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Mizu Furutsu [AKA The Melon Witch (Yes I just did that)]

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Mizu Furutsu [AKA The Melon Witch (Yes I just did that)]

Post by Drae on Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:00 pm


Name: Mizu Furutsu

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Call sign/symbol: A large, half eaten watermelon

job/student year if your a student: First Year

Appearance: Mizu has bright red hair and bright lime green eyes, which more often than not cause people to immediately think of the very fruit she is often seen holding. Watermelon. She wears a pink witch’s hat and robe along with a silver necklace. On the necklace is a small golden Pentagram. A symbol of great religious value to Mizu as she aligns herself with the Wiccan religion (Google it). In her right hand she generally holds a decent-sized pink staff which has a plastic watermelon stuck on its end. To that effect, when the wand isn’t in her hands she is normally seen cradling a watermelon in her arms.

History: Mizu has a rather strange backstory. She was raised in a rather abandoned part of Vale where there were very few people. She was raised in a Wiccan household and as such was taught how to utilize her inner magick, which eventually led to the discovery of her semblance. By the time she had found her semblance, she had developed a strange fascination with fruit. Specifically watermelon. Her red hair and green eyes didn’t help draw away from the fact that with certain clothing on, she looked just like one.
One of the many things Mizu enjoyed growing up was anime. Lots and lots of anime. She would often spend weeks holed up in her room with a watermelon in her arms (courtesy of her semblance), and various anime flickering across the screen of her TV.
She never officially received any proper education in how to combat Grimm, but rather was taught by her parents, who themselves used to teach at Sanctum. By the time Mizu was 7 she had mastered her semblance, and had crafted her staff to commemorate the occasion.
After a particularly stressful day, Mizu realized that she would need far more than a staff for future training. As such she combined her knowledge of her semblance with her rather limited knowledge of weaponry in order to create her AppleGun, which runs completely off of the apples she creates using her aura, as well as any apples she feeds into it.
After much more training and several encounters with the Grimm around her home, Mizu had begun to show rather impressive interest in becoming a Huntress. As such when she was of age to be able to, she applied for Beacon under the impression that a 16 year old would be able to get in easily. While her semblance and battle style where a bit eccentric, she was accepted none-the-less. Now she goes through each day with hyper enthusiasm, and is often the cause of many an interesting situation.

Personality: Mizu is upbeat to the point of hyperactivity. She is extremely optimistic and tends to see far more of the good things than others might. She is extremely energetic and normally has a smile plastered onto her face, even if the situation is a bit *cough* Grimm. She tends to take a stab at whatever pun she finds, and is rather easily amused. However, she can turn into a complete bitch if the situation calls for it, and has a rather venomous tongue when put to use.

-Is extremely kind
-Knows a lot about herbs and plants
-Can control all the fruit in the world to do her bidding

-Can only control one type of fruit at a time
-Can be rather sensitive
-Sometimes gets a bit too excited

Semblance: The Fruits of War- Gives Mizu the ability to create and control any fruit she knows about. She is only able to control fruit which she creates. This ability uses Aura based on how much fruit she creates, and what species it is. The larger the fruit, the more Aura used to create it. However, she has a rather large Aura reservoir, and as such is the sole owner of the infamous Melon Storm technique. She is rather well known for having a strange ‘thing’ concerning watermelons, which she normally creates using this ability. The fruit created using her semblance will never rot.
Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Name: Melon Caster

first Form: MC takes the form of a large pink staff with a plastic watermelon on the ends. The staff is imbued with multiple Wiccan symbols and is able to allow her to focus her aura more efficiently.

History:Created from the branch of a tree that resides near her house. It was crafted by her parents for her when she left for Beacon, and she holds it very dearly.

Weapon 2: The AppleGun

First Form: The AppleGun takes the distinct form of a Minigun with an apple painted on its side. Its ammo intake is the exact fruit it is named after, and as such it can be fired until Mizu runs out of Aura… and considering the size of the average apple, she can fire it for almost 30 minutes.

History: Created as a failsafe to better fit the situations she would encounter at Beacon, this weapon is usually locked up underneath Mizu’s bed, and is seen only when she knows she will be having to fight.

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Re: Mizu Furutsu [AKA The Melon Witch (Yes I just did that)]

Post by Drae on Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:33 pm

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Re: Mizu Furutsu [AKA The Melon Witch (Yes I just did that)]

Post by Paige weaver on Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:08 pm

You need a timer on the semblance which i will add is stupid but i will allow it also it can not be eaten also her aura seams a bit to high i also want an exact time amount she can fire her weapon for.
Paige weaver
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Re: Mizu Furutsu [AKA The Melon Witch (Yes I just did that)]

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