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Deyukken "Orion" Ito

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Deyukken "Orion" Ito Empty Deyukken "Orion" Ito

Post by Requiem on Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:31 pm


Birthname: Deyukken “Deyu” Ito
Primary Alias: Orion “Rio” Ichijou ; Name used for previous school registrations, job applications, and normal conversation among other things such as normal purchases and whatnot.

Age: Twenty-seven years of age; born the seventh day of the first month.

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Call sign/symbol: (Two symbols for each calling as they follow)

As Deyukken: A fractured and shattered shield with what appears to be a sword piercing through it. A personal symbol of failure, breaking, and tragedy.

As Orion: A pair of forearms and fists crossed over each other in the shape of an X and are over a sword and shield. A personal symbol of the act of attacking and defending, as well as rejection.

job/student year if you're a student: Pro/hobbyist gamer, Huntsman, Beacon teacher’s assistant/substitute, hobbyist astronomer, diehard (closet) otaku, amateur hacker, assassin, thief. (Mind you that four of these occupations are only really revealed as Deyukken most of the time, which will definitely be a bit on the rare side here on the forum unless I get some plots up and running.)

Appearance: A man of an above-average height, standing at six foot three and weighing in at one hundred and seventy-nine pounds; slightly lightweight for his stature, yet not overly so to mark him as underweight. Much like his younger sister, he was born with eyes that are narrowed and are a bright, shining amber, while his hair is a natural, snowy white. His hair is somewhat long by male standards, able to nearly fully shroud over the right eye. Depending on the identity that he takes on, these two features of his will be a bit different. Under one name, he will have his natural features, while under the other, he will conceal his normal look with hair dyes and colored eye contacts.

Orion's Appearance:
{|||As Orion|||}
His natural eye color and hair color will be apparent. With the use of hair gel, he will maintain a really poofy hairstyle, with little portions of his hair actually covering his eyes as they verge upwards for the most part.

As Orion, his outfit is pretty simple. He will wear a button-up collared shirt as a first and only layer upon the torso, with a tie neatly fixed around the neck and underneath the collar. A pair of suspenders will be seen extending from the his belt, which will be fixed in a neat fashion underneath the waistband of his pants. Rather than slacks, he tends to wear denim jeans and dress shoes, which gives him more of a semi-casual look, rather than the formal one that most teachers are supposed to have. The color of his clothing tends to vary, though is normally monochromatic in the black and white gradient. (Excluding the tie.)

Deyukken's Appearance:
{|||As Deyukken|||}
As his true identity as Deyukken, little to no features of Orion will be apparent. For starters, his eyes will take a different color beneath colored contacts, shifting from a bright amber to a shocking, bloody red. His hair will have no gel in it though will still maintain its natural, non-emphasized poofiness, shrouding over both of his eyes equally. It will still have traces of white around the back of the head, but will gradually fade into black and then into red through hair dye as it curves forward and nears his bangs. His eye contacts are really taken for safety measures, but they are normally covered anyways by a mask that he wears. Much like his sister’s it high resembling of the sort of mask that a Grimm would have. It is meant to be a mask that covers the entirety of the face, though can be altered with the press of a button for the bottom half of the mask to retract upwards, revealing his mouth and cheekbones.

Rather than taking normal shades of a single color like how his clothing is as Orion, he will wear three strict colors as Deyukken: black, red, and white. On the upper body, he will wear a simple, graphic longsleeve. Over this, he will be wearing a simple, longsleeved track jersey. For the lower body, he will be wearing a simple pair of sweats with athletic shoes. His inner shirt will always be a dark red, while his jersey will be white with bright red designs cycling all around the arms and the back. His sweats will be your standard black with white stripes on the sides, and his shoes will be a base coloring of black, with red and white designs. To prevent his fingerprints from being left anywhere, he wears a pair of fingered gloves that actually cover the majority of his forearms.

In this form, he also purposely wounds himself before going out in order to allow his blood to leak out. Using his semblance, he manipulates the blood in several ways before crystallizing it, forming a pair of bright, slightly translucent wings branching out from his shoulderblades. This, alongside his mask – which is rather resembling of a bird – represents the Nevermore Grimm, much like how his sibling’s features under her true name resemble a Beowolf.

