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Rutilus "Jill" Twilight

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Rutilus "Jill" Twilight Empty Rutilus "Jill" Twilight

Post by DarkRecon on Mon May 04, 2015 2:26 am


Name: Rutilus "Jill" Twilight

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol: A orange sun but inside the sun is a blue shield and the shield itself has some white star shapes on it. A sign to show time of day which in this case, Twilight.

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): 1st year student

Appearance: Rutilus has similar looks to Kasumi from the Dead or Alive fighting game series. Brown hair up to her shoulders and brown eyes. Stands 5'10" but her weight is unknown. She looks to be in very good shape. Tanned colored skin. Although she perfers "tomboy" looks, her C rack size tends to give away her true gender. Still, out in the city, she wears jeans, T-shirts and jackets similar to Indigo's when possible. She wears the female student uniform on academy grounds. And much like Indigo, she wears unmarked Atlus vest, clothing and helmit when necessary.

History: The Twilights are a well-known family of hunters and hunteress. Their origins are shrouded in mystery but is believed their origins started in Atlus. It was even proven that they once served with the Atlus military but due to a big misunderstanding, the family cut it's ties with the then general. It's said that even though Atlus wanted them back, the Twilights refused, one saying that "they were quick to point fingers based on false intel". They received an honorable discharge by order of the Atlus government when the issue rose to the public but by then, they had already moved on. It's said that the Twilights grouped up with private hunter groups before being scouted and recruited by the head of Beacon academy as combat instructors.

Rutilus "Jill" Twilight is one of two from the family just enrolled at the academy along with her brother, Indigo "Jack" Twilight. Rutilus, much like her brother, feels grateful for Beacon and Vale for taking their family in after everything they went though so she's also hoping to do the family proud by attending Beacon. She also secretly wishes to test herself against her parents and other instructors at Beacon just to see how she measures up. Even if she's beaten, she hopes to become stronger.

A good offensive hunter, she's hoping her strength can help her overcome the physical trials at Beacon.

Personality: Talkative. Outgoing. Not afraid to speak her mind. Though that's a weakness since she would say things in situations where it's considered rude. Although not a flirt, she does act like a "big sister" not only to her older brother Indigo but to her friends just to make them feel welcomed. She even teases sometimes. She does get bummed out when mistakes happen but unlike Indigo, handles it with stride. Just like her brother, she isn't racist. Be it human or fonist, she treats everyone equally and even those within her social circle tend to feel like she's more family than a friend. She also can't stand bullies so when she see's someone, including her friend and/or family, being pushed around, she get's a bit of a temper and rushes to defend them.

Strong team player
Easy to be friends with
Aura is especially high
Skills makes her a good frontline hunter
An expert swordsmen and marksmen

Has a "temper" of sorts towards "bullies" or wrongdoers
Outspoken or tends to say things at the wrong time
Sometimes rushes in without thinking
Overrelies on her Aura to get through battles
Has shown hesitation to use Semblance skill

Semblance: Glyph Reaper - Where "Glyph Healer" is the staple Semblance of the Twilights, there are also a select few who have this mysterious and rather "creepy" Semblance. To put it bluntly, it is a temporary power up of sorts.

It starts with the user summoming a Glyph at his or her feet. Then the Glyph rises through the person from feet to head. After it passes the head as if "scanning" the target, it disappears and the person's aura can be seen from the person only it looks like a dark mist of sorts. The person's eyes even glow red. From what is known, it was once a Semblance that a Twilight specically made to counter the GRIMM since the Aura changes in a way that a GRIMM can't make contact without any part of it's body disintegrating unless it's a high level GRIMM. Still, the way the aura covers the user's body and even weapons makes it effective against GRIMM but it does nothing to normal individuals. Still, the slight speed, strength, and other natural skills increase still helps in combat.

But much like "Glyph Healer", overusing it can be dangerous. If a user stays in this state for more than 1 minute, two possible things occur. One, much like Glyph Healer, the indivial collapses unconscience for 1 to 5 minutes and will have a sore body and be in pain. In this state, mobility is limited and the individual can't use the Semblance skill unless he/she rests or is given proper medical attention like Glyph Healer. The second, however, is more dangerous. The person will slowly go "beserk" and will start attacking anyone and anything regardless of enemy, ally or GRIMM alike. Said individual will continue to be in the "Glyph Reaper" state until is knocked out or the body can't keep up anymore...even to a point of "death" itself. The individual can dispel the Semblance before the 1 minute mark but during battle, keeping track of your time limit can be troublesome for certain individuals. Even more so since just like any semblance, it will exaust you temporarily if it's dispelled close to the 1 minute mark.

Because of how creepy it makes her look and the greater dangers behind it, Rutilus hesitates when using it but does use it when the situation is dire enough for it.


Name: Setsuka

First Form: Sword - It's pretty much a simple looking sword in this form. Light and can be held with one hand. There's a trigger on the grip though that changes the weapon to it's second form.

Second Form: Sniper - The blade itself seems to split open right down the middle to reveal a gun barrel with a grip below to hold it with your other hand. THe grip of the sword itself slightly bends to be better held like a sniper rifle. Semi-auto, it then is able to load 6 bullet clips below near the trigger. It can fire standard, pointed and DUST filled rounds. To turn it back to sword mode, the user just has to snap the grip back into a straight position to simply return it to sword. If there is a clip still in the chamber, it'll fall out before the transforming begins.

History: Although Rutilus made the weapon and maintained it, Indigo helped her out with designing this weapon. Rutilus wanted a weapon with a simple close range option like a sword combined with a punch of a sniper rifle but had some trouble understanding how to do so with a transformation mechanic. That's where Indigo helped out and then, this weapon was made.

* * * * * * * * * *

Well here's the sister. Though Vert also made me realized that certain parts where I say "fonist" I just realized it's spelled "Faunus" -____________-' whoops. If I have to, I'll edit those parts here since I'm posting this way late and I'm tired. May have to look at Indigo's profile for that typo.


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Rutilus "Jill" Twilight Empty Re: Rutilus "Jill" Twilight

Post by Requiem on Wed May 06, 2015 10:01 pm

Eeeeh, the Faunus typos are fine, man. No big deal and all.

Aaaaaanywho, I don't see much wrong with the profile, soooo...

Accepted and moved~.

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