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Meli Amant

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Meli Amant Empty Meli Amant

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:05 am


Name: Meli Amant

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Dove faunus (With wings)

Call sign/symbol: A red valentines heart with a single white angel wing coming from it's right side (Our left) and wrapping around it's front until it reaches the centre.

job/student year if your a student: First-year Bacon student, self proclaimed "Shiplord". Keyboardist for the Heartstones

Appearance: (Face claim: - Jibril - No game, No life) 5'6. 123 pounds. yellow eyes, blonde waist length hair left loose. Her right wing is crippled and noticeably smaller than her left by a few inches, it's also rather limp and doesn't move with the other one. Normal outfit: A pink t-shirt and white jeans under a white jacket with knee-high pink boots with heart shaped aglets. Combat outfit: A white long sleeved crop-top and pink blue short shorts with thigh-high boots.

History: Meli and her brother Mora were born as the younger of twins by five minutes to Athair and Moyo Amant, ex-hunters and now Co-CEOs of a music company called "Amant Records", Meli was considered their little princess for her whole life, for most of her early life she was completely normal for a girl of her wealth, but at the age 7 she got into a rather bad accident, she and her brother were out exploring the nearby forest, sneaking out while their parents were at work, it was fun and safe for a while, but eventually she got a bit too cocky, going to far from the city walls and getting the twins lost in the forest, unfortunately, an earthquake started when they were at the base of a mountain, it was not strong enough to cause anything more than a large rock to be unwedged, however this was enough, it hit poor Meli and pinned her underneath it by her right wing, her brother refused to leave her side and called their parents, knowing the consequences, Meli was in great pain and needed their parents help before something worse than a rock found them. It took them half an hour to find them, at which point Meli was unconscious from the pain worrying everyone involved, it took another hour to get her to a hospital, it was considered a miracle that she wasn't in worse condition. In the hospital she was in a coma for 3 days, when she woke up everyone in her family was relieved beyond relief, but she paid the price for her life with her wing being broken beyond healing, Meli and Mora were both disapointed by this, but glad she was still alive. After the incident Meli and Mora started to want to get into the music buisness like their parents, Meli practiced the piano while her brother used the electric guitar, they got some friends from school, named Louise "Lou" Prout on bass and Ferris Fine on drums, and their parents were all for the idea and helped them along their way until they thought they were good enough. At the age of 12 they were finally allowed to test their skills for real and record their own song, it went over well and convinced their parents to record a whole album under the name "The Heartstones", it went over even better and they got big fast, they went on their first tour at 13 and it was all up from their, however their parents pressured them to work on their fighting skills so they didn't get hurt by Grimm between cities, a bodygaurd or two helps with stalkers and haters, but Grimm weren't so easy, so using they're connections they got the best fighting tutors to get their children good enough for Beacon academy, after a few years of recording, training, touring and sparring, they got into Beacon easily with their parents connections and training. This is the start of her story (And her brother's too).

Personality: Kind and loving, though kind of ditzy. Meli can be a rather hard girl to understand, often talking about people as though they were her favourite characters in a TV show, often talking about how hard she "Ships" certain couples, she also likes to get into other people's love lives if they're single (Or someone pays her or just asks politely) often going so far as to stalk them just to find out what they like in a lover. Despite this she is extremely polite and will respect it if her "Prey" rejects her offers of help. Bi-sexual, prefers boys.

Strengths: Very persistent. Quick. Great singer. Good morale booster. Kind hearted. Lots of powerful connections. Smarter than she appears (Still a ditz, though).

Weaknesses: Kind of a ditz. sometimes she's WAY TOO persistent for her own good. Physically and emotionally fragile. Has a crippled right wing. Doesn't really like to fight human/faunus enemies (But will still do it if unavoidable)

Semblance: Cupid's Gift: Using her semblence she can control the pheromones of people in the area and herself,  she can use this to calm two people to stop a fight, anger them to start one, make two people lust for eachother, and more emotional control. She doesn't usually use anything other than the calming aura, but on occasion she uses other things, usually accidentally when she's angry or extremely scared.


Name: Eros

first Form: Eros' first comes in the form of a pink and white stylized compound bow that is essentially this bow with a different colour scheme: It has a handle to the side of it's string that, when pulled, transforms it into it's second form. It is powered by kinetic dust.

Second Form: Eros' second form is a two-handed sword made of an extremely lightweight alloy,

History: A gift from her mother, it was her weapon in Beacon and she wanted to turn it into a family heirloom, Meli cherishes this weapon greatly.

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