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Catharine Leblanc ||| The Elemental Rider

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Catharine Leblanc ||| The Elemental Rider Empty Catharine Leblanc ||| The Elemental Rider

Post by Requiem on Sat May 30, 2015 4:46 pm

"I intend to find out everything about my past, and why it happened... Before I do that, though, I have to remake old ties with family members..."


Name: Catharine “Capric” Leblanc

Age: Twenty Years of Age; Born on the fifteenth day of the first month.

Gender: Female

Species: Alpine Ibex Faunus (Has a pair of curved horns that begin above her ears and near her temples.)

Call Sign/Symbol: A tribal version of the animal representation image of Capricorn. Its horns appear to be larger and longer, and its tail is much thinner, with only a single tuft of fur depicted to be at the end of it, making it seem like it has a sort of tail that demons are pictured to have. Its eye would be visible, though would be narrowed and of a single, bold coloring. The outline of its mouth would be seen, and it would be slightly parted, revealing its teeth, which are actually somewhat sharp; an abnormal quality for a caprine animal. Should one look closely, they would see that it tugs upwards in a subtle, yet chillingly crooked smile.

Occupation(s)/Student Year: Professional/Hobbyist Skater, Professional/Hobbyist Weaponsmith, Professional/Hobbyist Dancer (Most genres), Beacon Fourth-Year

Spoiler tagged to save space:
A rather slim girl at an above-average height for a woman of her primary ethnicity (French), as she stands at roughly five foot six and weighs roughly one hundred and twenty-one pounds. Her skin is a lightish cross between a sort of cream and beige coloring, while her hair is such a light, faded blonde coloring that it seems more like a platinum blonde. It has subtle streaks of lavender highlights striking across the fringes of her bangs, which shroud slightly over her eyes- both of which are a somewhat bold hue of violet. When let down, her hair reaches the bottom of her shoulderblades, but she ties it up into a ponytail on occasion. Being a Faunus, she has horns that begin above her ears and around the temples; both of which heavily resemble her animal, the Alpine Ibex.

Catharine’s attire is rather fashionable for the most part, displaying both a feminine and a slightly tomboyish way of dressing. For starters, she tends to wear a simple, white tank top as a first layer, with a lavender and graphic shortsleeve shirt over it. Alongside this, she will have a final layer of upper body wear over it; the aforementioned layer being a collared and shortsleeved croptop hoodie of a black coloring. To allow her inner shirt to be seen to some degree on her arms, the sleeves on her hoodie are just the slightest bit shorter than her inner shirt. This third layer of her clothing has both internal and external pockets; the external ones being located around the breast. They’re zippered, and are also decorated with a collage of buttons and badges. The way that her shirts are layered cause all of her shirts to be visible while overlapping one another.

Upon the lower body, she’ll often wear a pair of jeans which are faded and somewhat torn- primarily around the knees and lower thighs. The bottom cuffs of her pants would be hidden beneath a pair of black combat boots, while the jeans themselves often take a coloring of black, dark/navy blue, or grey, but could also be seen in other fitting colors on occasion. Chains could be seen hooking around her left hip, clipped first on one of the front belt loops of her jeans and clipping onto another loop near the back. She has three separate chains that she wears like this; each of them of differing lengths, though the longest doesn’t go past her knee.

The accessory part of her wardrobe is somewhat hefty. She always wears a black buckled beret atop her head, which is positioned so that her horns are somewhat shrouded over but are still able to be fully seen. Alongside this, she has an infinity scarf of a rather deepened hue of purple that she wears around her neck, and fashions it so that it always has at least two layers when worn. Across her forearms, one would find arm warmers/sleeves that she wears, which double up as fingerless gloves. Either one is a base color of black, with stripes of lavender striking across their designs.

To aid her with her Semblance, all of her clothing is threaded with varying Dust types, be it the standard Dust types or more advanced combinations. Alongside this, she tends to keep both processed Dusts and raw Dust crystals on her for the same reason.

The crystals can be seen all throughout her clothing, but are discreet and subtle, and wouldn’t be seen as what they truly are unless a closer look was taken. Much how like fashion designers outline some types of clothing with jewels and beads, Catharine does the same with her clothing. What seem to be jewels strewn throughout the majority of her clothing will actually be raw Dust crystals, and will be of varying elements.