Spoiler tagged to save room:
Both Deyukken and Destiny were born on January seventh, albeit eight years apart. Their parents were a man by the name of Aaron Jason (Solis) Ito and a woman by the name of Edith (Naekyr) Ito. While their mother looked after them day by day as the years went by, Aaron was a graduated and seasoned Huntsman who worked as a doctor and scientist for nearby facilities. The man was somewhat of a sadistic masochist with a slightly heavy criminal record from his past, and his wife, alongside some of his other co-workers, knew that. After being convicted and serving his sentence, however, he was sent to rehabilitation in order to rebuild himself, and was released a while later. He met Edith some time after getting back on his feet and then their relationship grew with much understanding and little to no judgment. Their kids would find out about this little history of his later on in their lives through harsh reality. Until that reality came upon them, however, they would live for the most part as a pretty decent and happy family.

Deyukken was – and still is, actually – extremely protective over Destiny during the time that they were both schooling, even though nothing really happened to her as they attended different schools. He would always be there to welcome her home with open arms and a smile – as he exited school a little bit earlier than she did each day – and didn’t really mind helping her out with homework and just playing with her. Through this behavior that he held with his sibling, a rather tight bond was created between the two and would be easily noticed if one were to see them together.

Around the time that Destiny was eight years of age and Deyukken was sixteen – readying for his move from Sanctum to Beacon – would be the time that the mentioned reality would dawn upon them. One specific day, both Deyu and Destiny returned home at the same time, as the boy had hung around a general shopping complex around the area in which Destiny went to school for a while, coming over to pick her up once she got home. He walked her home while conversing with her, soon coming upon the front steps of their home and opening the door for her when they arrived. As soon as he had done so, they would see that his father was home from work for…reason, per say. Upon opening the door, sounds of screaming and laughing would be apparent to the two, and it would also be paired with the visual of the siblings’ father sitting at the dinner table nearby, clutching his head with tight hands. Next to him would be his wife and their mother, attempting to calm him down and trying to give him a sort of medication. This would be their first and only sight of a long-awaited mental breakdown that the man had been attempting to keep within for as long as possible. Earlier that day, he began to show signs of actions that strayed away from his normal demeanor, and his co-workers and boss insisted that he go home and rest, sending him away for the day. So, he left and, after spending time back at his house, things gradually began to get worse, leading to how they were at that current moment.

While slowly stepping in and making sure that his sister remained a few feet behind him as she, too, began to follow inwards, Deyukken called out and asked what was going on. Surprised and uneasy from their sudden arrival, Edith turned and looked over her shoulder and at the kids, beginning to form a reply. It would never be spoken, however; the words instead replaced by a sudden spat of blood as a figure suddenly formed from Aaron’s figure and impaled the woman without warning.

Using his semblance – which hadn’t been known by the kids up until that moment – Aaron had created a crystallized spire of his blood from his arm, curving it and impaling his spouse through the left side of the chest, striking through the heart dead-on. A short cry of pain from both people would be created – a cry released from Aaron due to the fact that the spire had pierced through the flesh – before it would be overwhelmed by mad amounts of loud laughter from the man as his bloodied limb retracted and Edith fell onto the floor within a shroud of her own blood.

The sight of this shocked the two upon seeing it. Both kids rushed toward the fallen woman with widened eyes, screaming for her to stay as she began to struggle with opening her eyes. After repeating these actions for a mere five to ten seconds, they would both be launched across the room as Aaron stood up, hitting them both with another, crystallized limb. Colliding into the wall in the next room over, the children began hacking a slight amount of blood out from the sheer amount of power from the impact. Breathing deeply, Deyu had forced himself to get up, instantly rushing over to Destiny and beginning to fret over her. While doing so, he noticed his father walking back over to him with a spine-chilling grin plastered across his lips. He also noticed that his neck seemed to be twitching a little bit, and that the same thing was happening with his hands and fingers. Stopping for a moment, he would lean forward a bit before launching himself forward. Deyukken would have shielded his sister as best as he could, taking the majority of the next hit that his father had landed while holding his sibling within his shadow and sliding across the clearing yet again. Shifting his weight the slightest bit, he turned himself so that he impacted with the wall yet again, while Destiny sat in between his legs and was clinging to his chest, crying while her brother spat out more blood from the two injuries he received. Painfully, the boy looked up in a weakened state, noticing how his father was nearing yet again.

