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Tama Tomilin {DONE}

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Tama Tomilin {DONE}

Post by Killua on Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:43 pm


Name: Tama Tomilin

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol:

The Tomilin mark branded on the right side of her neck. it reaches from the top of her neck extending down a little to her collar bone.

Tomilin Clan Mark:

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): First Year


Tama Tomilin:

Tama has black hair that is slightly wavey. She always has it up in a tony tail which falls to her shoulders. Then matching her black hair is her black soulless eyes. Her body is that of an hour glass. She is always seen wearing a kitsune mask over her face. She also has white pale skin like that of snow. She is 5'8" nad weighs around 150lbs.

In battle she wears priestess like clothes although she is not a priestess. Her brand mark is on the side of her neck were most people can see. She takes pride in her mark and loves exposing it.


Born and raised from the Tomilin Clan. An ancient clan that has always hunted the Grimm. Its a clan of honor and a clan of savages. Everyone born in the Tomilin Clan is raised and brought up to hunt down the Grimm. Although it is done without the Beacon's help. Since the Beacon school was created they would never set foot in that School. Most members were too prideful by the fact that they wouldn't be accepted.

Tama grew up in the Tomilin Clan. Her parents had both died and she was left alone. Tama was raised in the orphanage part of the clan and raised under a priestess. She was different than the other children. She had potential. She was recognized at a young age. Like all children at the age of 5 she was taught how to fight and how to use dust. At the age of 5 she also knew how to kill grimm. The Tomilin Clan wanted their children to be exposed to Grimm at a young age.

Then was brought along for her first mission when she was 8. She was branded with the Tomilin Mark at the age of 10 like most children. Being branded with the Tomilin Clan mark was something all members of the Tomilin Clan received at the age of 10. It was a brand to show that they were apart of the clan.

When Tama had turned 13, On the exact day Tama and a couple of other girls had turned into a women. In the Tomilin Clan when a girl becomes a women they are force to wear a mask until the day she is married. While the girls were blessed by the heavens and were given the masks, the clan was attacked. Monsters rose from the dark and attack the clan members and in the end 5 members died, including the chief of the clan. His Son, Roy, became head of Chief of the clan.

When Tama reached 15...

It a stormy night, Roy stood over the girl as she knelt down. Her gaze was that of a lion, it gave him chills at time. She was a wild beast that could rip apart a human being. Although Roy had known she was also just a teenager. Even with the mask on, she was still intimating. He cleared his throat, "Tama, I have a mission for you." Tama had looked towards the floor some more as Roy continued. "Tama your assignment is to go to Beacon and become a huntress." Tama showed no clear sign she was shock on the outside although on the inside she was completely shocked. "I want our Clan to become better. To have a better reputation. We are not savages. We are hunters. I know that if you go and prove to our clan that Beacon is not that bad. they might want to start going to Beacon." Tama lifted her gaze up to Roy seeing his face was serious. "Chief..." She was about to protest then she though to herself, This actually might be a good thing. Our clan in the outside world is distinguished as a clan of savages and law breaking criminals.  "Yes sir." Tama then left soon after. Roy let out a deep breath as he watched the mask lion like girl walk away. "I hope this goes well.. Please Kami.. Please make sure she is alright."


Tama is a little over the bored awkward. She doesn't know how to socialize with people due to her clan mates. The only socializing she ever done with them would be drinking and laughing. She is not very good around people and usually studders. Although she is extremely kind hearted and nice. IN battle she will help those that need her. Although when it comes to people disrespecting her clan she is not nice at all. She becomes extremely mean.

+Good Sense of Tracking
+Excels in Fighting and Hunting
+Excels in Long Range Attacks
+Very Strong
+Excels in Aura Use

-A little slow in the study portion
-Rather okay/good in Close range attacks
-Not a fast runner
-Lacks Social Skills
-Awkward around guys
-Light Weight


- Tama is able to maintain a stable environment inside her own body. Her body is not able to react to some temperatures. Of course it doesn’t affect her at all. When she is an extreme heat it doesn’t bother her at all nor when she is an extreme coldness. In extreme coldness her body heats up making her like a portable heater. In extreme hotness her body becomes cold making her come a living icle. Maintaining a stable environment also lets her be exposed to toxins. She is able expel any toxins in her body such as alcohol, poisons, and drugs. With drugs, toxins, poisons, and alcohol her body is able to disperse them after a total of half an hour of being in her body. Not only that, but some wounds if she puts her mind to it won't affect her. She is able to block pain from her nervous system letting her ignore some wounds for a certain amount of time. She can ignore wounds for a total of 5 hours. When those hours past she is able to feel the pain that she ignored. Some little quirks that she has is perfect balance, healthy body, can stand high and low altitudes, resistant to alcohol, and has an incredible immune system.

To make it easier to understand. Tama’s body is always in balance. It is a defense mechanism that helps her stay in control of her body at all times. Although some things that come with this that are the down side is that she is constantly hungry and always needs to drink water. Tama must always maintain good health. She has to eat the right things although she can eat the bad things at times. She must always main a good amount of sleep. She must never take medication such as pills. Although she can have shots but they don’t work on her most of the time. Another thing that is a downside is that once a year Tama must undergo a fever for a straight week. By doing this her body needs to rest for a long period this is the reason for the fever.

Name: Hime

First Form:

a fan that stands at 5'5". It produces strong winds that are capable of slicing an opponent. It is also capable of deflecting attacks. It is even more powerful because of the wind dust that is loaded inside the fan. It is able to produce stronger and faster winds. Even with enough concentration the user will be able to cut through fabric or metal and not hurt the person inside at all.

Second Form:

When the fan is closed and the user presses a red button the fan actually changes into a bazooka.  The user is able to fire three shots until the user has to reload. When reloading the user uses bullets mixed in with fire, wind, and electricity. The bullets are able to produce strong explosions that are capable of blowing a person back.

Third Form:

By hitting the bottom of the fan. A secret storage area is reviled. A watizasha is revealed inside the storage. Almost like a katana but they were forge differently. The watizasha inside the weapon is smaller than a katana and weighs much less. Inside the handle of the watizasha is wind dust letting the user to also produce small winds with the sword. Not only that but it allows the user to move faster.


Hime was passed down in the priestess house hold. It was bad by the first priestess int he clan and was passed down from the next to the next and to the next finally it was passed down to Tama.

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Re: Tama Tomilin {DONE}

Post by Paige weaver on Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:54 pm

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