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Eos Flamma

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Eos Flamma Empty Eos Flamma

Post by Miss Heny on Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:43 pm

Name: Eos Flamma
Gender: Female
Race: Cockatrice Fauna
Age: 18
Eye color: golden hues of brown.
Hair color: Brown with blonde highlights from bleaching.
height: 5'1
Grade: First year
Appearance: Petite and lithe, she isn't that curves and more often then not mistaken as someone much younger then she is. Her skin is a palish tan, with wings of a twelvefoot wing span they are of a odd combination of feathers and bat like. Her tail is like a dragon but with feathers at the base attaching to her back. She commonly wears modest clothing, while she does wear taken tops it normally of the male style. Also shs commonly wears head scarves or turbans.
Personality: Stubborn, somewhat hot headed and hard to budge but she has a tender heart and a natural kindness she shows to those who get past her walls.
history:  Born in a small city her childhood was always on the move, moving for work or jobs her family never exactly settled down. For that reason she struggle to develop simple relationships or even a basic friendship in fear of loosing them once they move. Her trust issues developed worse after when a friend whom she trusted betrayed her, allowing her to be force to grow up too quickly. Ever since then she lack trust in men, unable to come to full terms what happened to her that fateful night. Shortly acter her parents chose to move them to the country, gifted her weapon she spent her days protecting the herds and keeping busy. On one of those days a Beacon scout was near the way when she was spotted chasing off wolves with her weapon, afterwards she was ofter a chance that go to beacon.
Weapon appearance: A long staff like weapon the end is a sling while the othe end is almost a gun like barrel. It hollow in the middle with the two ends able to be removed from the middle second that can be loaded with fire dust and pebbles. It takes gravity action for the sling aspect to work while the barrel end has a form of button trigger.
Weapon history: Gifted to her as a child for the longest time she used it as a shepard stick to keep predators away.

Miss Heny

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Eos Flamma Empty Re: Eos Flamma

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:04 pm

Approved when you come up with a semblance run it by me first.

If you need any help please message me anytime~
Paige weaver
Paige weaver

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