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Akane Amamiya

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Akane Amamiya Empty Akane Amamiya

Post by Kurotsubaki on Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:02 am


Name:  Akane Amamiya   (Akane-Madder [type of red colored dye]) (Amamiya-Rain Shrine)

Age:  17

Gender:  Female

Species:  Human

Call sign/symbol:

job/student year if you’re a student: 2nd year

Appearance: 4’11 Feet Tall, 93 pounds, 3 sizes B69 - W53 - H76 cm, Short Red hair, Wearing Black Shorts, Red and Black Boots, Wearing a Red Sweater and Black Under Shirt, Golden Colored Eyes, Has Weapons Strapped To The Back of Her Waist. (Face claim:

History:  From a town called Snow Flurry Chasm, She's the youngest of 3 siblings, Her mother runs some kind of shop and her father teaches martial arts, her parents were kicked out of their village and then were wondering the mountains after days of not eating and freezing they fainted and some people from the village rescued them and they just decided to stay there where they had 3 kids, family friend of the kylands, she sparred with Starshine Kyland a lot when they were younger which helped her skills in martial arts as well as hand to hand combat

Personality:  Airheaded, energetic, stubborn, hates to lose whether it's a duel or actual combat, childish at times, has trouble reading the mood of the people around her so she doesn't have any friends, has trouble talking to people who aren't her teammates,                                                           Can talk with the Kyland family very well.

Strengths:  Shes faster than your average huntress, Shes good at cooking and cleaning, She can take quite a lot of hits, She is rather good at hand to hand combat because of the weapon she uses, She is quite skilled at dodging attacks as her speed causes her reflexes to be heightened.

Weaknesses: Shes not very powerful so she can't hit very hard, she kind of has trouble stopping when she runs at her full speed, she has issues working in a team of more than 2 people, Shes not particularly good at fighting multiple or large amounts of enemies, has trouble activating her semblance more than 5 times in a day.

Semblance: She condenses air it can be used as a blast to knock enemies away from her or to her teammates. She can also use it to move around places quicker. Each use uses .5% of her aura as its not particularly powerful. Cooldown time would be 10-15 seconds per use.


Name: Kuro Tsuki (Black Moon)

first Form: Bladed Tonpha has a barrel at the end thats close to her hand for shooting. 6 bullets per clip and carries 5 extra clips.

History:  Given to her by her father.

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Akane Amamiya Empty Re: Akane Amamiya

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Dec 29, 2014 12:24 am

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