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Starshine Kyland

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Starshine Kyland Empty Starshine Kyland

Post by MrBrough on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:41 pm

Name: Starshine Kyland
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 19
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black
Height:6; 3”
Grade: Second Year
Face claim:
His normal outfit is just the school uniform with the coat unbuttoned. His battle clothing is as follows

Personality: Starshine is best described as irritable, disagreeable and confident. Star is to put it kindly not the social sort, he actively avoids gatherings of people often complaining that their just noisy or not worth the hassle. He in fact will even deliberately lash out at people verbally to make them avoid him. On top of this is his almost insufferable cockyness that he would claim was just knowledge of his own abilities. Despite all this he still finds himself embroiled in almost every misadventure and gathering that finds itself coming his way. Always playing the reluctant hero he almost always will go out of his way to aid another in a bad situation, trying his best to play it off as his obligation as a superior individual. Oh and he’s kinda a lazy POS.

History: Star was the son of two hunters that when he was five where caught up in an unfortunate incident that cost them their lives. After that happened he was taken in by another family of hunters that were actually former teammates of his parents. So it was he became part of their family which consisted of I’m the two parents and a soft spoken girl a year younger than him. Despite his adoptive parents never pushing him into the profession, in fact they did the opposite, he soon found himself training as a hunter. As his school days progressed and his semblance manifested it became clear he was a natural born fighter, techniques and battle mastery coming to him easily. So it was with his practical skills and passing academics that he found himself easily accepted into beacon.

Semblance: Perception shift: Star can alter his own perception of time speeding up or slowing down. This allows him to see things in slow motion or quickly pass time. This does not actually change his physical speed or the speed of other objects, it merely allows her perception of things to change. To maintain this effect he has to keep his eyes open and if he closes them the effect is temporarily broken.

Weapon appearance: Star’s primary weapons are a sword and shield. and

Weapon history: These weapons were retrieved from his parents corpses and passed down to him.

Weapon description: The sword is infused with burn dust and can heat up and throw flames from a canister contained in the guard using a barrel that runs up the spine. The shield is bladed and as an automatic weapon with two barrels that fire in an alternating pattern

Secondary weapon: A chain that ranges between 5 to 20 feet long that's wheighted at both ends and has a handle in the center that can be used to extend and retract the chain, the control center can also be moved across the length of the chain. the ends of the chain have kenetic dust infusement as well as barbs that can turn it into a grappeling hook

Weapon history: Bought at a shop near beacon.

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Starshine Kyland Empty Re: Starshine Kyland

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:44 pm


If you need any help please message me anytime~
Paige weaver
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