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Sicarius Puella

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Sicarius Puella Empty Sicarius Puella

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:57 pm


Name: Sicarius Puella ("Sic" for short)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Call sign/symbol:

job/student year if you're a student: First-year Beacon Student. Master Assassin.

Appearance: (Face claim - Assassin Yuki Nagato - Haruhi Suzumiya/Assassins Creed Fanart) 5'4. 110 pounds. Blueish-gray eyes, short gray hair. Extremely feminine to the point he looks like a girl. Normal outfit: A white cloak with a gray undershirt, a brown belt with a blue pouch often filled with letters, poisons and dust, brown short-shorts, black thigh socks and brown boots. Battle outfit: The same outfit with the armour that is depicted in the face claim, plus a plague mask that covers his whole face.

History: Born in Vale to a poor family as Filius Mitis, Sicarius was kidnapped at the meer age of half a year by a secretive organization known as the "Followers of Fractum", a cult of assassins that worshiped Fractum, the god of Shadows, Death and Hope. Sic was not the only child taken by the Followers, at the orders of their prophet and leader, a man known only under the alias of "Divinus Puella", to kidnap 4 children who would grow to be the perfect men in the eyes of Fractum and take them to a temple that worshipped Fractum,  there they would be trained as the ultimate killers to protect the innocent and punish the wicked of the surface world, each in a different way, the oldest, taken at the age of 2, the confident and strong Latronem, was trained to use the bloody style of the berserker, the second, taken at a year old, the tricksy, childish  Pellentesque was trained to be the ultimate sniper, cold, quiet and deadly, the third, only three months younger than Pellentesque, the talkative and friendly Mendax, was trained in the subtle style of bringing the highest men down by gossip and lies, Sicarius was trained in the unnoticeble style of the assassin. The four were treated surprisingly well by their father-figure and caretakers and were trained extremely well, though despite his claims, Pell isn't quite the greatest sniper on Remnant yet... By the time Sic reached 15 Latro could down a large village's worth of soldiers, Pell could shoot a fly at 5 miles without a scope and Dax could destroy a kingdom with a few well placed words, these feats were often bragged about to their lessers in the temple, which were often met with respect and praise, Sic however felt his great skills inadequete compared to his brothers, he could blend in to any crowd, but he felt it unworthy to Pell's ability to track him easily, Latro's ability to destroy the crowd with him in it or Dax' ability to get the intrigue needed to find him within a week, this gave Sic a rather big inferiority complex. On Sic's 17th birthday, his father, Divinus, told him in secret to go to Beacon if he felt so weak, it was his wish to have his youngest pupil feel better about himself and he felt the only way he could do this was to take him to the city of Vale. After a tearful goodbye to his brothers and well-wishings from his caretakers and lessers in the temple, he packed his bags and left to Vale with a fake transcript given to him by their father saying he was from the village of "Fractal Cave" and went to Fractum Academy. This is where our story begins...

Personality: Quiet, introverted and professional in most cases, though he can get quite stressed for numerous reasons. Has an inferiority complex, while he deals with it by keeping away from the spotlight rather than soak it up as much as he can like others with complexes, he still is extremely sensitive to critics. While he does not laugh often, he will often do it to extremely dark humour, especcially the "Bond One-liner", saying that it reminds him of his father's jokes and riddles.  Despite his quiet, dark and occasionally untrustworthy seeming behaviour, he is optimistic, kind and hopeful, preferring to think on the bright side of life.

Strengths: Highly trained in stealth, parkour, psychology and close-quarters combat. Knows a secret language shared between the Followers of Fractum known as "Fractal Code". (Known in our world as "Google Translated Latin") Extremely good at the Bond one-liner, though he'll say that his brothers' are infinitely better at them.

Weaknesses: Rather fragile. Is often mistaken for a girl, leading to awkward moments. Prefers to work alone. If called cute he'll get rather angry, if you keep insisting on it, he'll pretty much break down crying and mumbling "I'm not cute" over and over. Not good at socialization due to being raised by cultists. A rather big inferiority complex, making him sensitive to criticism.

Semblance: Dark Embrace: Using his semblance, Sic has control of the shadows themselves, he can move them like tentacles and grasp physical objects lying on surfaces, turn them into blades and even travel through them for limited amounts of time, the amount of time he has to control the shadows depends on the time of day, if it is dawn and the sun has only just risen, he would have about 10 minutes of control, if it was midday with the sun high in the sky, it would take about 2 and a half minutes to stop working, if it's midnight, he would be able to control it for a full hour. When the effect of the semblance wears off, it will always take about half an hour for it to be charged again, no matter the time of day.


Name: Fractum Blade

first Form: A small, wrist-mounted retractable knife designed for quick and silent kills, it comes out of an iron gauntlet hidden inside the sleeve of Sic's cloak with the words "De Morte In Vitam Venit" engraved on it.

History: Given to Sicarius during him and his brothers' training as a way to most effectively kill targets without causing too much attention.


Name: Fractum Dagger

first Form: A curved dagger made of reinforced iron, nothing is really special about this blade, but on the hilt the word "Fractum" is carved in.

History: Given to Sicarius when his father realized that he needed something more useable in a combat if he wanted to get into Beacon, after all, a hidden blade may be good against humans and faunus, but Grimm are a completely different story...

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