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Violet ruse

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Violet ruse Empty Violet ruse

Post by Paige weaver on Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:03 am


Name: Violet ruse

Age: 18

Gender: female


Call sign/symbol: none

job/student year if you're a student: 1st year/Assassin of the unjust

Clothes: Same as in pic wears them all the time but has a different pair that is black where it is white and white where it is black.
Violet weighs about 130 pounds and stands at 5'8".
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
skin color: pinkish White

History: Violet was born with out the ability to speak easily. Do to this she writes with a pen and paper and that is how she speaks. The town she was born in was Misty cove a small lake side town. When she was 6 she started her training learning slowly at first but picking it up quickly after the age of 9. Though out her years of training boys made fun of her giving her a fear of them afread that all guys make fun of her. As she grew up she became one of the best fighters in Mistycove mastering both ranged and close combat. Do to this the city paid her way to vale to fight Grimm. As a going away gift her teacher gave her the L.A.G.D.

Personality:Violet is fairly out going liking to talk to every one (Except most guys) Enjoying her time at school as much as possible. In combat she is quite and uses her semblance to trick enemy's or help allies. She is straite but do to her fear she has a hard time meeting any one. Violet has a bad sense of humor.

Good at both long range and close up combat
Has years of training
very smart
Very fast
Has a high aura amount

Low pain tolerance.
Cant talk to people easily.
scared of guys and can not work with them at all.
a bit cocky.

Semblance: Blind mans dream.
Violet can make light look like something else by manipulating it so she can make her self look like some one else or a tree or really anything. It is hard for her to make masses things do to how hard they are to do. Her semblance depending on the scale and time uses about 1% of her aura per 3 minutes


Name: L.A.G.D or Look And Gun Down

first Form: Is a white sniper rifle that holds a total of 5 rounds each having fire dust to make a explosion as needed.

Second Form: The gun turns into a spear that can not by fired but has a blade infused with lightning dust to shock her enemy's as needed

History:Given to her by her teacher in misty cove the name was not her idea

Misc: She holds a total of 100 rounds on her at all times.

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