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Chelsea Xiulan Liu

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Chelsea Xiulan Liu Empty Chelsea Xiulan Liu

Post by Requiem on Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:28 pm

[This character is an approved transfer from Fanon. Yeah.]


Name: Chelsea Xiulan Liu

Age: Seventeen Years of Age; Born on the Twenty-Seventh Day of the Twelfth Month

Gender: Female

Species: Faunus; Human-Caracal Crossbreed

Call Sign/Symbol: The image of an orchid flower, surrounded by a mass of markings suggesting electricity and/or static.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Beacon First-Year, Part-time Combat Instructor, Hobbyist Musician/Writer/Artist, Hobbyist weaponsmith

Appearance: Chelsea is a rather slim, fit, and strong (it may not seem so at a normal glance) lass of primarily Chinese bloodlines. Her height is exactly five foot two, making her one of the somewhat shorter girls around, and she weighs in at roughly one hundred and seventeen pounds. Both eyes of hers are narrowed and hold quite the radiant shade of lavender. Each are somewhat shrouded over by her hair, which is a few inches below shoulder level, is fashioned in a scene style, and has several violet streaks marked across her hair.

Like any Faunus, she holds the basic humanoid features that those of her race would have, alongside the traits that the animal that she represents – the caracal – has. For starters, she has a pair of caracal ears alongside her human ones, which are seen on the top of either side of her head. These animal ears of hers are a coloring closer to a darker cream, which shows a drastic change of colors compared to her hair. On top of either of these auds would be black ear tufts; a common sight among caracals both young and old. Alongside the ears, she also has a tail which, much like her ears, takes a cream-like coloring in the fur. Compared to how the length of an actual caracal tail would be, hers is somewhat longer, though not enough to match a large portion of her height.

Her normal attire consists of a tank top as a first upper body layer that is usually tucked in. Over this would be a simple button-up shirt with a collar, which is normally some shade of violet or lavender, though can be seen in a wider variety of other colors. On occasion, she wears a thin, longsleeved hoodie. Around the collar of the button up would be her favorite scarf and memento of her grandmother, fixed neatly around her neck.

For the most part, she wears either jeans or skirts on the lower body. If wearing a skirt, then socks that reach halfway up the calf will be worn, with flat bottom shoes. If wearing jeans, then she will be wearing socks that reach no farther than the shins for sake of comfort, as well as combat boots.

History: Refer to Aaron Liu’s history.

Personality: Initially a very shy, quiet, kind, and gentle young girl. After events that happened when she was of a young age, she had grown to be much more insecure and antisocial than she was prior, and this may possibly cause her to be more prone to things such as bullying, criticism, and other things of the sort. She has learned to go with the flow for the majority of the time, rarely speaking her thoughts and ideas even if she really wants to and/or it would benefit her and those around her and just letting everybody lead her along. When asked for advice, she normally just gives a simple, kind-hearted agreement, even if she disagrees with what’s happening deep down.

Some may notice this and take this to their advantage - and Chelsea knows this well. She keeps a mental log concerning just this. She takes note of each person that asks her to do something, and normally goes along. If it seems that a particular person/people are just using her - and she’ll know for a fact when this is happening - she’ll gain a temporary surge of confidence and confront them. The confrontation isn’t pretty most of the time, and the person/people that was/were using her know not to do what they did beforehand again.

To Chelsea, shyness and sensitivity go hand and hand - which is why the best way to befriend her is to just treat her nicely, not yell at her, and converse with her at a speed and level that she’s comfortable with, yet at the same time isn’t too boring. Those who are able to get her to call her a friend this way will unlock the quirkiness that the girl has sealed within her well being. They’ll see the happy, “uniquely-humored” girl that she really is; complete with her true and inner social side and her suggestive sense of humor.

When having an encounter with alcohol, Chelsea would be what some would call a lightweight. Most of the time, even just a small dose of wine or beer alike, or maybe just a shot or two of vodka or tequila, would get her somewhat intoxicated. When in a drunken state, her behavior changes greatly from her normal demeanor. Rather than acting shy and gentle, she tends to get bold and mischievous. In this state of mind, she also tends to tell the truth almost all of the time, which may prove to be troublesome. She is also quite seductive in this particular state of mind. Because of all of these qualities and several more than she acquires when given alcohol of any kind, it’s certainly best to keep her away from anything that is capable of causing intoxication.

+Silent when on the move.
+Despite her looks, she’s actually pretty strong.
+Lithe and agile.
+Skilled at fisted and armed combat alike.
+Jumping/running. (From caracal genetics, as they have strong leg muscles.)
+Drawing and illustrating alike.
+Exceptional semblance skill for her year due to immense and intense training scenarios; be they private or at an arranged lesson.

-Talk of personal bonds (family/friends/etc).
-Just being social in general unless around a friend or a close person.
-Has a lack of confidence/pride.
-Is a major perfectionist. Normally kicks in when drawing and may trigger some weird moments, but may also cause some faults in strategies and things of the sort.
-Is sensitive and actually takes things to heart sometimes. This may cause hidden grudges.
-The smallest doses of alcohol can easily intoxicate her. She’s rather flirtatious when drunk, greatly contrasting from her normal demeanor.
-Slightly uncomfortable in flight; be it through airship or other possible means.
-Can’t really work with Dust to save her life.

