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Marais De Lumiere

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Marais De Lumiere Empty Marais De Lumiere

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:19 pm


Name: Marais De Lumiere (Goes by "Rais" pronounced "Ray")

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Hornet Faunus

Call Sign/Symbol: A hornet-like yellow and black figure seen from above and sorrounded by a helix of pale blue lines ending in pale blue white spheres located Parellel to where the figure's head is.

Occupation(s)/Student Year: First-year Beacon Student. Waitress at the Shooting Star Karaoke Bar

Appearance: (http: - Marisa Kirisame - Touhou) 5'7 in height. 136 in weight. Has long dirty blonde hair worn loosely, a pair of hornet antenna and yellow-brown eyes. Clothing: A brownish yellow hoodie with black jeans and yellow and black sneakers.

History: Born to the leader of the town of Lumiere, Pierre De Lumiere, and his loving wife, Benitas De Lumiere, Marais was given a rather happy, if boring early life, she had good friends, a good home, a good everything really. Nothing much really happened before she was five (Well, her little brother was born when she was two, but he's not important to this backstory...) when she played her first video game, long story short, she got hooked on them. As she got older she often gravitated to beat-em-ups and RPGs, especially ones about hunters, this inspired her to train as a hunter herself in her freetime (Well... What she didn't spend playing the games in the first place...) she was naturally skilled at it and already knew a few tricks thanks to her games. She bought a unique looking weapon from a passing caravan, a drill gauntlet, she painted it black and yellow to better fit a hornet theme and trained herself against real targets in the swamp, she was very thankful for the existence of the fragile Swampscales, but knew that it was still risky. After a few more years of training, she said goodbye to her parents and friends and hitched a ride on a passing caravan to Vale. This is her story...

Personality: Though seemingly apathetic, it's usually just because she's focused on other things, in reality she's very empathetic and kind and just doesn't like being interrupted. Almost never seen without a portable game console on her person. Is near obsessed with weaponry, especially the more complicated and technical weapons like arm cannons. Bisexual, prefers men.

Strengths: Very agile. Near-robotic concentration. Pretty genre-savvy. Very knowledgeable on how more complicated weapons work. Naturally skilled at combat.

Weaknesses: Can very easily focus on the wrong thing at the wrong time. Self-taught. Can be over-confident. Pretty fragile.

Semblance: Tremorsense Using her semblance, she can see her enemies using even the slightest bit of vibration, while not very useful in an upclose battle where her opponent is right there, this semblance can be a god-send in many situations.


Name: Drill Buster

First Form: A yellow and black drill gauntlet. It can run on any kind of dust, but doesn't get anything special from specific types.

History: Bought from a caravan and painted to resemble a hornet stinger.

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Marais De Lumiere Empty Re: Marais De Lumiere

Post by Paige weaver on Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:56 pm

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