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Elysia Zephyrine

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Elysia Zephyrine Empty Elysia Zephyrine

Post by Requiem on Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:30 pm

(The font is gonna be a bit weird. I worked on it on two different programs that way I could make some progress at school, too.)

Name: Elysia Zephyrine
Age: Seventeen years of age; born on the twenty-seventh day of the fourth month
Gender: Female
Species: American Mink Faunus
Symbol: The image of the silhouette of a sort of mink/rodent-like figure crouched lightly in front of a background of a shattered crescent moon. While the moon itself is a sort of faded navy blue and is outlined in white, the mink silhouette is the opposite.
Occupation: Beacon First-Year, Ionic Serenade Waitress, Shooting Range Regular, Hobbyist Mystery (Genre) Writer, Hobbyist/Professional Weaponsmith, Tempest Industries Staff Aide
Appearance: (Faceclaim: ||| Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4.)
A somewhat short yet still fit girl, standing at a height of roughly five foot one and weighing in at an average of one hundred and seven pounds. Her eyes are of a bright, yet slightly faded variety of blue. Her hair, which is a bit shorter-cut by female standards, is a more solid and darker shade of blue, though is normally covered by a sort of messenger hat (or something close to one) with a circle of stripes circling the crown for the most part.
On normal occasion, she wears the same shirt/coat displayed in the picture given in the link above. For the lower body, she tends to wear a pair of either solid-colored or plaid slack-type pants of some variant of blue, with semi-light brown dress shoes.
For personal reasons, she seems to wear a slightly self-upgraded watch on her left wrist. It’s fully functional and is capable of telling the exact and correct time, alongside doing a few other minor things, but she seems to keep it hidden underneath the cuff of her sleeve a lot of the time.
As a sort of giveaway to her Faunus genetics, she has a somewhat thin, semi-long, and furred tail. Its fur is black near the base, though, as it begins nearing the tip, the fur slowly fades into the same coloring of her hair.
Personality: Regardless of whether she’s being described by a good friend or a stranger, it’s safe to conclude that Elysia is more of a quiet, calm, and intellectual type of person. When she isn’t around her closer friends, she’s often caught doing some sort of quiet and individual type of activity- such as (and almost always) reading and/or writing. Should one be able to get a decent peek at the sort of novels that she reads or the things that she writes, they would be enlightened with the assumption and fact that she seems to adore mystery and detective-type writings above all other genres. The romance genre seems to come as a close tie for top favorite genre for her, though she takes care not to let that hidden joy of hers surface- most of the time, at least.
Because of the fact that she actually is often seen alone most of the time (or, even if she’s in a group, tends to be the most quiet out of all of the present individuals), she’s often seen as a sort of shy archetype, alongside quietly intelligent. Truth be told, however, she actually has little to no problem socializing with others…after a given period of time. She may be a bit questioning and blunt at times, though she truly doesn’t mean too much harm or trouble.
…Unless she’s severely urked or rubbed the wrong way by someone for whatever reason.
Then she just acts cold without any or much care whatsoever. Ignorance is almost always a factor, and, if not that, then she’d more than likely be caught avoiding the subject(s) at hand and/or purposely lashing out at him/her/them.
+Excellent sense of hand-eye coordination.
+Excellent sense of accuracy.
+Excels with general firearm (or handheld projectile) use.
+Witty and intelligent; capable of thinking up things on the spot.
+Lithe and agile, thanks to her smaller stature.
+Capable of easily seeing through emotional barriers/masks.
+Deduction in general is one of her stronger talents.
-Without some sort of firearm or projectile, she can’t quite efficiently protect herself.
-Lightweight; it’s easy to sweep her off of her feet (literally), so that could be a negative point in numerous scenarios.
-Often relentless and unforgiving when her personality turns bitter; may start acting a bit like a child.
-Though she’s fit for her general size, she’s a bit physically weak. She knows the techniques to protect herself in close combat, though can’t quite match it with the muscle to do so.
-Although deduction is a major strong suit, it could also be a major weaknesses. At times, it may cause her to overthink some things and to stress out over some matters more than she should.
-At most senses of physical contact that go further than a simple handshake (examples being a hug, or maybe even just being so close that her shoulders touch someone else), she tends to get a bit awkward and loses her train of focus to some degree. An exception to this would be close-quarter fighting,