Semblance: Electrokinesis, aka the manipulation of electricity. When using her semblance, Chelsea is enabled the conduction, as well as the shifting, of electrical energy. The sparking essence of her abilities appears to have strong ties toward her emotional status. Though she has a controlled keep over her abilities, the energy that she manipulates to her will may go haywire from time to time if she finds herself troubled emotionally. One of several things that will hint toward Chelsea having a rather…shocking…outburst is a sort of static cycling throughout her hands. Over the years she has mastered the “art” of keeping her appearance in check and preventing her emotions from being seen for the most part, but her semblance may give her away anyways sometimes.

Often times, Chelsea’s manipulated energy will either be a light, radiant orchid (matching her eyes, basically), a dark violet, or some shade of blue. The color of the energy tends to change depending on her emotions, often falling into darker colors with depression/warmer colors with rage/etc, but her shock will almost always be of an orchid/lavender or azure tint. This ties back with her ability to keep her emotional appearance in check; she’s able to hide her emotion through electrical energy and looks alike, though there will be moments where she loses control.

So long as she’s in a powered area or somewhat near a certain amount of electrically-charged objects, Chelsea’s semblance is near to unlimited. In areas where electrical energy is regulated, all that she needs to do is absorb a necessary amount of energy that she will then use in God knows what kind of ways. She tends to use her little power to charge the metallic portions of her weapons to give her strikes an extra oomph, though may also be able to assist in energy defusing and whatnot. If she were to enter a powerless area, she would only be able to rely on the energy that she stored within her beforehand and, thus, would be much more limited than she would be in a more civilized area.

Should a thunderstorm (conveniently) occur while her semblance is in use, Chelsea would basically have an unending supply of energy, though only for the duration of the storm.

Her “electrical capacity” only goes so far. It’s somewhat large, but still goes so far. Should she push past her normal energy intake, a quick discharge would be needed. If no discharge occurs and even a few minutes pass while possessing immense amounts of energy, pain is to come, and the strain normally lingers for the next couple of days. It’s why she tends to use this sort of overcharge as a last resort.


Name: Orchid Zephyr

First Form: Orchid Zephyr takes the form of a bow, and keeps its arrows within a sling kept on her back. When looked at physically, one can automatically tell that it’s a bow-double scythe hybrid, though wouldn’t be able to tell its rifle attachments right away. The scythe blades attach to each other by hooks located on the tip of each point (when connected they create the ‘dip’ that one can slide an arrow into), and a portion of each blade nearest to the head base is reeled back to reveal a small bar, allowing there to be a place to grip while in bow form. Several layers of metal are located just below the base of each blade head, and from inside of those layers, a piece of durable, yet stretchy string extends and connects each bow half/scythe.

It may take a decent look (as they’re packed into a small size in primary form) but, if one were to notice the trigger, trigger handle, and trigger guard folded against each retracted set of metal, they would be able to correctly assume that the scythe has double-action of ranged weapons.

Second Form: The layers of metal described in the primary form slide down, covering the bow string and connecting in the center. From that center line both scythes are able to be parted, yet are still connected by the same bow string. (An extra roll or two of string is located beneath the metal, but locks itself in primary form.) In this form, the hooks of each scythe blade also disconnect and shift about to create a small line of jagged mini blades, allowing there to be some real and somewhat fatal dual scythe slash action.

When the metals creating the scythe handles slide down and lock, the trigger and trigger guard unfold as well, and an empty rectangular shape unfolds for the ammo pack. These bullets are fired through a small tube-like structure that extends from the back of both scythe handles when nearing the back of the scythe heads. Those structures are locked against the bow string in primary form, locking them in place, but are unlocked and slid out in secondary and tertiary form, allowing bullets to be fired and for the extra rolls of string sealed within to be pulled out.

As hinted toward at the mention of the trigger, trigger handle, trigger guard, and empty slot, Orchid Zephyr reveals has gun attributes - specifically ones belonging to an assault rifle so, yes, it's automatic when fired - though they aren't apparent until the secondary and tertiary form. One could guess that the ‘tube’ that locks the string inside the scythe handles and extends out is the gun aspect’s barrel - and those who guess this would be correct. Within the gun, a flatter, hollowed, and rectangular object connects from the inside of the empty ammo slot to the barrel, growing thinner and smaller as it nears the area where the bullets are fired. (When the gun aspect of Orchid Zephyr is inspected, it would primarily resemble a Barett REC7.)

Third Form: Basically, Orchid Zephyr keeps the majority of changes that it received in secondary form. The only noticeable difference is the further shifting of both scythe blades. Instead of the blade points being turned into a mess of smaller blades, the entire blade portions of both scythes obtain that sort of structure, making a blow from one of them even more painful and/or deadly.

History: All there really is to say is that it was her first and favorite weapon created with the help of her brother and grandmother when she still lived in Duskwood. She’s kept it close through the move to Vale, for she thinks of it as a sort of secondary memento of her late grandparent due to the fact that she aided her in the designs for the weapon.

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