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A Day to Forget [Team CHMP]

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Re: A Day to Forget [Team CHMP]

Post by Requiem on Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:29 pm

As the other two talked it out for the meantime, the tiger himself glanced towards the corner of his eye, placing his gaze upon Misaki as she became closer. Ears twitching, he allowed himself to observe her expression before sighing. "I know that you think this just screams 'bullshit' out the goddamned wazoo, but just play along with it," he spoke to her in a hushed tone, making sure to lower his voice down enough so that Pete and Skye wouldn't hear, but, at a same time, had it loud enough for the girl to hear him. "I know that you don't wanna fucking do this, and neither do I, but it's about damn time we at least try to start functioning like a fucking team. Give me a piece of your mind after this; just play along with it now, and I'll pay you back later, or something."

It was then that he leaned away from the fox next to him - as he had leaned over a bit in order to make it easier for her to hear him while he spoke to her - and heard the tail end of the other duo's conversation. Blinking, he narrowed his eyes as the faintest smirk tugged at his lips. He crossed his arms.

"Don't fucking question it. Naoto best Persona waifu," Bai said as his own response to the topic at hand. As per his normal look, it seemed as he were glaring between both Peter and Skye- but, this time, the difference was that the tenacity and pierce that he had within his eyes when he often looked at a person was toned down a significant amount as if he were actually amused with his team members for once. This fact simply implied that it wasn't a sense of hatred that was causing him to seem like he was glaring, but rather the ongoing, predatory look that the tiger itself influenced him with. "No more, no fucking less. Best. Waifu. In the series. Thus far."

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Re: A Day to Forget [Team CHMP]

Post by Paige weaver on Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:15 pm

Misaki would growl under her breath as she placed her hand with the shock glove on his lap and give him a quick zap. "how about be just stop this now and leave?"Misaki would hiss under her breath so pete/skye could not hear.

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Re: A Day to Forget [Team CHMP]

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:21 am

"Who is Naoto?!" "Play the damn game to find out, Skye, I'm sure either me or Bai can lend you our Vitas to play it, but, y'know, have to be careful with'em... Bai, are you willing to make that sacrifice?" ""Sacrifice"? I'm not It's not like I'm going to break it in half as soon as I touch it...." "Are you sure about that, Skye?..." "Ye-!.......... Yeah...." "I don't like the way you said that...." "Well I didn't like the way you said sacrifice. It's an even deal...." "Not if one of our Vitas gets broken or lost...."

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Re: A Day to Forget [Team CHMP]

Post by Sponsored content

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