stuck together through their stay at Beacon with no member replacements at all. Throughout their years at the academy, they all made good memories, though eventually separated after their graduation ceremony, going their own ways. While his teammates stayed within the general vicinity of Vale or traveled to one of the other Kingdoms, Tyris still continued to study and hone his abilities, all while taking up the occasional bounty or request laid out in the general public. He would live this way for roughly five years before he would return to Beacon.

As he began shuffling through jobs and requests one day at a local bulletin, he noticed that there was some kind of event being set up for at Beacon which required the skill of both Huntsmen and Huntresses. It was a simple enough task; just a group event that entailed a mass amount of both extracurricular and advanced training sessions, courtesy of volunteers that wouldn’t mind showing the students participating how Hunters worked their magic. Seeing no trouble in such an event, Tyris signed himself up.

Upon the event date, the man did return to his old school for the first time in half a decade. To his surprise, he encountered one of his old teammates: Sydney Nara Antimone. After catching up with her a bit, he found out that she had been offered a job at the academy, and thought that she may as well participate in the mass training session while getting to know those that she would be working with in the days to come. Soon afterwards, he put the fact aside as the time to begin fell.

While Sydney specialized in Dust Mechanics, and thus was teaching the students about such, Tyris handled exceptional skill within close-ranged combat in general; expressing said skill easily between levels beginner to professional, thanks to his years of studying and training. Having caught the eye of the Headmaster during the training in between breaks, he was interviewed and, after a while, offered a job at the academy as a close combat specialist. Seeing that it would be better than continuing his life of bounties – as fun as it was – he accepted the offer. Once he had done so, the program resumed, and he encountered a new group of students to guide through. He eased them in at first, sparring against them at a normal pace before letting them know that he was about to use his semblance in advance. After letting them know, he progressed onward, further confusing the teens while continuously dodging their attacks and making ones of his own. Eventually, his confidence in his abilities began to get to him, causing him to grow a bit cocky and make an ever so slight miscalculation in his movements which ended up in the severing of his right arm when he transported himself to another shadow near a student who wielded a blade as his weapon. Tyris happened to do so just as the student swung, and there was obvious contact. Upon noticing what had happened, the staff brought the event to a swift close before sending the Faunus to the nearest hospital.

He was given necessary treatment to the wound and was forced to stay within the medical facilities for a rather long period of time. During the stay, he was visited by Sydney and the Beacon Headmaster. The Headmaster began discussing matters regarding the job proposal that he had laid out, and spoke about taking it back due to Tyris’s sudden injury. However, he rejected such actions, practically begging and insisting that he would be fine and would find a way. After a time, the Headmaster would reluctantly take his leave.

As for Sydney, however, she continued to visit him often, bringing up the topic of artificial and robotic limbs to Tyris. The man told her that he did intend to obtain such a thing in his future, though there would be some trouble financially. Because of this, his teammate kept saying that she would help him and pay for such an attachment, enduring his constant rejections to the matter. Eventually, she wore him out, feeling victorious as he finally accepted. Once Tyris was discharged, he was presented with a customary robotic arm that would serve as a replacement for the one that he lost.

For the next month, he would get used to it with the help of his former teammate. While she sparred with him in order to help him get used to it, she also helped him with enhancements to the limb, eventually making it a weapon alongside a limb.

After numerous trials and enhancements, the two came back to Beacon Academy and presented themselves to the Headmaster once more. As shocked and hopeful as he was to see the progress with Tyris’s arm, he was still rather concerned for his well being and initially took back the job offering again. Given some time had passed for persuasion, however, it would be Tyris’s turn to reign victorious as logs were arranged and he was finally assigned a career as the new close combat specialist at Beacon.

A month later after more recalibrations and a few more trials, the Faunus officially started his teaching career and went on to teach alongside Sydney for a reasonable time. During his journey as a Beacon Academy teacher, he befriended several other teachers and is pretty much happy with the way his life turned out to be thus far, aside from the fact that he had lost a limb.

Personality: Calm and calculating; Tyris holds the ideal mindset that one should have for a leading role. His normal attitude is labeled as quiet, polite, and respectful – and that’s just what it is. Upon first encounters with others, he tends to be a bit on the quiet yet cheerful side, and appears to be happy to make new acquaintances along his journey as part of the Beacon Staff.

