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Ringo Tomilin DONE

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Ringo Tomilin DONE Empty Ringo Tomilin DONE

Post by Killua on Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:44 pm


Name: Ringo Tomilin

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol:
Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): First Year


Ringo Tomilin DONE Tumblr_mb3kr49Hct1roxatvo1_400

Standing at 5'5" and seem to only weigh 145 lbs. She has a muscular body that is made of purely muscles more than anything. She has a noticeable scar on her face and multiple scars on her body from being in countless fights. Her clan mark is plastered on her right shoulder. She has long snowy, white hair that comes down to the middle of her back. She also has piercing red eyes and a skinny like body. Although she does not have much for breast nor hips although they are surely there. Ringo wears almost royal like clothing. She wears a weird traveling costume almost like a pirate. Wearing almost slutty clothing at times she wears shorts under her skirts and tang tops under her shirts. She is very conservative for someone.


Growing up in the Tomilin clan is was truly hard for her. Although unlike some of her sisters she had her parents. Her parents were the clans traders. Their job was to go outside the clan and get things the clan needs in order to survive. Ringo had an older sister and when it was Ringo's first hunting trip she was with her older sister and Tama. At the end of the hunt Ringo's sister was killed by the Grimm and Tama protect Ringo.  Ever since then Ringo has had some sort of connection with Tama. Mostly because of the cold eyes that seem to glare at her now and then. Although Ringo could see the pure happiness and niceness in this person.

As Ringo hit puberty she was bound by someone right away. That someone being the clan leader. Since his father had died. He had to get married away. Although the Clan leader loves someone else other than Ringo. But to follow his leader role he had to accept the request. Ringo doesn't need to wear a mask for this reason. Another reason why Ringo and the Clan leader to marry was the simple fact they were on a mission together and her mask broke by a monster. The clean leader saw her without her mask. This pissed Ringo off to no extent how she has to marry him. When Tama was shipped off to live in the real world. Ringo had to stay home. She fought for her right to go with Tama. Soon finally after a few months Ringo left as well. She knew about the outside world compared to Tama. Since Ringo worked with her parents with the trading business. Ringo knows how to handle people a little better than most of the members only because she traveled with her parents.


Ringo is what you call a wild child. She is clearly very outgoing compared to a normal person and has anger issues. Ringo is hot headed and doesn't know when to quit. She is very athletic as well and seems to take that advantage. Clearly Ringo will jump in any battle. She will automatically run into a battle head on and fight for what she believes in. Being hot headed as she is, she can be very rash at times and seems to be the one who starts the fights. Anger and being hot headed are the two best traits to describe Ringo.

Ringo can get embarrassed easily. She does not like having her future planned for her. She can turn a deep red when someone mentions sex or any sexual interaction. Ringo would never be caught dead at a party for that reason. Actually Ringo is not the party animal at all. She may be hot headed, but sexual is not her thing. Even if she wears slutty clothes, she still feels uncomfortable when around men her age. When Ringo is embarrassed she becomes impulsive. She says things that come right off her mind. Almost being way too honest, she also fumbles over her words when she is embarrassed. One Friday nights instead of going to parties Ringo is actually in studying and acting like a book worm.

Ringo can be seen as the heroic figure at times. She seems to help the weak and give out free handouts to children that are in need. She is very helpful towards people that are needy. Although Ringo doesn't look like it she is very helpful to those that need her help. Ringo actually spends her weekends helping out at the clinic and helping at the homeless shelters.

-Photographic Memory
-Huge bookworm
-Strong and fast at the same time
-Good Reflexes
-Knows Martial Arts

-Helps the needy way too much
-Over thinks things at times
-Rash and hot tempered were she will jump in at fights
-Doesn't think things over things
-Always Hungry


Copy Cat

Ringo is actually able to copy moves that she sees. She is able to somehow put in the physical amount of the person and the speed. For example she is able to copy martial arts moves exactly how she saw them. If she sees a cheetah running on T.V she is able to copy their speed and move as fast as they do. If she sees a 200 pound man somehow lift a 400 pound weight then Ringo will be able to do it. All Ringo does it see a person do it once and she will be able to do it. Ringo can do this about 10 times per thread. She is able to copy another attack patterns as well.


Name: Ariel

First Form:

Ariel is able to create small barriers by using Ice Dust. Ariel is used to protect the user rather than attack. Ariel is able to create a barrier around the user and can only be shattered by things that weigh over 200 lb. Ariel is able to produce small barriers that can only go around the user. So attacks from behind do not phase the user because of Ariel. At times these barriers can act upon themselves, reading the air almost like Ariel is alive. By slashing the air Ariel is able to produce ice shards that are able to travel up to 25 mph and able to pierce through metals. Ariel is able to produce up too 5 ice shards. They can travel to a 10 meter distance. Ariel is also able to do this attack multiple times. Although in one post Ariel is able to produce two slashes in the air. Making it were Ariel can produce 10 ice shards in one post. When Ariel hits a person the wound of the person freezes around the wound making the body chilled and stiff as a rock. Were the wound is, its almost like having dry ice upon your skin. It burns and its cold at the same time.

Name: Jeremiel

First Form:

Jeremiel is a saber just like Ariel, but instead of Ice it contains blue fire dust. Unlike a normal fire this fire is more hotter than ever or it can be as cool as ice. Jeremiel is the attack saber you could say. The saber is able to produce mass fires that are able to be generated through the saber. These blue fires are able to burn a human being or even a grimm when missing. Jeremiel is able to also protect a person against a grimm. How this happens is when Jeremiel is used it can either be dangerous or non-dangerous. When the blue fire surrounds someone it can either burn them or it cannot burn them. Its warm almost. When the fire consumes a person Ringo can actually control the fire to protect he person, although this fire is like an illusion.  Its to block grimm attacks to those around her. Jeremiel is able to severely burn an opponent.


Ariel and Jeremiel are twin sabers that were found by ringo one day. She loved the swords so much. Her parents had gotten them on one of their many trips around the world. Ever since she had received the sabers they have acted as her gaurdain angels. Another reason why she named them Ariel and Jeremiel.

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Ringo Tomilin DONE Empty Re: Ringo Tomilin DONE

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:11 pm

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