Spoiler tagged to save space:
Born on January fifteenth to a duo of Beacon graduates/freelancers by the names of Leon Leblanc and Fiona Azuryn, and was the eldest sibling of a trio of three. Both of her siblings were of differing genders; her brother, who was the youngest of the three, was named Tauren Leblanc, while her sister was named Libra Leblanc, and was roughly four years younger than Catharine herself, and was two years older than Tauren. Although the family had relatives that spanned across other Kingdoms, they made their primary home in Vacuo, where both their mother and father were native from.

From a young age, Catharine willingly went through many training sessions regarding combat tactics and sparring matches, and actually accompanied her parents from a safe distance whenever they went on missions, alongside her siblings. Often times, the group would move all throughout Vacuo, taking on tasks and missions that they were given for a set amount of Lien. Due to both Leon’s and Fiona’s skill within their fields, they proved each and every mission they took on to be a breeze, and, thus, the cash flow was rather smooth and immense. The fact that they had rather wealthy, family-related connections only amplified their leisure.

Said connections drew to both the Kingdoms of Vale and Phaenin, with Phaenin being a much smaller area. During their free time, both Leon and Fiona brought their children to visit their siblings and their own families, and, thus, numerous trips to both Vale and Phaenin were taken to see how the others were doing. As a result, their children, alongside their siblings’ children, held a rather tight-knit bond with one another, and would be beyond ecstatic every time that they visited. Whenever they met up, the parents would catch up, while the kids would have had a grand time while playing and joking around.

During the time that they were visiting Vale, rumor had been going around about a certain faction called the Band of Evolution. Discussion regarding the group went on throughout both the children and parents of the family, thought was soon dismissed as the subject shifted, eventually drawing over to focus on the graduation plans of two of the kids born to the family as a whole, as they had just completed their studies at Beacon Academy. After coming up to the conclusion that they would meet up a few months down the line while their parents took them and their other siblings on a trip for a week or so, the three families dispersed. The family that ran the kingdom of Phaenin returned back to their place, while Catharine’s family remained in Vale at another vacation home they had purchased some time before for a few days more before planning to return to Vacuo.

When they were preparing to leave, word regarding the sudden sabotage and crashing of numerous airships struck all throughout Vale. The shock rattled the family at first, though that was merely a small fraction of the surprise and fear that they experienced. On the news report that they watched, the news people had given a list of the shuttles that had crashed, and, much to the family’s immediate concern, they recognized the airship that their relatives mentioned they would be taking. After getting the attention of one of their closer friends and neighbors, Leon and Fiona left them in their care before leaving and making their way to the scene of the crashes.

Hours had passed, and they never returned.

Of course, after the prolonged amount of time, the three kids did begin to grow paranoid and antsy, though kept as calm as they could possibly be. Eventually, Leon arrived back at the house near the darker portion of dusk, seeming much more frantic and shocked than he normally did. Without giving much a word to his children, he quickly pulled the neighbor that had been watching his offspring to the back portion of the house and near the kitchen to talk to him. Catharine and her siblings followed close behind and eavesdropped, though couldn’t quite make out that much from their conversation- and what they did, they didn’t really understand, given the age they were at.

What had happened was that both Leon and Fiona had discovered that the source of the crashes was the very Band of Evolution that they were talking about with their fellow friends and family members days prior. They managed to find some of the members hauling some of the injured and deceased away.

Fiona spotted her elder brother, Dracul Azuryn, being hauled away by what seemed to be paramedics. However, they were carrying him, alongside many other bodies, to a different area than where the medical airships were stationed. This rubbed her the wrong way, and, thus, she had quickly followed after them and begun to interrogate them. Soon after she did so, she was ambushed by a couple of Evolutionary soldiers and stealth fighters that had been lurking about. For a short amount of time, she managed to defend herself, and Leon did come to her aid. When they turned tail and began to head off to find the authorities, however, one of the stealth fighters lunged out and managed to strike Fiona down. Leon noticed and was in the process of turning around to help his wife, but, by the time he had fully turned around and took a single step back to her, he found himself met with the image of the soldiers holding her down and shooting her through the head with one of their rifles, killing her on the spot.

Afterwards, Leon himself had managed to escape, though, of course, held a heavy shroud of misery and shock lingering upon his mind all the while. Once he explained everything to his neighbor, he made it clear that he would be moving off to the coast/shoreline with his kids out of caution, due to the fact that their home was relatively close to the sites of the accidents.

