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Starshine Kyland

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Starshine Kyland Empty Starshine Kyland

Post by MrBrough on Sat Dec 13, 2014 5:53 pm


Starshine Brant Kyland
Oxen faunus (tail)
Call Sign/Symbol:
Three swords crossing with an anvil in front of them
Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student):
First year
face claim:
Face: Like all natives of Chasm he has bright red eyes, black hair and pale skin
Height: 6’ 7-½”
Weight:262 pounds
Body type: Muscular
Starshine comes from Snow-Flurry Chasm with his older brother Jett and his little sister Luna and his parents.  While starshine may come from the Kyland family he is named after his mothers side of the family which is heavily tied to astral bodies such as stars and the sun. ever since he was young Starshine has had an obsession with swords and trained to an insane degree in both their application and creation until he earned himself the title of blade master. after his older brother left suddenly there was a lot of pressure for him to succeed as the Kyland head which was a notion that he resented prizing his independence above all things which bred a mild resentment towards his brother which is why as soon as he had the chance to attend Beacon he jumped on it.
Starshine is in short a very irritable person.  he hates to be bothered by people often complaining that “They make too much noise” but despite his best efforts he finds himself constantly in the company of others. One of the major reasons for this is that he has a strong compulsion to help those in need to the point where he will often plunge in and play the role of hero as much as he doesn't want the recognition. Starshine is also incredibly apathetic unless something that interests him is going on he will almost definitely be sleeping or hiding somewhere reading a book

Strong: he takes care to keep himself in shape
Agile: he can maneuver quickly and precisely
trained: since early childhood he's been trained on how to fight
Stamina: he has great stamina
Forging: He knows how to forge and infuse weapons with dust
Self damaging: His semblance puts a large strain on his body to the point that if he uses it too long he can render himself immobile
Big: big target
Melee: he has no range
Loner: Refuses to follow direction
Reckless: gets himself in a lot of trouble by charging head on
Blunt: has zero tact
Bleeding heart: StarShine has to help those in need it's not a choice but an obligation
Temperamental: Starshine has a tendency to lose his temper and mouth off which has gotten him in trouble more than a few times
Three stars stance: the semblance allows starshine to switch between one of three mode Eclipse, Solar and Comet stance.  Eclipse stance is his defense stance which puts extra power into his aura to help protect him from harm the drawbacks of this stance are that it consumes more aura than normal and limits his mobility. While in this stance his eyes glow an intense dark blue.  Solar stance is his power stance boosting his muscles strength output the drawbacks of this stance is that it places a heavy load on his muscles due to his body not being used to the strain and that it costs him defense. while in solar stance his eyes glow an intense red. Comet stance boosts starshines speed. the drawbacks of this stance is that it consumes additional stamina and sacrifices a bit of power


Sun Flare
First Form:
Sun Flare is a five foot long sword infused with burn dust. alongside the back of the sword there is a storage area for additional dust that can be used to create flames
Starshine made Sun Flare with the help of his grandfather on his mothers side


Moon Splitter
First Form:
Moon Splitter is a 6 foot long greatsword infused with ice dust
Passed down to him from his mother


First Form:
Gemini is in fact two twin swords infused with Lightning dust along the edge of the blade. above the hilt there is a canister area for additional dust to be placed to increase the lighting effect
The first weapons he made by himself


Shield of Halley
First Form:
Given to him by his grandfather

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Starshine Kyland Empty Re: Starshine Kyland

Post by Paige weaver on Sat Dec 13, 2014 6:58 pm

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