It’s normal for him to get a bit rowdy when discussing or participating in combat, however. As much as he doesn’t like to admit it, he’s a bit more confident than recommended in his abilities and, although he’s right to be, it could cause miscalculations from time to time. That aside, however, he tends to have a lot of fun when sparring or fighting, and often challenges his opponent(s) to the maximum; hence the rowdiness. When in combat, is companions have told him that he takes it too far, though they all know that he means well and often does such things all in fun.

A minor thing that most people that he knows aren’t aware of is how his past still haunts him to a minor extent. Though he never allowed it to faze him on the outside, years of Faunus discrimination took a rather heavy emotional toll on him, and still does to this day. Because of this, talk of such situations tends to drain him of his chipper aura and enthusiasm, though he continues to shoulder on and talks on the matter in his usual, calm demeanor. If he were to witness a Faunus being discriminated against – be it on his school campus or out in public – he would more than likely lose his passive persona and trade it in for a more fiery, tempered alter ego while attempting to defend those who had been assaulted, be it emotionally, verbally, or physically, if not all three.

+Exceptional night vision from Faunus genetics.
+Exceptional sense of smell from wolverine genetics.
+Excels at close combat in general.
+High amount of aura.
+High/mastered skill with semblance.
+Parameters are well-rounded and are augmented due to his height.

-His height restricts his travel limits a lot of the time.
-Aside from when he travels through shadows, he has trouble being silent.
-Though he’s ambidextrous, his skill in general seems to significantly drop without his right arm/hand.
-His expertise in close combat is matched by long-ranged ways of fighting.
-Seems to lose his cool at the sight of Faunus discrimination at times.

Semblance: Put short, Tyris is enabled the ability to utilize with shadows in various ways by diving in from one shadow to another, which allows him to transport himself across distances. Often times while in battle, he will do this in order to disorient his enemy, normally sneaking behind them through their own shadow before striking the ground nearby with a shadowed fist, which basically shrouds a fifty foot radius at most in darkness, causing there to be difficulty with visibility. With his honed semblance skill, he is able to do so in a swift and effortless fashion, and is able to do so for a much longer time than he would’ve been as a first year at Beacon. If he were to transport himself from one place to the next without breaks in between, he would be able to do so for roughly twenty minutes before his aura is exhausted.


Name: The Huntsman’s Shadow

First Form: First and foremost Tyris’s right, robotic arm. Composed of titanium alloy and layered with grapheme, it maintains a very strong structure which allows it to last through thick and thin. The entirety of it has been spray painted to be a shining, metallic black, though several colored channels containing Dust can be seen. A variety of buttons and switches are located near the shoulder which control the Dust capabilities, and also enables some changes to the arm itself when used as a weapon. A specific way of clenching the fist causes a sort of block plating on top of the back of the hand to extend outwards in a set of four blades; each one as black as the arm itself and roughly a foot and a quarter in length all together. All four blades are razor sharp, and are capable of retracting like a wolverine’s claws.

As for the Dust currents within Shadow, however, there are two currents for each basic type of Dust: Air, Ice, Lightning, and Fire. Each can be fired separately, or combined before firing within a small, circular chamber around the wrist in order to pack an extra oomph in strikes.

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

History: Bought by Tyris’s old friend and teammate, Sydney Nara Antimone, completely against his will. With her aid, it was upgraded to be more than just a new arm, and was given numerous Dust capabilities. The retractable claws and numerous switches to help him switch between modes were added during a trip in the city, when he came across a technological expert and a weaponry expert.


Name: Shadowed Destruction

First Form: A gauntlet covering the left hand up to the midway point of the forearm. Much like Huntsman’s Shadow, Shadowed Destruction is composed primarily of titanium alloy and is layered with grapheme, enabling high durability of the weapon while also enabling easy, lightweight movement. Unlike Shadow, however, Destruction has no Dust capabilities or any fancy, mechanical enhancements.

It does, though, have a dual function as both a gauntlet and a locked and retractable blade holder. With a careful and swift movement of the wrist and hand, a blade from beneath the brace will unsheathe, enabling swift and possibly unseen slash action up close. The movements trigger the unsheathing of the blade due to a small attachment which is hooked around one of the fingers of the hand – often times the ring finger. This movement pulls on the attachment, which draws the blade in and out.

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

History: Bought and upgraded to be the gauntlet-blade hybrid that it is today by the same weaponry expert that helped Tyris out with Huntsman’s Shadow.


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Tyris Phaenin [Teacher] Empty Re: Tyris Phaenin [Teacher]

Post by Paige weaver on Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:26 pm

seams good to me so approved.
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