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tojo hagimurra, the spirit walker

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tojo hagimurra, the spirit walker Empty tojo hagimurra, the spirit walker

Post by Tojo hagimurra on Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:32 pm


Name:  Tojo Hagimurra

Age: 15

Gender: male

Species: human

Call Sign/Symbol:  4 lines, stacked on one another

Occupation(s)/Student Year (If a student): 1st year student

Appearance: he is 5’11 and is light enough that he is silent, but heavy enough for his height, he has pure white hair that is about as long as jaunes hair, his eyes are white as well but have tints of gold in them. He wears a sweater when he is in class, along with cargo shorts that go down to his knees, his legs have cloth wrappings around them, his sweater has a hood and it is grey with red lining, and his cargo shorts are a dark beige. In combat he wears a light plate on his chest underneath a cloak he wears that has a forest green camo pattern but can adapt to any terrain and time of year, he wears no other armour other than the chest plate(which is not in sight) and a pair of gloves that are fingerless and go to his elbows, they have an armour on the palms. He also wears light shoes that minimize sound.

History: as a boy Tojo grew up in the area where it was common that there would be grimm presence. He lived with his 3 sisters and his father, his mother died long ago, his father was a huntsmen and his sisters where in beacon academy, they trained him in what skills that they had learned, such as techniques to get his enemies into holds where they cannot move or escape, they also trained him in sword handling and marksmanship, is close up hand to hand fighting style is the most effective skill he has, as well as mixing hand held weapons into the equation, making him even stronger, when it was his 7th birthday, the grimm attacked his town, slaughtering everyone, he was told to run and hide as his sisters and father protected their home. Tojo stood and watched  as his family was killed off by the grimm, each one of them he remembered clearly of the screams they made as the grimm took their lives, Tojo went into hiding for some time, but then was found by a survivor by the name of Sado, they were both just boys, they helped each other survive for the years and trained each other as best they could, naturally, when Tojo first met Sado, he was very unresponsive, having always been with his sister and their friends, he struggled talking to anybody else. It took some time, but he eventually opened up and became best friends with sado. They made their gear by themselves with items that they salvaged from the homes and police station, once they were old enough, Tojo and Sado both joined beacon, hoping to be together in a team. However, knowing that they may not be together in a team, Tojo was ready to tackle any problem that came his way, his hatred towards the grimm for what they did to his family keeping his will and might strong.

Personality: quiet, he talks very little, but will get into a conversation when he needs to, he is also respectful to his comrades and friends, and often easy to be around and talk to, however when it comes to a fight or a mission, he will go out of his way to win, no matter how much harm comes to him, his mind tells him to keep fighting until he cannot fight any more. Tojo also tends to drift into his own little world from time to time and stare at things or people that intrigue him.

Strengths: silent, combat effective, good listener, works well with females, strives to win, calm, follows orders well and is a team player, will attempt to win no matter what the odds are/

Weaknesses: finds it hard to open up to people he doesn’t know (an advantage towards females because he grew up with many of them), sometimes goes overboard in fights(breaks bones, causes bad injury, etc.), doesn’t ask for help and refuses it even when he needs it. People who do not respect him or his team make him pissed, often stares at people and doesn’t realize he’s doing it. Also moves slower while using his semblance.

Semblance: silence: Tojos cloak and along with everything he has on him turns invisible and untraceable, all you can see is a very, very slight outline of movement, but even that’s really hard to see, every movement Tojo makes is undetectable by the best ears out there, however, if he is hit, and he wasn’t able to block the attack, his semblance will be gone for about 3 min, he is also slower at moving in his semblance, but his reaction time to attacks stays the same, he uses this to get the jump on his enemies so he can have the advantage.


Name:  six

First Form:  two fingerless gloves that go to his elbows, on the palms and forearms there is a plate of weaved fibers that he made when he was in the wasteland, it’s the ability to block any attack directed at him so long as if he can react fast enough to catch/counter the attack, however, when facing multiple projectiles or fast strikes, he can only block the ones he can get to, so he will suffer damage either way, the plates are made of the same material as the plate on his chest, he uses this as his only certain line of defence, when fighting someone, the opponent usually can’t hit him for the first few minutes of hand to hand when he is not cloaked, unless if Tojo makes a mistake. From any angle though, they look like just a pair of normal gloves.

Second Form:  the gloves have a point in the wrist that takes dust crystals, kind of like loading shotgunshells, this gives Tojo the choice of using the crystals nature form to make his punches more effective, or using the energy of the crystal to form a dust weapon (sword, gun, exc. ) however these weapons only last a short time, like a few slashes and jabs, or blocks, or afew shots to an entire magazine, it varies on how much energy he has stored.

Third Form: pretty much beast mode, he uses the dust in his gloves to power up his hit that makes it more powerful in general, but if he is attacked and blocks it, when he counters it, it will deliver 2x the force of the attack received, and that applies to any attack, so if he is shot at, and blocks at least one of the shots, and he hits the enemy, it will be like getting shot for that guy, then followed by whatever attack Tojo decides. (this effect requires Tojo to be on his last legs of the fight or in the prescence of a huge threat, this effect does not require dust)

Tojo was given these gloves for his 5th birthday and was taught to fight with them with his sisters, once the grimm attacked and after he was found by Sado, he perfected them with dust and learned how to control the effects of the gloves, hefound out that when he blocked the attacks, depending on how heavy the attack was it would absorb all the impact and turn it into counter power he can use, however he still can be thrown on the ground by these attacks, it is just harder when he is in the mind state of combat, however he is still getting used to the gears power so he tends to make mistakes, one other reason why hes coming to beacon.
Tojo hagimurra
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