And, thus, Leon relocated with his children, who, for a pretty long while, kept pushing and asking about what happened to their mother. He brushed them off as best as he could, and, eventually, both he and his children simply yet reluctantly continued on with their lives, moving back to Vacuo. This went on for the next two years as Catharine and her siblings both officially began and continued on with their studies at a combat school in Vacuo. Two years of this would pass before Leon received a call from a hospital in Vale. Needless to say, he was shocked when he found out where the call came from, but was even more shocked to find out the reason as to why he, alongside his family in Phaenin, he found out, was called.

There was one lone survivor belonging to their family from the airship incidents in the years prior: a young boy by the name of Corvou Dracul Azuryn. According to the doctor that had called Leon, he had been within a coma for the past two years, and had just woken up and needed to have various scenarios and things worked up in his regard. With minor hesitation and some stress, Leon made the decision to put his children under the care of a close friend yet again before making his way to Vale.

By that time, Catharine had begun to build her more intellectual and observant nature, and, thus, was able to catch on pretty quickly onto what her father was saying when he explained the situation, despite the fact that she was still somewhat young. Upon hearing that there was a survivor from the crash between her family, she vigorously insisted that she come along with Leon, though, in the end, was still forced to stay behind while her father left.

The years passed yet again after that incident. Leon ended up staying primarily in Vale to watch after Corvou, though wasn’t actually there a lot of time due to work. Catharine and her siblings received occasional visits from their father much like Corvou did in order for them to catch up and see how each kingdom-split part of the family was holding up, but each visit was rather short before Leo had to head off once more.

When Catharine was roughly thirteen years of age, she and her siblings were brought back to Vale, where they would have made their new and official home in the same vacation house that her mother and father had purchased years ago. Her father’s reasoning was that Catharine’s cousin couldn’t have been left alone even though he had moved to dorm at another school, and, due to their relatives’ business in running Phaenin, this was necessary for him. Truth be told, Catharine didn’t mind much. What she did mind was the fact that she couldn’t even see Corvou and catch up with him throughout the years. She still met up with her cousin from Phaenin – a boy by the name of Dante Phaenin, who was only two years younger than she – and asked him constantly if he had seen any trace of their third cousin and older cousin, though he always gave the same reply.

He hadn’t.

For a short duration of time, Catharine simply let herself go and focused fully on her studies, ignoring the matter at hand regarding the survivor that was her cousin. Despite the lingering and gnawing curiosity and concern that burned in her mind, she effortlessly graduated from Signal, earning top marks and coming out at the top of her classes from the year that she moved to Vale and on. Eventually, she began looking up on information about Beacon Academy. She applied, mostly to continue her studies, though also did it for another reason.

While looking through the yearbooks, she couldn’t help but take note of the pictures that oddly resembled the young boy that she and Dante had bonded with as children. The resemblance was faint due to the magic of aging, though it was still there.

Most of her motivation for attending the Academy was mostly as a tribute to take after her mother and to increase her skill, but, after looking throughout the yearbooks a bit more, she made it a more minor and personal goal to try and find her long-lost cousin.

She called Dante to inform him of her discovery before heading off to Beacon. Due to differing years and the fact that the school was vast, she rarely ever saw Corvou- and the times that she did weren’t long enough for her to approach him and talk to him.

…Things just may change, though.

Personality: Right off the bat, Catharine tends to come off as the type who is cold and calculating at first. In the eyes of both teachers and fellow students alike, she’s rather infamous for putting up a relentless and intellectual front. Towards those that she knows little to nothing about or sees as acquaintances, she’s known to be rather challenging and wouldn’t hesitate to call someone out for something that he or she was iffy or wrong about- and would more than likely back herself up as best as she could with a frightening and intimidating sense of calmness, and, at times, aggression. Safe to say, she takes little to no insults thrown at her, and wouldn’t hesitate to thrash a person if she were annoyed to a certain degree. Because of this, people tend to either try to stay on her good side or act on their best behavior when talking to her- with the exception of teachers, at least.

