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Skye Cinis

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Skye Cinis Empty Skye Cinis

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:51 am


Name: Skye Cinis

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Call sign/symbol: Two blue crossed scimitars over a shield coloured gold.

job/student year if you're a student: Beacon student first-year.

Appearance: ( - Older Len Kagamine - Vocaloid)

History: Born a year before a hellish fourteen-year famine in the Amish swamp-town of Whiskey Falls to an abusive mother and father, Skye was treated more like a dog than a child, even before the famine, shortly after the birth of the girl named "Eve Klein" a famine struck, the villagers blamed the poor girl as she looked just like what their religion "Alcoholism" said the devil looked like. While Skye grew up, he looked at the girl with sympathy, being the only one to not bully her, but when he tried to make friends with her at the ages of 4 and 3, his parents punished him badly when they found out he was "Fraternizing with a demon". While his parents were abusive and fanatic, Skye's paternal grandfather, Angelo Cinis, was much kinder, wiser and loving, he was a social outcast in the town for rumours of strange rituals in his home's basement, these were never confirmed nor denied, but he still lived nearby to the town in the neighbouring city of Lumiere, Skye often visited his grandfather who taught him "The simple truths of our religion, mixed with the simple truths of others", while his parents taught distrust and blind belief, his grandfather taught him acceptance and skepticism, something else he was taught was swordplay, he was a prodigy. When he was 8 he met a boy named Mok Loupa, while he was idiotic, cruel and greedy, he was also the son of the town's preacher, so his parents pretty much forced him to hang out with him, though it was more of being a lackey than being a friend... At the age of 13 his grandfather passed away, his parents didn't allow him to go to his funeral, the day after they had gotten their inheritance, the parents got nothing but a letter saying how ashamed he was of his son, Skye, meanwhile, got a sizable amount of Lien and his grandfather's scimitar and shield with a note saying "Go to Vale City, you'll be free of abuse and hunger there. Lumiere is nice, but it's a place to be raised and to retire, not to be a hero." he never let his parents see the note, but he decided to go one day. Only a year later, Mok, his "Friend" roped him into being a look out for "Something fun", turns out what he was going to do was rape the girl they say was the devil... His attempt to do so was met with a lung full of acidic gas, given to him by the same girl out of fear, Skye saw Mok get melted from the inside out with Eve having a freak-out from fear and guilt. He ran as fast as he could towards the village to warn them, she never returned and he was punished severely for letting Mok die, but Mok's sister, Zegen, told him she was leaving town on a caravan from her father's request and knew he wanted to leave too, he accepted of course. That same day he left, his parents were not heard of for three days, when someone came to check on them, they only found a blood stain and a note saying "Even angels can sin"... After a few years of going to Signal academy with Zegen, they both got into Beacon. This is his story...

Personality: Easily describable as "An All-loving Sociopath". While having polite manner and charming smile, he can be cruel for various reasons, ranging from "I had to do it for the greater good!" to "I did it for fun, so sue me!". You can almost never tell who's side he's on, but you can always count on him to be true to the cause he's working for. Kind of a narcissist. Beleives he is above good and evil. Bisexual, no real preference. Has an extreme fear of religious horror (Demons, Hell, Etc.)

Strengths: Quick on his feet. Doesn't let morals get in the way of "Justice". Resourceful and intelligent. Semi-professional training.

Weaknesses: Is rather bad at social situations. Doesn't really care for morals. Doesn't "Do" teamwork very well. Narcisstic. Self-diagnosed case of sociopathy.

Semblance: Justice's Spear: Skye can shoot a sharp spear of solid yellow energy from his hands and mouth, they are 3 feet long and cannot kill, but hurt like a bitch no matter where it hits, the spears dissipate by themselves after half 15 minutes, the pain goes away after 5 more. After firing five spears he must wait half an hour to fire any more.


Name: Armadyl Blade

First Form: A simple scimitar with an ornate blue and gold wing-shaped sheath and the words "Even angels can sin" carved into the hilt. ( There is legitimately nothing really special besides it's sheath's design, but it is still one of Skye's most prized possesions.

History: Given to Skye from his grandfather as his inheritance before he passed away.


Name: Armadyl Shield

First Form: ( Replace the brown with blue) An ornate shield designed after an angel. Besides it's design it has no outstanding features, but it is still one of Skye's most prized posessions.

History: Given to Skye from his grandfather as his inheritance before he passed away.

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Skye Cinis Empty Re: Skye Cinis

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:34 pm

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