This time around, Aaron actually walked up to the two and bent down close enough for there to have been less than half a foot of distance between him and his children. He looked between the two for a moment before narrowing his eyes, laughing yet again as his grin grew larger. Reaching outward, he grasped Destiny by the neck without a shroud of his normal being attached to him, ripping him from Deyu’s grasp with some effort. He lifted her up into the air and simply stared at her for a moment before lifting his other hand. Several smaller spikes of blood tore through his flesh and crystallized to create several small, blade-like objects along his hand and arm. Pulling his hand into a fist, he tightened his grip around the child’s throat before beginning to throw his other hand forward.

A second or two before his fist would have collided with Destiny, he suddenly stopped as a couple of sudden, sharp pains pieced through his being; first through the stomach and then through the right shoulder. Immediately as this impact was caused, he unclenched his fist and let go of his daughter, dropping her on the ground before hooking a hand around to his gut and trying not to move his shoulder too much. Standing proved to be too much of a hassle as he dropped to a knee, still holding his stomach while feeling himself bleeding out. A moment or two would pass before he looked up, noticing how his son had a couple of similar, crystallized limbs growing from his own figure; both of which were gradually reeling away from his father. Aaron would have looked over his shoulder with dulled eyes after looking at his kids, noticing Edith as she lay motionless afar. A couple of quiet breaths would escape his mouth as he slowly looked at his kids – which were still clearly shocked with fear – before muttering something and laying down slowly, eventually falling still.

Throughout the commotion, their neighbors were home and had called the authorities, and they arrived not too long after everything had ended. The police entered the home to find Deyukken holding Destiny tightly against him while she continued to cry, his gaze faint but locked onto the still body of his father. The scene was cleared and the kids were first brought to the hospital for necessary treatment before other matters were cleared up.

Skipping forward seven years, the two would be living on their own – though under different names. The year after the incident had occurred, the two lived with a lesser-known relative of theirs to continue their schooling. During their return, Deyukken encountered a group of below-decent characters that were a bit on the crime-ridden personas, finding out about how they broke into various buildings, hacked into systems, and things of that sort. Uncaring about the crowd he hung out with at that point, he joined them on their expeditions, learning their skills and improving upon them himself.

He would fade away from this activity three years later, around the time that Destiny was thirteen years of age. Though his ties were cut with his previous group, the skills that he learned weren’t. One day out of curiosity and boredom, Deyu actually taught Destiny what he knew about hacking into systems and other things. She picked up on the actions pretty easily, and actually progressed much further than what Deyu would ever have been able to do. The year after he had taught her what he knew, she would have honed her technological skills enough to be able to hack into security systems. The following year, she would have been able to shift identifications and whatnot. The final year – the year that the two lived on their own – she would be good enough to safely change national identification without detection, though, due to a lack of confidence in her abilities, did so around the time that she was seventeen years of age and was starting her first year at Beacon; a couple of years later than when she actually would have been able to do it. She set up aliases for both herself and her brother: Corrine Ichijou and Orion Ichijou. Both siblings had wanted a sort of fresh start, and she figured that doing this would be good enough. They both changed up their style a little bit before reintroducing themselves to the world with their new identifications.

The two took on jobs at a local blacksmith and weapon shop. Under the name of Orion, Deyukken got a job as an assistant teacher at Beacon when he was of an appropriate age, alongside a job as a game developer. As for Destiny, she signed up for a local parkour and freerunning academy under the name Corrine. As they wished, the two lived normal lives that they had been yearning for, leaving the scarring of their past behind while doing so for a good while. A year after their activity as their aliases, however, trouble had begun to brew.

