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Gora Belizna

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Gora Belizna Empty Gora Belizna

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Wed Dec 31, 2014 4:52 am


Name: Gora Belizna

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol: A light blue snowflake with six points ( inside a slightly darker blue, heart-shape.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): third-year Beacon student.

Appearance: (Face claim: - Russia - Hetalia) 6'10 in height. 235 in height. Platinum blonde hair. Purple eyes. Cream long coat over a bare chest and a pair of tan pants with a pair of cream sheepskin boots. He also wears a long, purple scarf and purple gloves (Though they're not plaid like in the face claim.) Ocassionally he wears the same sans the longcoat and scarf, replacing them with a simple cream shirt.

History: Coming from the cold mountains of a mining village called Hammerstone, Gora had a very hard, yet well-lived early life. Born to a hard working pair of miners, he was the only child to be born that year and was often away from the other children, prefferring to work in the mine with his parents or speak to merchants coming in from other villages, he often asked about the places the merchants went and came from, from the things they told him, he wanted more and more to go down his mountain see the rest of the world outside his village. At the age of 10 he asked his uncle Seth, the town's captain of the guard, to train him to fight so he could go down the mountain on his own, Seth was a kind and caring man, especially with his family, so he couldn't help but say yes. After a few more years of training, Seth died while protecting the village from a very large and aggresive Nevermore they said came from the direction of Clear Cliff, the bird survived, but Seth and his men took it's leg away as a warning. After Uncle Seth's death, Gora and his parents were heartbroken, their inheritance was his life savings, a beautiful diamond and his hammer along with a note that read "Hey, Gora... If you're reading this... I'm sure you already know I'm dead... I sure as hell hope I went out fighting... I want you to take my hammer and head to the city of Vale... You'll know what to do once you get there... Knock'em dead, kiddo." Gora was speechless, but thankful for the gift. Another few years passed before Gora thought he was ready to go down the mountain with a caravan headed to Vale. After a tearful goodbye to his family and village, he set off to Vale and Beacon Academy. When he finally got there and tried to get into the academy, he succeeded with flying colours and got in without a problem.

Personality: Seemingly quiet, cold and distant, in reality he's just naturally shy, preferring to be by himself and in a quiet area, but if you get him to trust you, he'll be a great friend until the very end. Has a minor hero complex. Often feels at home in the cold and the dark, saying they remind him of the mines back home. Has a distaste for rude or annoying people.  Homosexual.

Strengths: Physically very strong. Natural resistence to cold due to his hometown and his semblance. Honourable. A hard worker. Good moral compass.

Weaknesses: Very shy, sometimes overly so. Very bad social skills. Rather slow due to his weapon's weight. A very bad liar.

Semblance: Mountain's Blessing: With his semblance, Gora can control and create ice easily and has the passive effect of making him more resistant to the cold. Gora can also use his semblance in multiple other ways including, but not limited to (Read that as: "I'm gonna update this eventually as he improvises"):
Cryo-Missile: A simple, sharp projectile in the shape of a crudely-made lance. His go-to choice for ranged combat. Aura usage: Medium.
Cryo-Blast: A loosely-packed sphere of ice shards that are blasted out in multiple directions like a shotgun. Often used in mid-to-long range combat. Aura usage: Medium-Large.
Cryo-Shield: A large shield-shaped barrier of ice that goes up Gora's arm with a join at the elbow, either used to block attacks or to add some extra power to punches, elbows and shoulder bashes in hand-to-hand. Aura usage: Low-Medium.


Name: Led Molotok

First Form: A blue battle hammer ( with small studs on the the head. It is about half a foot shorter than Gora including the head

History: A family heirloom passed down from his maternal grandfather, Gora is the third person to inherit this hammer after his departed uncle.

Theme: - Id (Dilemma) - Fire Emblem: Awakening
Battle Theme: - Id (Purpose) - Fire Emblem: Awakening

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Gora Belizna Empty Re: Gora Belizna

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:12 pm

not gangsta enough but approved
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