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Kasai Furutsu [The Elementalist]

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Kasai Furutsu [The Elementalist]

Post by Drae on Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:05 pm


Name: Kasai Furutsu

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Faunus (Panther)

Call Sign/Symbol:

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Professional Huntress, Owner of ‘The Elementalist’ bar

Kasai is about 5’10” tall, and weighs in at around 154 pounds. She usually wears a frilly black and red dress and headband. The dress has several bows and a corset. Her left eye looks fake, but is in fact changed due to a side effect of her semblance. When her semblance is active, her left eye changes appearance to that of her symbol. She normally wears black elbow-length gloves and crimson boots. Her black hair is usually tied into two twin-tails on either side of her head, with one being longer than the other. Her black Faunus ears are hidden beneath the headband.  In battle this changes to a tight-fitting yet durable black jumpsuit.

History:  Kasai was born in a semi-rural town known as Hallow’s Peak, where she spent most of her life until she left for Beacon. When she was about 2 years old, her parents divorced for reasons she has still not discovered. She was almost sent to Signal a year early, however her father decided against it due to his believing she wasn’t quite ready to train to be a Huntress. However, his mind had changed by the following year and Kasai was allowed to attend. During that time she created her gauntlets Rise and Repent, and later was accepted to Beacon at the top of her class. During her initiation, she was paired up with three other people: Mikey Hiroko, Shiro Matoshi, and Nick Freela; thus forming Team KMSN (Crimson) with Kasai as the leader.

Her first year at the Academy was actually the most promising one, as she and her new teammates learned the ropes of being Hunters and Huntresses. By the end of her first year, she and her team had successfully managed to tackle and defeat a flock of Nevermore with their lives intact. During Kasai’s second year, things became slightly more bleak. Her team had begun encountering more focused amounts of Grimm, and what was once a mission to clear out a cave became a mission to clear the entire half-mile area. Her third year was even worse, and Team KMSN was nearly completely lost several times before the end of the year. By the beginning of the Fourth year, her team was beginning to get a bit worried for their lives. They had heard of several teams that went out on missions only to never return, so when Mikey found a mission on one fateful day Shiro and Nick were less than eager to participate. It was only after being urged to do something with whatever time they might have left that the pair reluctantly agreed. The mission was simple: Eliminate a pack of Beowolves that had recently been terrorizing settlements. What the team hadn’t anticipated were two factors: The size of the pack, and the hostility of the surrounding Grimm....

Kasai was the only one who returned to Beacon the next day, her clothing torn and bloody as the images of that day continued to replay in her head. She graduated alone, with nothing but the memories of those friends she lost to accompany her. A week after her graduation, she crafted Sorrow and Grief as a reminder of those she lost. On that same day, she engraved the names of Team KMSN on her weapons. Nick’s name on Sorrow, Shiro’s name on Repent, and Mikey’s name on Grief. She inscribed her own name on Rise.

Now the owner of The Elementalist Bar, Kasai seeks to finally come to terms with her past. And hopefully do what she originally set out to: Hunt Grimm.

Personality: Kasai is haunted by her past, and seeks to never forget her teammates. She has all the qualities of a leader, and is brutally honest when needed. Despite this she seeks to repent for her inability to protect her allies on the day she lost them. She has an intense hatred of Beowolves, and seeks to end the life of one in particular by the name of Bloodrender. She suffers from PTSD, and as such can become rather unstable.

+Well Versed with pistols and ranged combat
+Has lots of experience killing Grimm of all kinds
+Semblance creates shockwaves of the element they represent
+Is familiar with the concept of death

-Suffers from PTSD
-Becomes ruthlessly bloodthirsty when she is around a pack of Beowolves
-Semblance restricted to certain elements
-Only uses certain Dust Types

Semblance: Aid of the Elements- Kasai created Glyphs that pertain to one of four elements: Fire, Earth, Ice, and Air. Fire Glyphs ignite an area or target, and deal Damage Over Time. Earth Glyphs can be used as Impact Projectiles or Platforms, and can severely damage armor and weapons. Ice Glyphs can freeze an area or target solid, and are incredibly dangerous in conjunction with Fire Glyphs. Air Glyphs can be used as launchpads, and as such are able to blast foes backwards. Glyphs share the same Aura cost. Aura Cost- Medium Low; Cooldown- 2 minutes every 4 glyphs; Radius on AOE- 5 feet.


Name: Rise

First Form: A Dust-Powered Gauntlet capable of firing Kinetic, Fire, Earth, or Ice Dust.


Name: Repent

First Form: A Dust-Powered Gauntlet capable of firing Kinetic, Fire, Earth, or Ice Dust.

Rise and Repent History: Crafted while she was at Signal, these silver gauntlets now have two names engraved on them. One for each gauntlet.


Name: Sorrow

First Form: A steel Dust-Powered combat boot capable of firing Fire, Earth, Kinetic, or Ice Dust. It has a name engraved on the back.


Name: Grief

First Form: A steel Dust-Powered combat boot capable of firing Fire, Earth, Kinetic, or Ice Dust. It has a name engraved on the back.

Sorrow and Grief History: Crafted after Kasai graduated from Beacon, they serve as a reminder of those she lost.

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Re: Kasai Furutsu [The Elementalist]

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:39 pm

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