Much like how it had happened the day that their parents had passed, Orion was sent home early on account of abnormal behavior. Having been contacted about this, Corrine was released from school early and began walking home in order to see her brother and make sure that she was fine. On her way back, however, she traveled the streets and looked into a nearby alleyway, hearing a somewhat distant scream. Hesitant at first, she looked around before slowly stepping in and going deeper in search of the source of the sound. She would find several splatters of blood leading deeper into the alleyway and, once she turned another corner, she found her brother trying to fight off what remained of a gang of muggers, of sorts. She rushed over, though stopped herself instantly as her brother saw her approaching and screamed at her to stop. At his call, a couple of the remaining assaulters turned around and began nearing her, backing her into a corner. Panicked, she gave a loud scream before a slightly chilled sensation burst from around her. The men who had been walking toward her hadn’t done anything for a while, so, out of a faint sense of curiosity, she slowly opened her eyes and looked up, feeling them widen as she saw the two males before her impaled through the chests with a couple of hard, icy spires. Realizing that they had come from her newly-unlocked semblance, she retracted them with some effort and willpower, watching as they fell to the ground. She then looked up, noticing how the remaining man had knocked Deyu down onto the ground in his weakened state, shouting something while sending another spire toward him. Turning around, the man had no time to react as a chilled object pierced through his chest. Once this was done, the girl neared, taking a moment to get used to these abilities of hers before creating another form and stabbing it through the man’s stomach. As he stared down at her with fear and shock, she began experimenting, moving these icy limbs of hers in a rapid motion and stabbing the male repeatedly through the front. After a little while, she stopped and the ice disappeared. While the long-dead man fell on the ground, she fell down to one knee in attempt to recover. She looked up a little bit to find her brother staring at her with a dull gaze.

The sound of sirens caught their attention after a while, causing them to quickly yet painfully gather their senses and retreat from the scene. While avoiding detection, they headed back home. As the situation was cooled down and assessed, the fear and shock gone from the two, they realized a disturbing fact.

Though the thing that they had experienced was once more scarring, the two actually enjoyed the sensation that they felt. The adrenaline of lives being on the line; the adrenaline of taking lives.

After the realization, Destiny quickly went to work on her laptop to fix some things to avoid detection. Once this was done, the two settled on retiring for the day and leaving what happened in the dust. However, as time went on, they remembered the sensation that they had felt on occasion. Eventually, they began to pick up on their father’s sense of sadism, masochism, and insanity; the three things gnawing at them on occasion due to the gateway event they had experienced involving the gang. One day at night, the two seemed to give in as they set up appropriate disguises before setting out and waiting in the darker parts of the night.

…As soon as someone passed by, they struck.
Once again, they enjoyed the feeling that they got from torturing their victim.
Following that person, a few more were reported dead from that evening; each after Deyu and Destiny retreated the scene to find another victim.

These behaviors continued on occasion, and actually still continue to the current day.
The two siblings had caught onto their father’s previous ways of action, as well as his truly unstable mentality.

The day that he died was the day that two new people were born.

By day, the two uphold their normal, everyday lives as Orion and Corrine.
By night, they undertake their true identities, striking through the night.

Personality: Personality-wise, Deyukken represents his father in great amounts, as he normally holds a calm, polite, and, at times, seemingly emotionless demeanor. What contributes to his father’s representation, as well, is that he also encases an overwhelming sense of insanity within, and actually does take a shine to both sadism and masochism alike. For the most part, he can successfully control it, though it may get the slightest bit out of hand at times, and it will be clearly obvious when it does. He will begin to get much more frantic and antsy than usual, talking to himself in such a fast-paced manner that hearing it would strike fear and concern within the core of one’s soul. Alongside doing this, he may seem to be on the verge of literal insanity, smiling to himself and maybe even others, scaring those easily if he were to so much as step toward them and ask them a simple, harmless question if in this state. Though these trances of his normally only last a mere five to ten minutes at maximum – and within these states, he tends to seclude himself most of the time – it could very well be blood-chilling and scarring if one were to find him in this state of mind.