Semblance: Fortune’s Gamble ||| Fortune’s Gamble is sort of a beacon-like ability that both protects and boosts the performance of the people that Elysia considers to be allies. By taking note of the fact that this ability depends on who she considers to be allies and enemies alike, however, it’s safe to say that Fortune’s Gamble is somewhat emotionally and intellectually-dependant. Its effects could change for a certain person at a given moment if her mind was to be persuaded to think another thought.
What Fortune’s Gamble does is beneficial to allies, but not herself. By activating Gamble, allies within proximities that span roughly twenty-seven yards in diameter around her own being will experience a few things: a sense of clarity, calmness, a general endurance boost, and somewhat increased strength and speed, among other things. Often times, those who fight alongside her will find that their mind is cleared and less stressed while in combat, allowing their performance rates to become smoother and more efficient with the intellectual clarity and the enhanced parameter boost that they are given. Once more, however; this ability of hers only affects those around her and not herself- at this moment in time, at least. Given that she trains enough and increases her limits, she’ll more than likely be able to include herself within the beneficiaries of her own semblance in time.
Of course, there’s a reason why her semblance is nicknamed “Fortune’s Gamble”. The ‘Gamble’ part of the semblance name is spawned from the fact that, while she may be increasing her partners’ abilities, the usage of her semblance decreases her own abilities- and at a somewhat rapid rate. The longer she uses her semblance for the sake of others, the more aura she drains from her own being, which would cause her to tire and perhaps even become internally wounded to some degree if she pushed herself too far. As of this moment, she’s capable of using Fortune’s Gamble for roughly seventeen minutes at most, while the cooldown time normally takes the amount of time that Gamble was actually used for, plus an extra three to five minutes.
Name: Ban Gekido (Translated to: “Night Rage”)
Primary Form: A simplistic-looking yet rather powerful swing-cylinder revolver. Its material is of a complete, reflective, and jet black coloring. A scope attachment is normally connected to the top of the firearm, alongside a silencer attachment. Of course, both can be removed and put back on with some degree of ease.
The cylinder has been adjusted to be able to hold a total of twelve bullets, rather than the standard six.
Bullets of all Dust types are used with Rage, but normal bullets are still a common sight when fired from the revolver.
Secondary Form: N/A
Tertiary Form: N/A
History: Initially a weapon from Tempest Industries. Elysia inherited it soon after starting her schooling at Haven Academy.
Name: Raijin (Roughly translated to: “Thunder God” or “Divine Lightning”)
Primary Form: Takes the form of a high-action and scoped assault rifle. Much like Night Rage, Raijin has a scope and an increased clip size, as well as a silencer attachment when stealth is needed.
Again, much like Gekido, Raijin uses both Dust-filled bullets and normal bullets in combat.
Secondary Form: The material making the exterior of the rifle folds inwards to both tighten and flatten itself in figure somewhat, while the primary handling areas become straighter to form a sword hilt/handle. Raijin’s secondary form is basically an averagely-sized and sharp sword, though is only used as a last resort because of Elysia’s lack of compatibility with anything other than firearms/projectiles.
Tertiary Form: N/A
History: Refer to the History for Ban Gekido.
Name: Sharpshooter
Primary Form: Sharpshooter is actually a small collection of various things that are connected and powered by a small generator-type structure. To begin, the primary firepower for Sharpshooter resides within a couple of gauntlet-like figures worn on both hands that covers up to the midway points on the forearms. From where the small sections of armoring end, a few reinforced wiring pieces would hook around and attach themselves to a sort of backpack-like generator that’s worn on the back. Around the top of the pack would be another set of shorter yet still reinforced wires that connect to a sort of visor that Elysia wears over her eyes when Sharpshooter is in use.
The gauntlets in Sharpshooter allow Elysia to do two things: fire Dust, and to fire electricity- either substance in a thin, yet powerful beam-like projection. Either way, the force and power is often taken from the charge rate taken in from the generator on the back. The visor attachment serves as a sort of enhanced scope-like figure with a wider vision range, as it allows Elysia to both zoom in, zoom out, and lock onto certain targets to enhance accuracy rates.
Secondary Form: N/A
Tertiary Form: N/A
History: Unlike Night Rage and Raijin, Sharpshooter actually started off as a sort of mechanical project that Elysia worked on when she was bored; a product of her little weapon and gizmo experiments. After altering it to some degree, she brought it to Tempest Industries, where it was further enhanced and altered enough to be used as a legitimate weapon.

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Elysia Zephyrine Empty Re: Elysia Zephyrine

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:27 pm

your history is a literal Google docs -_- approved
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