Unless a person were to severely enrage her, however, this first wall of her personality is easily passed. After a few conversations with her – or perhaps a bold and witty, good-humored remark – she’ll put her normal, calculating exterior to bay for the most part. In this stage, she’ll show a continued sense of calmness, though one that’s much more intense than the version that she puts up. She’ll begin to grow more casual in manners and wouldn’t mind talking and joking around a lot more than she normally would. At this point, her true, kind-hearted, sarcastic, and somewhat joking nature makes an appearance, and is actually quite pleasant. Due to the force of her more well-known way of acting, however, people often keep their distance from her before finding this out.

Once she manages to receive a person’s friend status, or vice versa, she stays loyal to the subject(s) at hand unless her trust was shattered. Rather than staying within her cold and commanding nature that she displays for others to see, she’ll act more lighthearted and happy around her companions, and wouldn’t hesitate to fight for their side of things if they were assaulted or needed aid. Should her trust be broken, however, she’ll have no thoughts about leaving those who betrayed her in the dust. Under some circumstances, she’d forgive, forget, and start anew, but tends to hold some sort of grudge against those who had wronged her while completely ignoring their existence.

Somewhat of a heavy drinker. She drinks for the fun of it most of the time, though does drink as a stress relief, as well. Has an extremely high tolerance that causes her to have the inability to be ‘buzzed’ until she consumes higher amounts of alcohol. As a result, she can handle liquids that are either one hundred percent of majority-portioned alcohol quite well.

+Lithe and agile.
+Strong leg muscles from the Alpine Ibex’s influence.
+Has an exceptional skill with her Semblance, as well as a high aura capacity.
+Has high skill with close/disarmed, bladed, and polearm combat.
+Normally lets nothing faze her; has a strong mentality.
+An internal strategist.
+A strong observer. Notices things much quicker than others.
+Her lung capacity is larger than most others, which increases her stamina.
+Augmented and exceptional strength from both personal and private training.

-Often pushes herself over the edge with her Semblance, which results in sores and headaches.
-Cocky. Her pride regarding her abilities both with and without a skateboard tend to blind her on occasion. (But she does know when she can’t handle a battle.)
-Secretive and keeps to herself about her problems. While she doesn’t let any others faze her, this fact tends to make herself her own, primary enemy.
-Her drinking habits may get a bit overwhelming.
-Has no legitimate ranged weaponry to counter some types of fighters.
-Her initial, cold nature tends to drive others away at first most of the time.
-When she isn’t drinking her troubles away, she often solves her problems privately, yet physically. In addition to her Semblance-related sores, she has other scars and bruises that she keeps hidden.
-Suffers from Sleep Paralysis. She prefers to sleep, but the shock and discomfort of the condition truly does frighten her, so she tends to sleep as little as she can. As a result, she’s often tired, though rarely lets it show/hides this fact.

Semblance: Elemental Drive ||| Catharine’s Semblance grants her the ability to manipulate Dust at will, regardless of whether it’s processed or in its raw, crystallized form. Of course, raw Dust provides a much stronger impact than processed Dust, though requires much higher skill and care to use. Because of the intense amounts of practice that she’s put into her Semblance mastery, however, she often has little to no problem with handling raw Dust to amplify her effects.

All in all, Catharine can use abilities to do a mass amount of things; from something simple as sending a blast of Dust-influenced aura to strike her foe, to creating a Dust-composed structure to serve as a temporary weapon. It’s safe to say that, the more powerful/lasting of an action that she pulls off, the more aura is drained from her being.

Due to immense amounts of training throughout the years, she’s capable of using her Semblance for perhaps about twenty-seven minutes without breaks, with the cooldown rate being equivalent to the amount of time that she uses it for. If she were to take her past her limits – which she normally does when training – then the cooldown would be increased by the amount of time that she went overdrive in.


Name: Midnight Dancer

First Form: A lightweight and metallic cross between a skateboard and a hoverboard. Its coloring is a base shade of a shining, glassy hue of a reflective lavender, and is designed so that the edges are a bit more jagged and layered, giving it a somewhat futuristic and flashy look in comparison to most other skateboards. Its wheels and axels are retractable and able to withstand compression, and, depending on whether it is in skateboard or hoverboard mode, they are capable of sliding into the bottom portions of the board itself. Regardless of whether one is looking at the bottom or the top of the board, he or she would see various, grid-like designs of multiple, overlapping colors, which are actually vast amounts of different types of Dust currents that course throughout the board itself. When in hoverboard mode, Midnight Dancer enables movement through its Dust and powered air currents which allow it to maintain its levitation-like state. It expels said currents in a smooth and virtually soundless manner, enabling a swift, efficient, and, at times, stealthy means of movement.

