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Fangli Tyreek Kang

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Fangli Tyreek Kang  Empty Fangli Tyreek Kang

Post by Requiem on Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:34 pm


Name: Fangli Tyreek Kang

Age: Seventeen years; Born on the first day of the fourth month.

Gender: Male

Species: Panda Faunus (Has a pair of panda ears in addition to his human ears.)

Call Sign/Symbol: An image of an abnormally aggressive tribal panda head with its jaws parted and its teeth baring. It lays over a background of what appears to be a couple of bamboo sticks crossed over one another in an ‘X’ shape.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Beacon First-Year, General Martial Arts Student/Tutor, Part-time Cook (Ionic Serenade)

Appearance: A somewhat tall teen, standing at roughly six foot five and weighing in at one hundred and eighty-seven pounds; a healthy, in between weight for a boy of his stature. His hair is of a natural hue of jet black, and is fashioned in a sort of spiked and brushed up hairstyle. The way that it is fixed allows partial view of his eyes, which are both narrowed and of a piercing hue of gold. The bangs of his hair are outlines by thin, yet compiled streaks of a snowy white coloring.

His battle/casual attire is petty simple for the most part. He’s often caught wearing a tank top, alongside a pair of dress slacks that are kept up by a belt. From said belt hangs a pair of chains, which are seen from either side of his pants. On his feet are a simple pair of dress shoes. An asian-style coat is worn over his tank top; bound together by a series of parallel buttons and strings going vertically with the raised collar circling his neck. It is vested – enabling full view of his arms – and also has a tail that goes quite low to the ground, only stopping a good three or four inches when standing on flat platforms. Contrasting greatly from the coloring of the majority of his hair, all of Fangli’s clothing is a bright, snowy white (excluding his tank top and belt, which are both of a charcoal black hue).

Around his neck he wears a stainless steel chain with a yin (white) half of a yin-yang symbol as a pendant. Matching to its symbol coloring, the pendant takes a shining white coloring.

A sleeve tattoo spans the entirety of his right arm, beginning on the shoulder and wrapping around his hand. It takes the image of an abnormally aggressive tribal panda on the shoulder, shrouded over by what seems to be a bamboo forest. As for the left arm, another, though partial sleeve tattoo, spans across his skin. Beginning below the bend of his elbow and wrapping down until the back of his hand, rather than his shoulder, lies a vast and complex design of bands and tribal shapes, with various Chinese symbols implanted within some spaces.

His symbol is found on the back of his tailed coat, as well as the back of his tank top. On the coat, it’s black, while, on the tank top, it’s white.

Spoiler tagged to save space:

Born on the first day of the fourth month, Fang Li, alongside his sister, Li Zhu, were born in the city located on the outskirts of the kingdom of Vale by the name of Starbound Cliffs. As could be assumed by its location name, the Starbound Cliffs both were and still are located on a Cliffside complex that maintains a rather magnificent view of the oceans. Its population consisted primarily of Faunus around the time that he and his sister were born who seemed to take an interest and expertise in both astrology and close combat in general. Due to the area’s astrological profession, alongside the fact that the oceans often reflected the stars in a glistening radiance in the evening, was it granted the ‘Starbound’ portion of its name.

Fangli and Lizhu lived rather happy and decent lives up until an earlier part of their childhoods. Around the time that they were five years of age, their home was raided by a group of general terrorists and extremists that went by the name of the Band of Evolution. When they arrived, things moved rather swiftly and in a blurred fashion. The only thing that the two remember before awakening in the faction’s experimental facilities was crying and attempting to hide from their attackers before being discovered and falling unconscious soon afterwards.

When they awoke, it felt like they had been out for a mere three minutes or so, when, in reality, they had been knocked out for a little less than half of a day, thanks to a combination of drugs that they, alongside a good majority of their hometown, had been injected with while getting abducted. Either way, when they were awake, they were soon greeted of the sight of various people – both from their hometown and complete strangers that they had never met – all unconscious like they had been. The rooms were cold and barren, and, past the doors and windows that kept them locked in, would be the sounds of agonized screaming and the sight of experimentation tables in the next room over. Both twins – who were separated and kept in different cells with different people at the time – both watched the events happening within the other room for a limited time, though immediately stopped when they were able to hear the screeches and cries emitted from the test subjects being toyed with at the time.

There was one major thing that Fang Li would have never erased from his mind, no matter how hard he tried.

At one point during the experiments, he had peeked back over the window to see, yet again, what was happening. The person on the table during that particular happened to be his mother, and the last thing that he could really remember before a fit of sobbing and crying at the time was watching her be violently cut into, as well as her screaming in a rush of pain before being forcefully silenced. A little while afterwards, the doors opened and he was one of the last victims to be dragged out. Partially because he was given a closer look at his mother – who, by then, was bloodied, tortured, and deceased – and partially because he was simply a scared child did he screech and kick around while attempting to grasp freedom. As a result, the person forcefully guiding him out ended up beating his right leg to a degree, breaking and fracturing it before he himself was knocked out in a harsh manner.

As this happened, Li Zhu was simply curling up within the back area of her own room of confinement and crying to a degree, much like her brother had been. However, due to the fact that she hadn’t drained too much of her energy and had managed to stay awake despite the actual sense of weariness that she was feeling at the time, she was enabled the remembrance of the particular moment in which the Vytal police and government officials infiltrated the Band’s facilities and evacuated the rest of the living abducted individuals.

Fangli would be reunited with his sister soon after his second awakening, which was in a hospital bed because of the need to get his leg treated from the earlier event. Soon after, both he and his sister were told about how their entire family had died, though in that easy, explained-for-kids-to-understand way. Because of the sight that he had seen, Fang Li had a few assumptions about what the person who had talked to them had told them, but both he and his sister never fully understood what the person had meant until they had grown a bit older.

