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Luzige Phong

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Luzige Phong Empty Luzige Phong

Post by Paige weaver on Tue Nov 18, 2014 7:44 pm


Name: Luzige Phong

Age: 17


Species: human

Call Sign/Symbol:a swarm of yellow bugs with a black background

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student):1st year student

Appearance: ( )
weight: 145 pounds
eye color: Green
height: 5'6"
hair and general clothing is the same in the picture
his combat clothes are his normal clothes.

History: Born in the sleepy village out side of the vale. This village had a small population of 230 people. Luzige was born on a night of a festival so he was counted as a sigh of good luck. As he grew the village helped take care of him he slowly learned to love all of his village as if they where his family. At the age of 7 he started to train in fighting. His village specialty was bows and staffs so he learned how to do those. at the age of 12 he mastered these arts well enough to fight the creatures of Grimm. At 15 Luzige learned how to use his semblance. One day on a walk Luzige came acrossed a Dead man the first he has ever seen. Do to the trauma of seeing this his semblance sparked up and attacked his village consuming it all in front of Luzige, To his horror he found his village gone every one dead or dying. As Luzige walked acrossed this mascarre he found his house and in it his grand fathers weapon. Luzige took it and left the village certain his family all died and his village gone. Luzige traveled to Vale and entered beacon there where the story continues.

Personality: Luzige despite his bad past has a very good out look on life often being flirty with people he likes. Luzige works well with others at most times the only time he doesn't like other people is when he is remembering his past or on days that where his villages festivals. Luzige hates it when people are being made fun of in ways that make them feel sad.

Strengths: Has both ranged and mid range fighting. Luzige is very friendly to every one. Works well in a team. Has had a lot of years of training. Can dodge a lot of attacks do to his small sighs. Luzige has a very high aura.

Weaknesses:Bad at throwing punches. Cant stand seeing dead things that are not Grimm do to it making him remember his bad past. Cant stand people fighting and can often lead to him hurt him self. Luzige has a low pain tolerance.

Semblance:Swarms feast.
Luzige can activate his semblance using up to all of his aura depending on how big his swarm is. The swarm takes place of a sickly yellow insects that swarm and devour every thing in there path. Do to the destructive nature of this semblance Luzige has trained in it so much that he can pick targets for the swarm to attack. His semblance can go out of control if he is having emotional problems and when it does it will attack every thing but himself only stopping once every thing is dead in the area or almost.


Name:Swarms mind

First Form:the first form is a pair of numb chucks that allow for the weapon to be carried easily Luzige hates using this form and so he never does.

Second Form:the string in between the the chucks retracts and the chucks extend forming a staff two blades on ether side pop out for extra damage. In this form Luzige can use the weapons dust capability which allow for him to fire fire balls and ice shards from the staff.

Third Form:this form takes place in three stages the first is when the staff extends and the string reconnects to make it a bow the bow then can be extended up to two more times for more range and damage at the cost of speed when pulling back the arrow.
Luzige carry's ruffle 5 fire arrows 5 ice arrows 5 earth arrows and 5 shock arrows.

History: Luzige got this weapon off of his dead grand father after the events of his semblance running wild

Concept art - not myn just using it as reference here.

Note at max length both the staff and the bow stand at 5' 4".
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