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Rima Tempest

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Rima Tempest Empty Rima Tempest

Post by TheFoxWithout on Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:52 pm


Name:Rima Tempest


Species and Gender: Faunus- Arctic Fox Female

Symbol: A heart encased within a block of ice

Occupation:First year student

Weight: 175lbs
Eyes: White-blue iris
Skin color: Alabaster
Face: A nearly symmetrical oval face, sharp eyes and waxed brows, with a small nose and thin lips.
Hair: Platinum hair is swept back behind her ears, going down to the small of her back, straight.
Physique: A fairly voluptuous frame, toned by exercise, cup size bordering on D
Combat Outfit: Stole made of "Artic Fox" tails, pale grey fitted pants, ice blue satin blouse with loose short sleeves. White lace gloves, white boots with small heels and a white belt slung around her hips.
Casual Outfit: Beacon female uniform with black over-the-knee socks.
Faunus Traits: A long and obviously well cared for white fox tail reaching down to her calves, as well as slitted pupils.

History:Rima was born to into a Faunus settlement in the Arctic North, the village small but close knit. She was the third child in her family, and rather pampered if one were to be honest, being the baby of the family. She grew up rather comfortably, spending much of her days helping her mother cleaning the house and keeping things fixed as her brothers and father worked. She was a bit spoiled all things considered, but it was a good life. She was able to lead a rather normal life for the first 10 years of her life.

Then disaster struck the settlement, the young faunus waking one night to the sounds of screams and howling, wood splintering as families were ripped from their homes. Outside of her bedroom window she could see pitch black creatures ripping through the town she had known for all her life, the shrill cries being cut short signalling the end of people she had grown up with. Seeing the devastation, the frightened girl rushed from her room, looking to find the safety of her mother, the women she had relied upon rushing her out of the house as they ran to escape the beasts. On the edge of town where various airships rushing evacuees on board, though from her home they looked miles away.

The memories of that night or little more than a blur, the pair of them ducking down alleyways and barely escaping with their lives as the creatures choose different prey, the mother and child racing to the safety of the airships. They had almost made it to the ships when timber from a crumbling building pinned Rima’s leg beneath it. She could remeber crying out in fear and panic, reaching as her mother stared back at her. In what seemed like hours she watched as her mother first looked at her, worry and concern painted upon her face. Then her eyes looked beyond Rima, to the creatures closing in behind, and see as those emotions changed to fear and panic, the women she had known would always protect her turning away and leaving her pinned there, easy prey for the oncoming horde, as she ran up the ramp of the airship.

It was then that Rima felt something within her seem to fall away, all the the fear and horror melting away, the world dissappearing as a whirl of white swirled around her, a cold seeping deep into her very being as a block of ice surronded her, encasing her even as she became numbed to the world. As later after later covered her, the creatures of Grimm continued in their rampage, destroying the place she he called home as this she had considered family left her to their whims.

The fox faunus wasn't sure how long she slept in that shell, but the next thing she had heard her been the sound of ice being slowly chipped away, the cracking growing louder and louder before the crew assigned to canvas the disaster area broke through her protective shell, drawing her out into a world she now knew to hold little compassion for those in it, her eyes now holding an icy gaze to them. For the next few years of her life, Rima was shuffled around from one foster care family to the next, some were nice, some were not, her rather visible faunus trait making the nots more common. She quickly was how most of the children in the homes were not family to be cared for, but investments to be used, people finding ways to get what they wanted. She decided early on that she would not be used, rather she would make those around her useful to her, learning early how to manipulate her roster homes through whatever means necessary.

Once she got old enough, she enrolled into Signal, making use of the various grants and scholarships available to the ‘lesser fortunate’, there finding herself in her element. Both making herself into the model student, as well as twisting her classmates around her fingers, Rima found herself rather enjoying the level of control she could exert in that setting. Making top scores in her class, the girl later enrolled into Beacon, ready to finish her training as a Hunter so she would never need rely on anyone ever again.

Personality:When not showing complete apathy, she almost always seems above whatever is going on, giving little attention to the opinions to the opinions of others. Inherently tends to give an air of confidence, finding pleasure in letting others around her know they are lesser before her. Has a bit of a sadistic side, and enjoys toying with her opponents when she can, thougb will try to quickly overpower them should they do anything resembling real damage.

Due to the early trauma of her childhood, Rima is almost incapable of believing others to be capable of truly caring for others. She believes at some level, everyone is looking out for themselves and when push comes to shove will turn on anyone to get what they want. As such she sees most people as simply a means to an end, and will rarely form anything deeper than a working relationship.

Rima is highly manipulative, doing her best to twist people to acting as she needs them to. Having played the game for a long time, she is adept at playing on people's emotions. She also seems to most teachers to be the model student, making it rather difficult for others to reveal her rather callous nature.


Dislikes: Unknown

Aura and Semblance:
Aura: Bright white, frost trailing her steps. Due to her highly semblance dependent fighting style, Rima has developed an above average aura.

Name: Chill
Type: Elemental
General description: Allows her to bring any waters temperature down to freezing, including the moisture in the air, as well as shape the form it takes. She can control the ice itself once formed, shaping it to the extent of her skills. For the moment, she is capable of only simple structures on the fly like walls, pillars, spikes, and other such creations, as well as simple projectiles as well as the various forms her weapon takes.
Visual effect: Flecks of snow start to appear around her.
Passive ability(x): The air around Rima is always atleast 10 degrees lower, increasing with agitation. Often the only indication in mood changes with Rima. It Also allows her to withstand intense cold without adverse effects.
Effective Range:50 feet

Combat Behavior:When fighting within melee range, Rima will often alter her weapon mid swing to keep her opponents off balance. When fighting at range, she will often use the wide spread nozzle to try to soak them in an attempt to freeze them, taxing their auras as they fight the effects. Once they are soaked, she will switch to the water laser, firing it in arcs to try and strike her target in sweeping lines. She often use her semblance to coat the battlefield in a layer of ice, creating difficult terrain for those fighting her, as well as barricading herself within walls of ice.

Her highly semblance dependent fighting style makes her seemed should the right take place in regions of extreme heat, like deserts or volcanic regions, as well as the ocean due to the lower freezing temperatures of salt water. If deprived of an easy source to pull from for her semblance, the need to use the moisture in the air severly decrease her ability to fight.


Name:Piercing Chill

Maker/Smith: Rima Tempest

Type: High Pressure Water Lance

Weapon Derivation: Lance/ High Pressure Water Cutter

Primary Form:The solid portion of the weapon is only about 2 1/2 feet long, with only the base of the lance. Past the flare of the Lance, the rest of it is hollow, with the casing being half inch plexiglass acting as a reserve of water dust. The front of the weapon has 2 nozzels. The first is a high pressure nozzle in the middle of the weapon, firing a stream of water that can pierce steel. The second shoots a more widespread water stream, allowing Rima to freeze it into any shape she desires. While this usually takes the form of a lance, she's been seen to make clubs, axes, picks, halbreds, and swords.

Secondary Form:A light blue Cylindrical case with a handle to carry it around.

Dust Functions: The whole system is dependent on a large supply of water dust, combined with her use of her semblance. Due to this specialization however, it is only vaible with water dust.


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Rima Tempest Empty Re: Rima Tempest

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:51 pm


If you need any help please message me anytime~
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