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Kuro Kitai

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Kuro Kitai Empty Kuro Kitai

Post by Drae on Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:26 pm

Note- Previously Approved on RWBY Fanon


Name: Kuro Kitai (sometimes referred to as “Kitty”)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Faunus (Cat)

Call Sign/Symbol:
Kuro Kitai 8iDuvQ1

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Second year Student at Beacon Academy

Appearance: Much like the color his name represents, Kuro dominantly wears dark colors, his ears are covered in midnight blue fur atop his head, his eyes are normally a dark gold in color. His blue hair normally retains a seemingly on purpose right-out-of-bed look and he is normally seen wearing a black t-shirt and pants outside of battle, with a giant claymore slung onto his back, during battle, however, this changes to a Black and blue combat vest, along with dark blue shorts, and black military boots. He stands at 5 feet 9 inches, and weighs 127 pounds.

History: Not much is widely known about Kuro, other than that he was raised by former White Fang members. Those who know him well know that he was raised on a countryside in one of the few areas of Remnant nearly devoid of Grimm by Septimus and Violet Kitai, as well as that he was raised at an early age to wield massive weapons, such as his claymore. As soon as he was able, Kuro was sent to Signal, where he excelled at close-quarters combat. However, he was disliked and bullied because of his heritage as a Faunus, and has developed an innate dislike of humans because of this. While he tolerates their presence, he prefers to keep them at a distance, and anyone who tries to pick on him gets the sharp end of a claymore pointed at their throat, along with a spine-chilling glare. Now at Beacon, Kuro has kept this response, and has been known to defend the academy’s many Faunus students, as well as a few humans whom he deems are harmless. He wears his symbol with pride, and he is unafraid to show his Faunus features, sometimes to the point of rubbing it in.

Personality: Kuro tends to align along Chaotic Neutral. He does what he deems necessary at the time, even if it breaks several rules in the process. He is extremely sensitive towards cruel comments directed towards him, as well as other Faunus, save for those few who are criminally-inclined. When approached, he reacts one of three ways. If the person approaching him is a Faunus, he tends to ask them who it is they need punished, and where he can find them. If the person happens to be a human he hasn’t had to defeat yet, he regards them with a cold, unwavering gaze. If the person is one that he has had to defeat, he instantly points the end of his claymore at their throat, daring them to come closer so he can kill them. This will change if he is shown kindness by humans, and even more so if he becomes part of a team. While he will remain quiet, and even more so rather scary, he will tend to participate more in conversations, and may even pose a question or two.

+Two-Handed Master- Due to his extensive training as a child, Kuro can wield most two-handed weapons expertly, unless the weapon is ranged.
+Improved Sixth Sense: Kuro can gather impressive amounts of information of his surrounding area by using all his senses except sight, strengthening the common misconception that he has psychic powers, among other things.
+Advanced Dust knowledge: Due to the Dust-reliant nature of his claymore, Kuro can identify the types of effects certain types and combinations of Dust can cause, and has an easier time using it.

-Kuro has an extremely hard time resisting things that are “cute” in nature, this is even more so proved by the décor of his room back at his home, and even some of the things on or around his bed.
-He has no idea how to use ranged weapons, and he has no idea how to wield a gun, let alone hold one
-Kuro has a hard time getting used to other people, and is often seen reading a book, training, and/or sleeping whenever possible
-Kuro’s cat ears are extremely sensitive to loud noises, and as such he gets headaches whenever noises of a certain volume are present.
-Kuro tends to be a bit headstrong, and will draw his weapon at a moment's notice
-While Ragnarok's 'lottery' system is helpful, it can be disastrous if the wrong paradigm comes up at the wrong time
-Kuro tends to ignore most rules when he is doing something he believes is right, which has a tendency to get him in trouble

Semblance: Crush Strike- Kuro manipulates his aura in order to grant himself great strength for 15 seconds, increasing all the damage he deals with Ragnarok, while steadily draining his Aura. Upon a successful hit, however, the remainder of this effect is immediately consumed, and cannot be used again for another 5 minutes. Kuro is rather vulnerable after this effect ends due to the Aural drain, and needs to recover.


Name: Ragnarok

First Form:  Claymore- Ragnarok takes the form of a massive claymore, with a pull able chain hanging from the bottom of the handle, pulling on this chain runs a sort of lottery, causing the blades to rapidly change colors between all the different collors of dust, before eventually stopping on three random colors. In the case all three colors end up being the same, the blade has the ability to change its form, or even overcharge its current Dust effect.
”List of Effects and Percentage Chance”:

(15%)3 Kinetic (Kinetic Slam Paradigm)- causes a wave of kinetic force to blast a target back on impact,
(15%) 2 Ice, 1 Fire (FrostFire Paradigm): grants Kuro the ability to summon up a blizzard, however, due to the snowflakes being infused with Fire Dust, it makes all people caught in it feel as if they are outside in the middle of a July heatwave,
(8%) 1 Earth, 1 Lightning, and 1 Water (Nature's Wrath 1 Paradigm)- Opens up a fissure underneath the target and summons a thunderstorm, the fissure then fills with water before being struck by lightning, giving and electric shock to everything in the water.
(11%) 3 Fire (Volcanic Slash Paradigm)- Allows Kuro to a wave of fire at his enermies, which causes first to second degree burns depending on where the target is standing (towards the middle: 2nd degree, towards the ends: 1st degree.
(20%)2 Kinetic, 1 Lighting (Short Circuit Paradigm)- at the cost of a small amount of Aura, Kuro can blast his body in any direction up to 3 meters three times, upon the third time, the lottery automatically runs again, providing Kuro with yet another Paradigm, this effect cannot be rolled more than once every five minutes.
(9%) 2 Kinetic 1 Earth (Will Shatter Paradigm)- allows Kuro to boost his attack speed up to 1.5 times his default speed for five minutes, after the attack speed boost has worn off, the lottery runs again.
(1%)If no registered paradigm is rolled, Ragnarok gains no additional effects and is equivalent to that of a conventional claymore

Second Form: (11%) Sheer Cold Paradigm (Three Ice): Ragnarok's blade becomes completely coated in Ice, rapidly cooling down anything it hits. It a target is hit repeatedly in the same spot, it induces a Hypothermia-type state, in which the target who was hit begin shivering uncontrollably for 20 seconds. This effect lasts until Kuro runs another Paradigm switch, and can only cause up to 3 targets to go under the hypothermia-type state.

Third Form:  (10%) Lightning Strikes Twice Paradigm (Three Lightning)- Ragnarok turns into a supercharged Battleaxe, which, when swung release a yellow slash of energy that electrocutes anything it hits, up to two times. The chain must be pulled again in order to have a chance at renewing this effect, however, the Axe can be swung normally, and will still shock the target upon physical impact once its ranged capabilities are spent.

History: A sacred family heirloom, Ragnarok was created by the Kitai family hundreds of years ago as their sole defense against the Grimm, now a heavily modified claymore, it can deal extensive amounts of damage, and gets lighter with each successful hit. It relies on a sort of lottery, giving a randomized set of three Dust effects with each pull of the chain at the end of the hilt. It is said that in the wrong hands, it could destroy an entire nation, although this has been disproven.

Miscellaneous Information:
-In certain situations, his aura has a chance to whack out, often giving him a spectral blue tail

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