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Fourth-Year Team Signups

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Fourth-Year Team Signups

Post by Requiem on Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:59 pm

Yep, dunno if anyone's gonna sneak a peak here, but I do still need to get my latest character, Catharine "Capric" Leblanc, into a team- and yeah, I realize that it may take a longer while since later-yeared characters aren't as common here. She was supposed to be in a set team with a few other members, but one of them left, so...I'm just pulling the signups here. If the other members who were gonna be in the team see this and still wouldn't mind being in the same team as her, just sign 'em up and I'll and 'em in.

I don't have any set rules for the character. They can be Faunus or human; have a dick-like personality or a nice one; or maybe even based off of the Starsigns, which is how Capric and another member was already going to be like. But, hey- whatever you guys wanna do. I don't mind much.


Team Name: (To be announced)


1 ||| Catharine "Capric" Leblanc (Myself)
2 |||
3 |||
4 |||

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Re: Fourth-Year Team Signups

Post by Purpose on Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:10 pm

Once i get sheepy's app up add her to the team

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