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Arin weaver Blade dragon of the west.

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Arin weaver Blade dragon of the west.

Post by Paige weaver on Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:59 am


Name: Arin weaver

Age: 24

Gender: male

Species: human

Call Sign/Symbol:

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Bounty hunter.

face claim:
weight: 236 pounds
height: 6'8"
clothes:same as pic but with the jacket going lower down to his knees
eye color: Brown
hair color: White

History: Born in the vale under the roof of 2 abuse parents Arin grew to hate them to the point of no belief even more so after his sister where born. As he lived he slowly learned how demented his own sisters where as he watched the middle child at the age of 7 kill both of his parents then take his younger sister with her after cutting Arin's leg open and telling him not to follow her. Arin went and tried to follow them but could not catch up to them and lost them. After that he has searched and as he searched he learned how to fight along the way becoming a hunter of man. As such he became part of a war in the west lands gaining the title the blade dragon do to his fighting style. he  slowly started learning more and more about his sisters wear about's. That is where are story starts Arin has found where his sisters are and is after them to save his younger sister at any cost even if its the head of his older sister.

Calm and cool Arin handles battle well but at times snaps over little things like talking behind his back or making fun of how he is searching for his sisters. Arin is the first to help any one he can often losing money in the process. But from helping so many people he has a lot of people that help him when he is in need.

-Very strong.
-good at close and mid combat.
-very high defense.
-a good people person.
-very good at sword combat.

protective gear
-in combat he wears a metal chest peice under his jacket to protect him self from blades
-wears metal leggings in battle as well.

-slow in combat.
-Has no long range attacks.
-easily loses his cool over some things.
-his Armour makes him a target on the battle field.
-Bad at none great sword weapons.

Dragon's fury
Arin can cause a small earthquake where he is standing shaking the area and causing damage to people near by. When used at full power it shoots earth spikes up from the ground doing extra damage. His semblance cost any where from 10% to 25% per use. its range is 3.5 yard circle. Arin can use this every 5 minutes. But for once a day he can use it ever 2 minutes but doing this puts a lot of strain on him making me hurt for a day.


Dragons fang

First Form:
Is a sword that is 5'6" feet in length that arin keeps on his back when not in use

Second Form:
the blade starts to spin up to allow a chainsaw type of attack this attack can be infused with dust of earth type or kinetic.

Third Form:
the blade shortens to 4 feet and allows bullets to be fired at close range dust can not be used in the form. The gun is semi auto.

ammo per clip-25 rounds
total 125 rounds
30 caliber

a relic left in his old house that arin reclaimed used to be his fathers.
Paige weaver
Paige weaver

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Re: Arin weaver Blade dragon of the west.

Post by Requiem on Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:38 pm

Aaaaa'ight, approved and moved.

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