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Dante Matteo "Lucifer" Phaenin ||| The Fell Demon [WIP]

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Dante Matteo "Lucifer" Phaenin ||| The Fell Demon [WIP] Empty Dante Matteo "Lucifer" Phaenin ||| The Fell Demon [WIP]

Post by Requiem on Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:21 pm


Name: Dante Matteo “Lucifer” Phaenin ||| The Fell Demon

Age: Eighteen years of age; Born on the seventh day of the eighth month

Gender: Male

Species: White Winged Vampire Bat Faunus (White bat wings between the shoulderblades, alongside bat ears on the top of his head in addition to his human ears; slightly more in-depth description in the Appearance section.)

Symbol: The image of a bat/demon wing fading away into flame. Placed as a tribal-like image. The wing itself is white and is outlined in a light grey, while the flame is a dark and slightly faded shade of red.

Occupation: Hobbyist/Professional Skater, Hobbyist/Professional Dancer/Bonebreaker, Heir to the Kingdom of Phaenin, Hobbyist/professional (street) Artist, Beacon Second-Year

Appearance: A rather tall boy, standing at an above-average height of six foot five and weighing in at one hundred and fifty seven pounds- a healthy weight for him. His figure is evenly and not overly toned; an average, tolerable amount and appearance. Both of his eyes are a bold, piercing hue of a calm, bloody red, and are narrowed due to his internal Asian bloodlines. His eyes are partially shrouded over by his hair, which is rather poofy and is long enough to cast a shadow over both of his eyes. It’s a natural, snowy white coloring – one of the major giveaways towards his Faunus genetics – and is normally brushed up to some degree when he takes the time to fashion it. Around the fringes/bangs of his hair, one would find subtle, slight streaks of a natural, darkish grey, alongside even lesser streaks of black.

Also a giveaway to his Faunus genetics, Dante has a few things that display his bat-based heritage. For starters, he has a pair of bat wings between his shoulderblades and on his back, which create a wingspan equivalent to his height (if not a little bit more) when fully stretched out. Alongside this, he also has a pair of furred, bat ears atop his head in addition to his human ears. The last thing to take note of is more of a lesser thing, but he also has fangs that are somewhat sharper than the average human/Faunus.

Danny’s clothing style is somewhat flashy and fashionable, though not in the sense that one would think that a royal/prince of a kingdom would have. Rather than dressing in your stereotypical robes and crown, Dante sports a more modern look. For starters, he wears a shortsleeved graphic T-shirt as a first layer on the upper body, with a longsleeved collared hoodie opened over it. Over the lower body, he would more than likely wear a belt alongside a pair of chained, possibly slightly torn jeans. The cuffs of his pants would shroud somewhat over his shoes – which would either be of an athletic or skater-type build – but wouldn’t reach low enough to scrape against the floor while he walks.

Normally, he actually keeps a flannel with him, and actually does wear it on occasion. Most of the time, however, he keeps it tied around his waist and tucked beneath the waistband of his pants, as he prefers to keep it on him as a sort of accessory, instead of a legitimate article of clothing. Alongside the flannel, he also wears several things on him that could be classified as accessories. On either wrist would more than likely be a small array of wristbands and whatnot, and a rather flashy-looking watch would be seen on his left wrist, as well. Because both of his sleeves upon his hoodie always seem to he rolled up, he often ties a bandana just beneath his right shoulder and over his skin. He also keeps a lanyard with a plethora of keychains and keys on it, and it’s actually partially clipped onto the waistband of his jeans for safety.

Like his lanyard, he also has a blank baseball cap that’s normally strapped onto his waistband, as well. In contrast to his overall clothing – which is normally darkly-colored, but could be found in virtually any coloring – the hat is strictly a dark red, with a black bill and white designs. Similar to the flannel, he wears it on occasion, but it’s seen atop his head more often than his flannel is seen upon his torso. When it isn’t worn, he’s normally seeing a dark red beanie atop his head if he’s sporting any sort of head wear, but he’ll still have his hat with him, too.



+Has high Semblance/aura efficiency and skills.
+Aura is naturally high in comparison to most others.
+Alongside night vision, he has a voluntary sense of infrared vision from his Vampire Bat genetics.
+Highly stealthy and speedy.
+Highly skilled when it comes to armed combat.
+His hearing is significantly boosted and highly sensitive.

-Seems to be somewhat lowly-skilled and clumsy when fighting hand-to-hand.
-While his high sense of hearing helps, it can also be a major flaw for him. Unless he’s in a scenario in which loud noises are to be expected and he has his guard up, it could snap him out of focus and temporarily shock him to the point of pain.
-When his bloodthirst gets to a certain point, he tends to be unable to see reason, and becomes unhealthily blinded morally to the possible point of insanity.
-It takes some bit of focus for Dante to actually be able to shift between his vision modes. Although it’s beneficial, it could take some time, and, if he were to mess up while switching, it would more than likely cause minor to severe pain in his head.
-Though he’s skilled in combat so long as he has a weapon, he tends to be rash and careless when going against opponents.



Name: Phantom Dancer

Primary Form: A lightweight and metallic cross between a skateboard and a hoverboard. Its coloring is a base shade of a shining, reflective hue of metallic black, and is designed so that the edges are a bit more jagged and layered, giving it a somewhat futuristic and flashy look in comparison to most other skateboards. Its wheels and axels are retractable and able to withstand compression, and, depending on whether it is in skateboard or hoverboard mode, they are capable of sliding into the bottom portions of the board itself. Regardless of whether one is looking at the bottom or the top of the board, he or she would see various, grid-like designs of multiple, overlapping colors, which are actually vast amounts of different types of Dust currents that course throughout the board itself. When in hoverboard mode, Phantom Dancer enables movement through its Dust and powered air currents which allow it to maintain its levitation-like state. Having been through trial and error time and time again like the other products that his family’s companies and Kingdom have seen, it expels said currents in a smooth and virtually soundless manner, enabling a swift, efficient, and, at times, stealthy means of movement.

The bottom of the board displays a wide variety of tribal-like designs, and the Dust currents that swarm around this side of the board outline said designs to create a fantastic and exquisite art piece that Dante himself produced.

Secondary Form: This is the first form in which Phantom Dancer turns into a legitimate weapon.

Tertiary Form:


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