Second Form: Takes the form of a French Falchion. The majority of the board folds inwards, its metal compressing and flattening to compose both a blunt and sharp portion of the blade. While upon their axels, the front wheels slide down along a small, tower-like build that forms on either side of the blade, locking roughly three quarters of the way down its basic form until it reaches the other two wheels. When at this point, the wheels begin to shift about, forming a sort of handleguard. The remaining portion beneath it becomes the handle.

Of course, the Dust currents that were seen within the Primary Form as still evident, and the Dust that each one holds could be expelled through ports located in the center of the blade. When it switches from Primary to Secondary Form, a small, narrowed slit/gap is actually seen striking across the middle portion of Midnight Dancer. This is to emphasize strikes should a target be stabbed, and is also the area in which the Dust ports enable Dust to be released from. The Dust modes are controlled and triggered by the handleguard, which is rotational and sets to a specific Dust mode depending on how it’s turned/tilted.

Third Form: N/A

History: Crafted with the aid and initial skateboard blueprints of one of her other friends and cousins, Tyrrence Phaenin. As a result of sharing skating in general as a common interest, Tyrrence helped Catharine compose a new skateboard/hoverboard based off of his own, and this is why his board and Catharine’s board hold similar designs when in primary form. Catharine herself took the wheel when creating the more weapon-based aspects of Dancer.


Name: Heaven’s Judgment

First Form: A simple, lightweight, and metallic quarterstaff of a reflective black coloring. Its tips have larger structures in comparison to most other quarterstaffs to emphasize damage when a strike is landed, and one of the tips is somewhat longer and larger than the other. Thin Dust channels can also be seen throughout the entirety of the staff itself, overlapping one another in a grid-like pattern and joining together around either tip of the staff. Ports can be seen across the tips in order to allow Dust to be expelled accordingly and voluntarily with strikes. The end of Judgment with the smaller tip has a chain attached to it.

In this form, Heaven’s Judgment is roughly four and a half feet long. Its chains measure up to roughly four and a half feet long, though are layered and clipped a couple of times to prevent from dragging across the floor.

Second Form: Judgment expands outwards, gaining roughly a foot and a fourth lengthwise. In addition, the larger staff of the quarterstaff expands and unfolds, its metal stretching flat towards opposite sides to form a duo of short blades. The top of the weapon also expands in the same way, causing the weapon to gain another, final, and longer blade that extends vertically outwards alongside the rest of the polearm. The Dust channels within the Primary Form are still seen cycling all throughout the pole of the weapon, as well as the blade heads, and can be released voluntarily with each strike that she wishes.

In this form, Heaven’s Judgment shifts from a quarterstaff to a halberd-type weapon.

Third Form: N/A

History: Heaven’s Judgment was actually the first weapon that Catharine had acquired, and was crafted during her years in Signal Academy. It started out as a simple quarterstaff in general, though she gradually adjusted to what it is today throughout the previous years.


Name: Caprine Drive

First Form: Actually takes the form of an ordinary pair of women’s combat boots- the primary pair that Catharine wears, in fact. In this form, this is all they are. Either boot is composed within an outer layer of black layer, cuts off roughly halfway up the thigh, and is complete with the laces that kept it fastened to the according foot. The soles and heels of her boots give her maybe an inch and a half of height, though actually have several thin layers of a durable yet lightweight metal locked within. When within this form, however, they aren’t visible at all, and are simply kept within her boots.

Second Form: While still maintaining their general, boot-like figures, both parts of Caprine Drive open their soles the slightest bit, allowing the metallic plates locked within them to surface. When within this form, they would slide across the leather of both boots, layering the material in a couple of sheets of the metal, transforming them from ordinary, fashionable combat boots to padded, metal-toed boots that were, quite literally, boots designed for heavy and effective combat. Much like her clothing, Dust threads and channels are seen striking all throughout the metals, and seem to be able to empty through ports that outline the entirety of her soles by that point.

Third Form: N/A

History: The second set of weaponry that Catharine composed for herself. This was created during the time that she began to delve deeper within weaponry studies.

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I see nothing wrong here. Everything checks out!


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