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Lee Wrath || Done

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Lee Wrath || Done Empty Lee Wrath || Done

Post by Killua on Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:24 pm


Name: Lee Wrath

Age: 17

Gender: Male (dresses as a female sometimes)

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol:

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Second Year, Works in a Gay Bar at Night


Lee Wrath || Done 211302-uta-no-prince-sama-tsukimiya-ringo

Lee is a very lean male that stands around 5'9" and weighs around 129 lbs. He has almost crystal blue eyes that shine bright in the sun. He has a very feminine looking body that most mistake for a female. He actually does not mind this and likes putting a pink bubble gum like wig on that is curly and hands past his lower back. He is usually seen in female clothes although the school banned him from wearing such clothes so he is force to wear the male attire. Although on certain days when he can, he will wear female clothes and his wig. Lee has fashion and seems to enjoy wearing jewelry such as crosses. His ears are pierce were he wears diamond studs.


Lee grew up with his mother that gave him the horrible habit of dressing up like a girl. She would dress him in girly fluffy clothes and made sure he was pampered to the fullest extent. His father was a hunter like his father and his father before him. Lee never wanted to be a hunter but a performer since he was little. Although his father wouldn't allow such a thing. His mother on the other hand was more understanding since she was the one who did this to him. When Lee hit puberty and his body began changing his mother started to turn crazy. She kept calling Lee an old beast. His father took Lee away from his mother after this and he grew up learning how to be a hunter. Well the rest of his years were spent being taught how to be a Hunter just like his father. Although  he never gave up his cross dressing habit. Lee seemed to enjoy the hunter thing and made it his new occupation. He tried seeing his mother secretly without his father knowing only to find her with a new family and a little girl. Lee was happy that his mother could finally have a baby girl.

When he trained with his father he felt like a different person. He would get dirty, but the dirt never bothered him. His father mostly worked on his speed and dodging abilities. His father enrolled him into the academy when he was younger. Although he was soon kicked out of the academy due to his cross dressing habit. But when Lee got older he was able to go to Beacon when the headmaster saw Lee in a fight. By this time his Semblance was activated and it was easier to defeat people.


Lee is a very outgoing type of person. He likes to be around people and he likes to be alone at the same time. You can usually find Lee in the center of attention of out by himself sitting at a park bench sitting around doing nothing but zoning out. He is kind of a day dreamer and finds himself always stuck in one when things are silent. Although Lee is never rude. He will not be day dreaming when people are talking to him. Only when its silent and there is nothing else to do. Lee is known to day dream in class or sit on top of the roof top and look at the sky day dreaming. He has a kind of carefree attitude at times and seems to be a bit too trusting.

Lee is never mean nor rude to people he doesn't know. Even when people bully him he is not mean. He kind of sits there and takes it. He tells himself that he will be okay and he can deal with it. Lee does fight back at times when the bully is wrong. He knows when to put people in there at times. Mostly using mental force rather than physical. He rather not waist his energy on simple things. Since Lee is bully a lot due to his cross dressing he doesn't care. Actually Lee is attracted to females although he just loves cross dressing. Sometimes Lee can be attracted to men, but he is known to liking females. Sometimes Lee does like to mess around with guys especially those that he are close with and try to flirt with them and tease them. Mostly to see their reactions.

Lee has a very good fashion sense and loves going shopping. At times Lee can actually act like a total girly girl. His hobby is shopping. Shopping is something that Lee enjoys to the fullest. He loves brand name items and when he sees a girl wear something brand name. he will call out to them and comment on it. Although at times Lee is very manly and doesn't care to get down in dirty. When training Lee doesn't care about Dirt what-so-ever. Although he does prefer to be clean.

-Very fast and knows acrobats
-Can dance and move around easily
-Has advance medical knowledge
-Can speak 6 different languages
-Very knowledgeable about landscaping and architecture

-Can be strong, but is his weak suite
-Has long finger nails that are always painted
-More internal anger and passive and submissive rather than letting his anger go
-Not very good in Mathematics
-Can blush easily


Fortune Teller

Lee has trained his body throughout the years to understand movements. Especially those of a regular humans and grimms. He is able to predict movements from those around him. Especially in a battle. When NPC's attack Lee he is able to predict their movements and act quickly enough to hurt them. When doing this Lee must close his eye's and feel his surroundings those that are in 5 meter radius he can predict their movements. He can even feel how bullets move. When going against Players he is able to dodge 6 attacks in one thread. Although this is only when going against players. NPC's and Grimm are a different matter, he can dodge them as many times as possible, but he needs a clear mind and focus.


Name: Twilight

First Form:
A shape of a small ax. It is able to slice through an opponent with sheer power. Its has a sharp end that seems to be able to generate ice like moves. When hitting an enemy it will most likely freeze the wound making it ice cold. Also slamming it on the could can generate ice in front of the user about 2 meters making anyone that comes close slip.  

Second Form:
The ax grows in size almost The head of it becomes bigger as the staff gets longer although for the user its as light as it was when it was like an ax. At this point the Ice actually turns into water. When twirling in a circle the user can actually throw out bullets from the ax. When hitting an opponent when it is in this form and getting the water inside can make the opponent heavier. Well feel heavier. The opponent can become 2x heavier than it once weighed.

Third Form:
The ax grows about 8ft in diameter, with the staff portion coming out at a outstanding 24ft in length, giving the hammer itself 32ft in height altogether. Although it still weighs the same as the first form int he users hands although it does weigh more when hitting the ground or swinging it at people. Its only a weigh difference int eh users hands.

Pass down from lee's family on his father side. Lee was the next generation to receive the weapon.

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Lee Wrath || Done Empty Re: Lee Wrath || Done

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:12 pm

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