A while after the incident, both twins stayed at a local orphanage and stayed there. Both children grew up in the sanctity and protection of the facility, and eventually enrolled as students at Signal Academy. With ease, they gained knowledge and combat experience and graduated that particular Academy before applying and being accepted to Beacon.

They now live fully at the Beacon dorms and have fully moved out of the orphanage with the acceptance.

Personality: A rather charismatic and upbeat teen; Fangli is the type of person you could very well find partying until the light of dawn or doing some daring and drastic things that could bind him into tighter situations in the future days. Often times, he’s seen wearing a large smile while just enjoying whatever time he spends with his friends. While wearing this grin of his, he also tends to joke around a lot and is capable of pranking and tricking his closer friends to the point of utter annoyance.

He has a drive that rarely ever dies down, which enables him to uphold his whole daring and challenging act day by day, no matter the scenario at hand. He’ll surely stand by and for his beliefs, and won’t hesitate to stand up for others, as well, should he agree with what they think or do.

Above all, he seems to hold the strongest bond with his sister, Lizhu. He’s been by her side for as long as he could remember, even and especially through the rough tides of his history. Should she be threatened or harmed in any way, he’ll most likely immediately snap away from his normal demeanor and take on one full of seriousness and aggression in order to protect her. Through the years, he’s taken a strong, under-the-surface liking to her in a romantic sort of way.

Most see him as the guy who’s never really sad or depressed in any way, but, little do they know, the situation is truly the opposite. In order to suppress the memories of his past, Fangli purposely puts on a strong-willed-and-spirited/carefree display. If one catches him when he’s off guard and on his own, they may very well realize just how quiet and scarred – both physically and mentally – he really is.

+Light and agile.
+Excels in close combat in general, as he holds the highest belt for most common types of martial art.
+Flexible from training in martial arts.
+Rather strong from immense amounts of training.
+Has a high amount of aura and excels with his semblance capabilities.
+Exhibits a high degree of mastery in archery.

-Despite the fact that he’s capable of being silent, he often moves around rather loudly unless he’s really trying.
-His knowledge in close combat is only matched by mid-to-long-ranged combat (excluding archery weapon types because of his weapon).
-Still tends to suffer from night terrors, even at his current age.
-Because of the events from his history, the entirety of Fangli’s left knee down is a major weakpoint. Though it’s healed for the most part, it still acts up from time to time and causes him immense pain.
-Because of the fact that he actually over thinks and stresses himself a lot, he tends to have either lesser headaches or annoying migraines a lot of the time. He doesn’t show the pain that he feels as a result most of the time, though, if one were to either accidentally or purposely strike him in the had – regardless of the strength used in the blow – it would make him react in a heavy way.

Semblance: Put shortly, Fang Li is enabled the ability to control the shape and form of the natural earth around him. He can use his abilities to change whatever natural platforms or grounds within a nearby radius to his will, or to even create various objects to serve as his own weapons for a given time. The cooldown time that he must take in between uses matches to amount of time that he actually uses his semblance, perhaps with half a minute to a whole minute added in addition. The most time that he can use his semblance in most forms without any form of stress would be for around ten to thirteen minutes without breaks, and, after that, he would begin to suffer minor aches and sores and whatnot for the following times.


Name: Yang

First Form: A sword that takes the same general shape and coloring as the center sword in this photo. Appearance-wise, the only difference would be that the colors are inverted, so all of the black parts would be white, and all of the white parts would be black. It would also be shinier to reflect its metallic material, and would have various black engravings of Chinese symbols strewn across the entirety of the white portions of the blade. Alongside this, its height (which is roughly a little more than four feet in the picture) would be extended by a foot or so, making it a little bit over five feet in height.

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

History: A simple sword that he had crafted with the aid of both Deyukken and Destiny Ito.


Name: Yin

First Form: A professional hunter’s bow, set completely with a custom set of arrows kept within its matching, customary quiver matching to his favored colors. The bow itself is composed of a lightweight and flexible yet highly durable metal with another sort of flexible material to make its string, enabling it to stretch when pulling an arrow back during striking preparations. The metal takes a deepened ebony coloring, and is patterned across the brim by various thin yet decorative patterns of a snowy white. The quiver that it comes with is the same, darkened hue of black that the majority of the bow itself is, though is crested with a whitened image of the boy’s symbol, rather than the designs that streak across the bow.

All of the arrows that he uses are, in some way, enhanced with Dust. The arrowheads are designed to burst upon impact or contact with whatever they hit or pierce, and release a swift cloud of whatever type of Dust is contained within them as soon as they touch something. The main types of Dust that he uses for this include Fire, Ice, and Lightning Dust, though he tends to combine them to create more powerful effects- be it with the Dust types that he normally uses, or some other types that he keeps on him on the side.

Second Form: By compressing its figure and locking the bowstring within a slightly hollow containment, Yin shifts the entirety of its figure to become another blade that Fangli can skillfully and easily wield. Maintaining the same coloring as the metal in its primary form, Yin maintains a blade coloring of a deepened and reflective shade of shining black, with remnants of its white patterns streaking across the blade. When in secondary form, it seems to lock itself and harden, preventing it from bending ridiculously when striking.

In comparison to Yang, Yin is a lighter and thinner in its build, though is still as sharp and painful.

When in this form, Fangli tends to use the arrows that are supposed to accompany Yin as separate and smaller, Dust-infused weapons.

Third Form: N/A

History: A similar history to Yang, though, for this weapon, Fangli also obtained aid from Chelsea Liu in order to produce this weapon, due to the fact that she, too, holds a partial, archer-type weapon.

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Fangli Tyreek Kang  Empty Re: Fangli Tyreek Kang

Post by Paige weaver on Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:33 am

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