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The Band of Evolution :: Part II :: A Masked Conflict [Signups]

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The Band of Evolution :: Part II :: A Masked Conflict [Signups]

Post by Requiem on Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:35 pm

I'm making this in a really, really bad rush, so sorry in advance if this seems a bit too hard to follow, or is a bit vague on details, or... Anything else. Question me about it later. This is serious.

This is about a friend of mine; a guy named Ryan Varryx. You may or may not have heard of him as some different name because he also goes by Thanatos, but...God, whatever.

He sort of disappeared a week or two ago. See, now that's actually normal, and most people wouldn't have to worry about that. This is different, though. Like...really different. The deal with Ryan is that he's actually apart of some organization that his parents built up from the ground up; a group called the Masked Revolution. Basically, they basically work all around the Kingdoms to help people, regardless of whether they're human or Faunus. Y'know, they're...hired vigilantes, I guess. Mercenaries for hire. Unspoken and-or discreet heroes. That sort of thing. I know about this because I discussed it with him a while ago, and was actually in the process of taking the entrance exams and tests to get into the organization with him.

The day I was gonna take my second test, though, things seemed really busy and stuff, so Ryan asked me to drop by later. So...I pushed it off. I waited a week, and then decided to try and give it another try. I ended up contacting him, but, when he didn't answer, I tried to contact his mother. ...And then some other staff members in the Revolution.

No answers at all.

Thinking about things, I assumed that there was just some huge mission or meeting that they were taking part in, so I didn't get too stressed about it just yet. A few days after that, though, I heard rumors going around all over Beacon and Vale alike. Word on the street was that the Band of Evolution found its way to one of the underground organizations and basically stripped the ranks down and down one by one. They apparently found the son of the remaining organization creator - because her husband apparently went MIA a little while beforehand - and took him in, too. This apparently happened a little under two weeks ago.

I'm not taking this shit as a coincidence. A day or so after hearing all of that, I managed to find out about some supposed suspicious activity going on near a district of abandoned warehouses and whatnot. Things have been iffy, and vague enough for the police not to take on a search just yet, but I'm not taking any chances. I normally work alone, and so I don't really know too many people here and there. anyone who sees this message and wouldn't mind helping out, please... Meet me by the Vytal coast, near the docks. I'll be waiting for anyone to arrive from 6:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M., and will probably be lingering around the perimeter of the warehouses there to do some scouting. After that timeframe, I'll be taking matters into my own hands, regardless if I'm alone or not.

Ryan's been out of the game for nearly half a month, now. Honestly, I'm worried as shit by this point. Again, if you don't mind lending a hand out to a worried little shit, then please try to stop by and help me out. I'll probably need all the help I can get.

~Angelo Jaehyun Arc


Alright, here we have the first part of the second chapter of the Band of Evolution chronicles I have going. This chapter revolves around my sadistic masochist: Ryan Matthew "Thanatos" Varryx. I've been pumped for all of the Evolution threads that I have to dish out, and have been especially pumped to get this one and the other side of Part II out into the open. I'll be releasing Evolution Threads and Signups in pairs, so you can expect two active Evolutionary threads to be out and in the open at a given time.

Here, we'll be venturing to the Vytal coasts for a rescue mission. Not just for Ryan's sake alone, but also for the sake of the staff members that create his little, personal organization.

...Maybe even a few other things, too~.

For sake of chronological order, the official Roleplaying thread for Masked Conflict will be released a little while after Reaper's thread, "Valkyrie," is finished.


By Default: Ryan Matthew "Thanatos" Varryx (Myself)
(Will be included when the thread has progressed far enough.)

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