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Amber rust.

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Amber rust. Empty Amber rust.

Post by Paige weaver on Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:02 pm


Name: Amber Rust

Age: 17

Gender: female

Species: human

Call sign/symbol: none

job/student year if you're a student: 1st year student

Amber weighs about 150 pounds and stands at 5'7" she wears the same cloths at the one in the picture with a small red heart tattoo under her right eye
She also wears a sheath for her sword at all times it is pointed so she pulls out her sword to the right. It is also strong across her back.

History: Amber grew up in the wrong side of the vale she grew up poor and with out any family fending fore her self going insane as she did do to her dog eat dog life style do to this she has a hard time adjusting to new people or situations. One day while she was listening to some people talk she heard of a school called Beacon so she went to apply but was denied do to her lack of fighting skill. So amber Predeceased to Lie and trick her way into the school scoring a fake transcript. This is where are story cont from.

Personality: Amber is crazy in the nicest of words in the meanest completely insane. She does have a weak spot for animales and Cute things at times but other wise likes to trick people or "Borrow things from them" To mess with them. Amber also likes to watch things catch fire or go boom. (Fun fact she has a mp3 with people screaming that she gos to bed to every night)

Strengths: Has a high pain tolerance.
Does not mind killing people at all.
Strong for her size.
Fast for her size.
Has a lot of street smarts.

Cant handle cute things at all.
Does not work well with others.
Not very smart.
Low aura.
No Real range attacks.

Semblance: Devils Inferno
Amber can make fire move around her as long as the fire was there before hand (Ex. If she lights a lighter she can move the fire growing it with the air and buring people.) Amber can make this fire go bigger or smaller as needed allowing her to make a flame cloak around her if needed.


The Crimson bane.

first Form:
(See picture) The TcB as Amber calls it is a rather large sword that when it hits a target makes a fire explosion where it hits it also can be used to make a fire storm by swinging it in the air. There is a small chain on the sword connected to Amber so it wont swing out of her hand if she loses the grin on it.

Second Form:
The blade shortens down into a dagger for easier carrying.

History: Made by Amber when she got into Beacon.
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