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Lance "Yahtzee" Beauregard

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Lance "Yahtzee" Beauregard Empty Lance "Yahtzee" Beauregard

Post by Yahtzee on Tue May 19, 2015 5:21 pm


Name: Lance "Yahtzee" Beauregard

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol: Two crossed arms with blazing fists, set into a circular background of a white-to-black vertical gradient.

Student Year: 4th-Year


Lance is a physically fit 20-year-old male. He is about 6'2", with tannish skin and brown hair in a combover (because why not). He has grey/green/blue (intermixed throughout) eyes. When dressing casual, he is most often seen in a white polo t-shirt with dark khaki cargo shorts, above-ankle black socks, and white-and-grey sneakers. He has a chain that is attached to his front right side and back right side that has clips for his two gauntlets, and normally keeps fabric wrap in the cargo pockets just in case. He also keeps a flask of whiskey in his left pocket at all times.

When dressing for direct combat missions, Lance wears a combat armor that's made of light plastic materials underlain with kevlar to protect against small arms and minor cuts, as well as elbow guards that are cushioned to allow for easier elbow attacks. He wears heavy steel-toed combat boots and thick plastic shinguards with built-in kneeguards (also cushioned), but other than this wears his regular clothing, and still has both the chain for his gauntlets and the flask of whiskey.


(Please note that this is THE crappiest history I've ever written in my life.)

Lance was born the son of an MMA fighter and former Hunter. He shared the Semblance that had been passed down through multiple generations, and was taught in its use by his father from the very beginning. He was put on the path of a Hunter by his father, who was retired after a debilitating injury. After his initial combat training and Semblance practice, Lance was sent to Signal Academy to begin his beginner's training and then, finally, to Beacon Academy. He then spent 3 years there, working on his skills and practicing almost nonstop. During this time he also balanced being a frequent drinker and an avid troublemaker, which gained him quite a few skills that he wouldn't have had otherwise.


Lance is a jovial and cheerful kind of guy, with a friendly outlook. This is offset by his tendency to make jokes about people and generally piss people off, and to many people his mere presence is enough to make them want to kill him. He is also (most often) sticking close to his flask, which makes him even more annoying in its own way.

He takes almost every threat, no matter how obviously a joke it is, seriously, and is not afraid to start a brawl out of the blue if he sees fit.

Lance is another person during combat, however. Even if he’s drunk out of his mind, combat brings out a wholly different person. When in a fight of any kind, Lance becomes extravagant, executing acrobatics and doing over-the-top stunts simply because he can. He enjoys the heat of battle and craves combat, seeing it as a form of expression, a way to release his anger, and a stress-reliever. This gives heavily to his extreme cockiness, serving to get him into plenty of trouble just about wherever he goes.


+ (x ∞) Alcohol Tolerance: A life of heavy alcohol consumption has bestowed unto Lance an almost supernatural resistance to the liquid. Despite being unable to get a true buzz off of even some of the strongest of liquors, he has acquired a taste for many of the different kinds, and now drinks purely for the enjoyment of the flavor. This also allows him to observe his friends without having to be UTI himself.

+ + + Semblance Strength: Lance's Semblance is comparatively much stronger and less demanding than it is for others, and he can use it to a much greater degree. Because of its versatility, (speed increases, movement redirection, kinetic energy blasts, etc) Lance is a frightening opponent when he's at full strength.

+ + Superior Physical Traits: Lance spends the majority of his free time doing one of two things: Exercising or drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The former has given him extremely toned upper and lower body strength, as well as a higher amount of stamina and endurance as compared to others.

+ + Combat Knowledge: Training under his father has given Lance knowledge of many forms of combat, from karate to kickboxing.

+ Cockiness: Lance never shies away from a battle, and will fight to his very last breath because he literally fears nothing. This allows him to face up to (and, most often, overcome) larger enemies that others wouldn't even spit at.


- - - - Dust Inability: Lance, unlike other Huntsman/Huntresses, cannot resonate with Dust. He cannot use it himself or even utilize it in weaponry, otherwise he would risk rejection, which most often results in some kind of explosion. While firearms Dust doesn't require Auras like the more direct version, he has taken to avoiding reliance on it and thus never actually uses it. He has even taken out Dust capabilities from his current weaponry.

- - Lack of Ranged Weaponry: Except for his Semblance, Lance has no ranged weaponry. Although he doesn't like ranged weaponry in the first place, this is still a weakness in some instances.

- - Cockiness: Both a strength and a weakness (will be listed as both), Lance is extremely headstrong. He believes himself to be the best fighter at the school. He will fight battles that he has no way of winning and rarely asks for help, choosing to do everything himself.

- - Alcohol Reliance: Despite him being extremely tolerant to it, Lance's body has built up a reliance on liquor. If he goes for long enough without it, the withdrawal symptoms may actually force his liver to fail; basically, without liquor, he may die.


Lance's ability is, quite simply, the ability to create and manipulate kinetic energy. This ability allows him to create concussive blasts of energy, create pressure on objects to effectively crush them, redirect the direction of the movement of his body or things touching his body, amplify physical impacts to increase their damage and impact, such as (but not limited to) turning a straight rib shot into a bone-shattering punch, creating a kinetic impact wave by punching the ground, etc. This ability actually requires little effort, due in part to his Aura focusing on his Semblance instead of his nonexistent Dust capabilities, but can become demanding the longer the fight continues.

This ability is activated by movement, and requires him to make actual physical gestures to activate. This means that, if he is somehow subdued, (held in place, tied up, etc.) then he can't use it. However, he can use any of his major limbs (even his head, in some cases) to activate it, so it would be hard to completely subdue him.


Name: Steel Gauntlets of Super Duper Kickassery

First Form: "The ultimate super-duper kickass form."

Lance's weapon of choice is a pair of steel-forged, chrome-plated, three-spiked gauntlets (the spikes are set in between his top knuckles). The gauntlets are plated, formed out of multiple pieces that are the arm-guards (cylinder of chrome-plated steel that extends over his wrists and slightly over his hand), hand piece (piece of metal that encompasses his hand and the spaces between his thumb and top fingers), and cushioning (distressed leather that is placed underneath all of the gauntlets and acts as the cushioning; fingers are plated with pointed plating that is separated into 3 pieces each). The finger points are sharpened into blades as well.

To keep his fists safe and sound, Lance most often wraps his hands in thick, soft white fabric, halfway down to his elbows. The fabric sits under his gauntlets and beneath the leather cushioning to keep him from getting too beaten up.

History: Bought at a store in his 1st year, but modified quite a bit throughout his years. Ta-da.

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Lance "Yahtzee" Beauregard Empty Re: Lance "Yahtzee" Beauregard

Post by Paige weaver on Sun May 24, 2015 5:21 pm

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