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Maurice Cradel, the Hateful Duelist

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Maurice Cradel, the Hateful Duelist

Post by bmanr1 on Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:30 pm


Name: Maurice Cradel

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Faunus (Dormouse)

Call Sign/Symbol: Sword in the Stone

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Works as Maid, First Year Student

Appearance: White hair. Her Faunus aspects are a Dormouse tail (Fuzzy and white. She moisturizes it so its extra fluffy) and Gold eyes.

History: Dormouses usually have small families, compared to other rodents. The same is for Dormouse Faunus. Her close knit family died, horrifically, at the hands of a malicious Grimm-based disease. She, and her youngest brother, were the only two that survived. As she raised him, properly, she swore vengeance upon the Grimm who destroyed her perfect life.

Personality: Vengeful, Overprotective. She's basically that 'older sister' figure who doesn't want you to use a knife larger than your hand. Unless its a weapon to defend yourself with. She's overprotective, but SENSIBLE. She also loves to study

+Refined nightvision (See Semblance)

-Self Control

Semblance: Refined Night-vision, In the night she can see better, and in different spectrums, than the average Faunus eye.


Name: Hatred and Discipline

First Form: Rapier and Shotgun. Both augmentable

Second Form: The Rapier splits in half, connected by an iron wire, becoming a mid-range weapon. The Shotgun's stock (Back part) opens, allowing the loading of up to three different types of Dust at once.

Third Form: The Rapier blade splits in half, connecting to the other side of the hilt. (Darth Maul style... With Iron Wire whips.) The Shotgun's length doubles, increasing its accuracy dramatically enough to 'buckshot' from the distance of a .50 caliber sniper.

History: Hatred and Discipline, the two things required for a successful revenge on swarms of foes. Just hatred results in your death. Just discipline results in complacency. A mix of the two, results in hell for your foes. As she designed her Rapier, Hatred, she realized this. To match it, she created Discipline, a shotgun.

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Re: Maurice Cradel, the Hateful Duelist

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:06 pm

Paige weaver
Paige weaver

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