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Kalligan Morri

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Kalligan Morri Empty Kalligan Morri

Post by bmanr1 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:34 pm


Name: Kalligan Morri

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Call Sign/Symbol: top-down CD

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): Year 1

Appearance: Most frequently seen with oversized headphones. Standing at 5'11'', she's the size of the average male. Usually she sticks to light green clothes that match her headphones. Her serious wear (involving her history), she will ditch the headphones, and wear deep purple dresses.

History: Born into a rich family of a mafia, she was the "Mafia Princess". She realized at age 11, when she decided to secretly follow her dad to "take your child to work day". Scarred by what she saw, she became shut-in, gaining privacy from her family. She was spoilt, even as a shut in, with 'dim-light' screens and a nearly unlimited access to anything on the internet. As long as it wasn't government owned, she could see it. She, later, became fascinated in Grimm, and decided that in order to study them better, she'd have to be capable of defending herself first.

So, she bought herself a custom weapon from an arms dealer her father knew, secretly, and ran away in the middle of the day (That's when they're busy, duh.), and arrived at the gates of Beacon academy. Whether they wanted to or not, she would FORCE them to oblige her.

Personality: Agressive, Curious, Insociable, Charismatic, Cultured, Streetsmart.

+Street Smarts

-Approachability (Basically only stupid or extremely kind characters have no qualms approaching her)

Semblance: "The World is Mine", she swirls her hands in the general direction of anything solid, so long as its the approximate size of a human, she opens a portal through, connecting those two locations. She can only have 2 portals, and only one per hand.


Name: "Ulysses"

First Form: Grenade launcher, shoots dust-rounds, will ricochet once before exploding, or 3 seconds after coming into contact with something.

Second Form: Buckler, straight up shield with dust powered engines to change mobility in air or on ground.

Third Form: Ion Cannon, "Ulysses, Sink them.", Once this verbal command is given, and only when, the Grenade launcher, or Buckler, will slide up to her shoulder, expanding out to twice its original size. Capable of firing a concentrated beam of dust strong enough to take out a skyscraper form above. *Note: highly illegal.

History: The Ulysses was a collaboration between her and her pen-pal, a weaponsmith working under her dad. She had declared to him, anonymously, that she had enough to pay for a handy weapon that would allow a physically unfit fighter to fight squarely with a large Grimm. After a year of collaboration, the design papers were finished, it took another two years to build it under the table, without being noticed.

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Kalligan Morri Empty Re: Kalligan Morri

Post by Paige weaver on Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:48 pm

approved and moved
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