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Truth or dare revenge of the fan. (event)

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Truth or dare revenge of the fan. (event)

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Jul 01, 2015 6:34 am

Misaki was in her dorm room a evil grin on her face she managed to trick some poor fools in to doing a game of truth or dare. She already knew what her first dare for pete was going to be she was going to watch him spin on the fan once again. Misaki would look over at a small table that she had stacked with some basic drinks that she "acquired" from eve just for this event

(ooc- first round every one post once then after that its free posting. second any and all mature content is to be FTB third please do not spam truths....)
Paige weaver

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Re: Truth or dare revenge of the fan. (event)

Post by Strategist14 on Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:07 am

Niles knocked twice, then let himself in. "This was to be the location, correct? I'm afraid I don't particularly know my way around yet. Definitely an... interesting... means of greeting newcomers, I'll admit."

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Re: Truth or dare revenge of the fan. (event)

Post by Requiem on Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:44 pm

Around that same general time, both Misaki and Niles more than likely would have been able to hear a rather loud fusion of screaming and complaining from down the hall- a mass of sounds that seemed to be growing louder and louder with each moment. Soon enough, another duo appeared by the opened doorway, perhaps a foot or so behind Niles himself. Should the others have been looking at them, they would have noticed a particular, white-haired Faunus, who was somehow in a headlock from a girl who was nearly a foot shorter than he was. Because of this, he was leaning over at a somewhat awkward and uncomfortable angle  as he yelled curses in protest and tried to bat the lass away.

"Goddammit, let me the fuck go, Catharine! I get enough of these people every fucking day; I just wanna get some time outta the fucking dorm for once!" he growled in a ridiculous and whine-like tone. The only notable reply that he got from his companion seemed to be a shrug and a snort as she dragged him forward.

At first, she looked over at Niles, giving him just the slightest apologetic glance before weaving both her figure and the boy's around him. "''Scuse us," she muttered casually before releasing the crossbreed. "It's a good bonding opportunity, Bai. Now go sit your ass down and bond."

For a few moments, the tiger merely glared at the girl for a few moments before growling and muttering under his breath. He sent a quick glance to the other people in the room, seeming to stare at Misaki for a few moments more before rubbing his face and walking over to his bed. "God, fuck me in the ass..."

"With the way you just looked at her just then, it may end up happening~..."

Immediately after hearing that, Baihu rubbed his face before taking one of the bottles laid on the table and chucked it at Catharine. Instead of being hit with it or having it shatter against the wall behind her, however, she simply leaned to the side a little bit, catching it in one of her hands before looking at it and smiling. Without a word, she just picked a spot on the ground, popping the bottle open and taking a sip from it while lounging and waiting for whoever else would show up.

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Re: Truth or dare revenge of the fan. (event)

Post by bmanr1 on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:06 am

"Just so you know I'm not 'of age' to hear that kind of profanity." Aio stated, as he climbed in the window (Height isn't a problem, usually), "Then again, I'm not of age for intercourse, either. Still do that." He stated, a coy grin on his face, as he took a seat on the nearest bed stand, "Also, what's in the drinks?", then, noticing Niles, "Oh hey! How'ya been?"

(ooc: Yes, Aio is EVERYWHERE. Freakin' Everywhere.)

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Re: Truth or dare revenge of the fan. (event)

Post by Sponsored content

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