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Snow Wright

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Snow Wright Empty Snow Wright

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:59 pm


Name: Snow Wright (Alias: The Snow Tiger)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol: A pale blue snowflake inside a black and red pentagram.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): First year Beacon student. Hitman for Blue's Gang

Appearance: (Face claim) 6'2 in height. 143 in weight. Dark grey hair, red eyes. Pale complexion with a very serious, professional air about her. Clothing: A dark blue, short sleeved chinese dress with a pair leather pants worn underneath with steel greaves worn over those, she also often wears a black, glow-in-the-dark bracelet that glows blue given to her by her ex-girlfriend for their first anniversary, another accessory she wears is a small flask, usually filled with Reaper's Calling Vodka, it is a pale grey, similar to her hair, with a black lid with a skull and crossbones on the top of it. As her hitman alias, she wears a different outfit, a set of black leather armour with an aesthetically different pair of greaves, she also wears a black bandanna over her face and wears her hair in a long ponytail.

History: Snow was born to a poor, unsuccessful family in the city of Vale, she had a single mother and was an only child,  nothing notable really ever happened until highschool, where she was often bullied and looked down upon, until one day a new girl arrived, the already famous child-star, Meli Amant of the band, The Heartstones. She was the first and really only one to be nice to Snow, they started to hang out and were very close friends, two years later, Snow realized something she knew she should have realized sooner, she was in love with Meli, she confessed, Meli's answer was simple, a sudden kiss on the lips. For about a year, they were happy as could be together, Snow had graduated, but didn't go to Beacon despite her natural skill in combat. Snow wanted to give Meli something special, at first she tried to make a ring from scratch... It didn't come out very nice looking, and Snow wanted only the best, so she started to raise money herself, it was simple, legal stuff, selling things she didn't need to people who did, stuff like that. One day, a man came up to her, gave her a paper bag and merely said "Keep that safe until I find you again, I'll pay you good!" before running off without explaining, Snow ran away with the bag, she knew how this would play out and for some reason couldn't convince herself to part with the bag, a few days later, the man did indeed track her down and rewarded her, it wasn't much, but it was enough to get a nice ring for Meli, the man also said "My boss is hiring, Kiddo, if you want more, you know where to look..." and explained where to go, after Meli got her ring she was overjoyed that Snow would save up for it, it was a simple iron ring with no jewels or patterns, but it was special to Meli if only for the thought alone. Snow wasn't satisfied by just the ring though, she wanted to spoil her beloved, despite telling herself she was rich enough to get them herself, she couldn't stop herself, she went to the building the man had specified, long story short, she got the job, she rose through the gang's ranks quicker than she expected and got good money for her work, however she eventually started to worry for her lover's safety, expecting if she slipped up, Meli would be the one who suffered, even if she just quit, she probably would have been targeted for a hit, or worse, so she did something she would never have done otherwise, she broke Meli's heart... She walked up to Meli one weekend and merely said "I'm sorry... But... We have to see other people..." And walked away without an explanation, she could hear Meli starting to cry behind her as she realized what her lover had just said. A few years passed and Snow quickly rose through the ranks of Blue's Gang, eventually becoming a very high-ranking hitman for them, you could be forgiven for thinking her something more, she carried herself like a lieutenant and had the same air of power as one. She cared not for the gang or the money, she just did what she did because she felt she had to, eventually she was given a very important job, to be a partner of sorts to the boss' daughter, Anjo, who was bribed into Beacon. Snow was also bribed in to be closer to Anjo, this is where we begin our story...

Personality: Cold and jaded, Snow is a girl who has clearly lost everything in a short time. She is not very interested in what's going on around her, only in what she has to do at that time. Has a strong attachment to children and similar people, almost having a maternal instinct towards them. Is an alcoholic. Lesbian

Strengths: Loyal to the extreme to anyone who she feels either deserves her loyalty, or has forced her into being loyal. Too stubborn for her own good. Extremely fast learner.

Weaknesses: Extremely cold and distant. Often refuses the help of others, even those closest to her. Can be over-emotional when she isn't being overly-stoic.

Semblance: Blink: When used, this semblance allows Snow to teleport to anywhere in sight within a quarter mile radius, this can be used for combat, stealth, escape, practical and social purposes. She cannot take anything with her, besides whatever clothes, accessories or weapons she has on her.


Name: Invidia and Amos

First Form: A pair of simple, rather generic-looking Gauntlet-Swords (One of these)

History:While Invidia was forged by Snow at Signal, Amos was a gift from Meli, while Snow didn't really think dual Gauntlet-Swords was very practical, she still uses them both in honour of the love she gave up for their safety.

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Snow Wright Empty Re: Snow Wright

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:06 pm

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