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Sancti Aureum Regina Odium

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Sancti Aureum Regina Odium Empty Sancti Aureum Regina Odium

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:38 am


Name: Sancti Aureum Regina Odium

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Crow Faunus

Call Sign/Symbol: A black eye with a red slit-pupil and four black tentacle-like appendages coming from it's "Corners" and crow wings coming from the sides.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): First Year Student. Princess of Gemma.

Appearance: ( 5'5 in height, 126 in weight. Long light-grey hair and red-pink eyes. She has two large Crow wings coming from her back. Her casual clothes vary, but her most common set is a fine black silk dress with matching boots. In combat she wears a set of light-weight leather armour that's startlingly simple compared to her casual clothing, when asked she states that it was merely the style of armour her mentor always taught her in, so she can't stand to have anything fancier.

History: Born the older of two sisters by three years in the minor kingdom of Gemma, a desert city known for it's plentiful jewel mines and skilled weavers and a common stop between Vacuo and Vale, making it known as a powerful trade city. It's king, Timeo Odium, spoiled his daughter with beautiful clothes and jewellry, the finest foods and the latest best-selling books, critically acclaimed films and popular games. This along with her being taught that people in power are there for a reason, a common belief in Gemma, made her very vain about her title as princess. During her youth she didn't have very many friends, the ones she did were either poorer subjects wanting a little bit of money from her or noble children wanting to get on good terms with the future queen, even though she pretended to not notice, she knew they were just using her, causing her to be very paranoid about non-familial relationships. At the age of 9, her father asked her "Stab, shoot or crush?", while she didn't understand why or what exactly he was asking, she said "Shoot" without missing a beat. Within the week, a scruffy looking man in his mid-twenties garbed in pelts and leather knocked on the door to her room saying "Hey, I'm Telum, I'll be your crossbow tutor from now on", she took to the crossbow as quickly as a Saxumgandr (A sandworm Grimm) to sand (A common saying in Gemma). Her and Telum were fast friends, genuine friends, this made Sancti very happy around him, even getting a small crush on him, but never acting upon it, but soon after her 15th birthday, she and Telum were out in the desert practicing their marksmanship when a swarm of very large Deathstalkers attacked them, while they fought them off, Telum was fatally injured, he was too heavy for Sancti to safely and quickly carry him back to the city, and even if he wasn't, he died quickly anyways, she felt extremely guilty about seeing him die and took his crossbow, Visum, to remember him by. it was a few days until she got out of her depression over her mentor and friend dying in front of her, but as soon as she did stop, she talked to her father "Daddy, I want to go to Beacon Academy like Telum did! I don't want him to teach me and die for nothing!", of course he accepted to send her to Vale, and if she didn't pass the test to get in, to bribe her in. two years later she left for Beacon and passed the test without her father's monetary help.

Personality: While from a distance she can seem calm, quiet and distant, this couldn't be any farther from the truth, in reality she can be loud, energetic and kind, you just need to get her trust first... She can be very vain or arrogant, but never to cruel levels. She's also a very free spirit, never liking to be tied down, in fact, as soon as she found out she could, she immediately gave her role as heir to her younger sister, who she knew would make a much better queen. She can be a bit obsessive of the people she likes when she feels they're either in danger, or planning to abandon her, almost to near-yandere levels... Heterosexual.

Strengths: Very rich. Decently intelligent. Natural talent at the crossbow. Professionally trained. Rather kind despite her vainness.

Weaknesses: Mostly bark, comparitively little bite. Overly sensitive to mean words and criticism. Refuses to use any weapon but her own, if she has her weapon stolen, she will break down and either be unable to fight or attempt (And fail) hand-to-hand combat to get it back. Pretty vain.

Semblance: Arms of Gemma: When activated, four pitch black tentacles come from Sancti's shoulderblades and hips, she has full control over these tentacles and can sort of shape the tips for different situations, such as soft tips for grasping objects, sharp tips for combat, even toothed maws for more brutal combat. The tentacles last for about 20 minutes and she has to wait another 40 to use them again. She hates to use her semblance outside of combat because "They're unsightly and too intimidating"


Name: Visum

First Form: ( A two-handed wooden crossbow once weilded by Sancti's mentor, Telum. The bird symbol on the side of the hilt is Telum's Emblem.

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

History: Built and weilded by Sancti's crossbow teacher, Telum, it was taken from him after he died as a way to remember him.

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Sancti Aureum Regina Odium Empty Re: Sancti Aureum Regina Odium

Post by Paige weaver on Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:36 pm

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