Insanity aside, Deyu is actually a pretty decent guy on the outside. He is the type who opens doors for basically anyone, and would not mind having a friendly conversation even with those that he hates above all. Inside, he is actually almost always urked by those around him, though rarely ever actually shows it and lets others see this on the outside. Within, he holds a great sense of justice and needing to protect – which both fits his persona and is greatly ironic due to a few major events in both his and his sister’s past.

Said events led him to be even more like his father in much more drastic ways. Like his sibling, he began to indulge within criminal acts soon after his father’s death, taking after the man ever more. For him, these actions of his are important to him, as they provide him with a sort of stress relief, and lower his chances of snapping during the day and during his jobs a decent amount. Of course, he knows that what he does is wrong, be it from simple pick-pocketing to going on a full-blown murder spree. Because of this, it is safe to say that he does hold a great deal of regret for what he has done, but as the saying goes:

What’s done is done.

+His height aids him in numerous activities.
+Having an above-average height also gives him an above-average strength in comparison to others.
+High stamina.
+Naturally high aura.
+With his somewhat lightweight figure for his height, he is able to run at fast speeds with ease.
+He is rather strategic in combat.
+Hand-eye coordination is superior from years of gaming.
+Rather techy; he knows his way around electronic devices.
+Superb skill in close-ranged combat.
+From years of both public and private practices, his skills – both semblance-oriented and in general combat – are honed greatly and are near to mastered.
+Easily silent and discreet when he wishes to be.

-Though his height grants him an advantage, it also grants him numerous amounts of disadvantages.
-Loses his sense of strategy when mentally snapped.
-Snaps a lot easier when battles tend to get more interesting. Though it gives him a sheer amount of strength and drive, it also makes him prone to mistakes and other grave errors through carelessness.
-Is both a sadist and a masochist.
-Like his sister, he has chronic insomnia. He may not show it a lot of the time, but he is almost always very tired. Because of this, he tends to carry caffeine-filled drinks with him a lot.
-Though it is near to mastered and is very effective with his skill, his semblance is still capable of outright killing him if he takes things too far.
-He can form strategies against long-and-medium-ranged combat, though has trouble when encountering it for himself.
-Talk of parents haunts him. Should someone ask him about his parents, he will try to answer in his normal, polite fashion before trying to turn the conversation away. The longer the topic lasts, the more he will begin to falter and grow aggravated and tense.
-Has a suicidal history. Suicidal activities have decreased greatly over the years, but still remain.
-Injuries from his father's assault are still apparent. With the wrong movements or strong enough strikes, they could be brought back to life, giving him much pain.
-Though he doesn't show it, he's often sore for the sake of expanding his semblance, and also has a few migraines from time to time. Because of sadistic nature, however, he tends to shield it from public view unless it gets too out of hand.

Semblance: Sanguine; the control of blood. Normally while using his own blood, Deyu is able to manipulate it to his own liking, often creating various objects and weaponry to work in his preferred ways by hardening and crystallizing the liquid. Alongside crystallizing it to create weapons, he can also create ‘limbs’ of sorts that are still connected to his being in order to aid him in combat, and can also use them to create projectiles that he will launch at his opponents in attempt to attack then.

Deyukken can also manipulate the blood of others with one catch; their blood cannot have any contact with their skin for him to manipulate it. It could lie in a puddle on a ground or it can be found in nature. It could even be from a blood bank or a blood pouch collected from an event like a blood drive. So long as it does not have any direct-skin contact with its original host, Deyu is free to manipulate it to his liking.

Most of the time, the larger the object he creates, the less he will be able to use his semblance until a recovery time is given, solely due to the risk of death by bleeding out. Knowing that he could kill himself by using his own body as a source for his abilities, he tends to bring several canisters of the blood of others with him whenever he goes out. When others ask him about his containers if they see them, he simply responds by saying that they’re encasements of water with food coloring, saying that he actually has the ability to control ice and uses these containers as a base to aid him. He would give the excuse of their coloring to be for mere effect, and it could actually pass for a reasoning if one knew him well, because such actions for flare and coolness would not be put completely past him. Little to no people actually know about how this ‘water’ is actually blood.

The only one other than himself that knows that he had actually gotten the blood from those that he had killed is his sister.

Due to the fact that he had honed his skills a great amount through the years toward a higher degree than most students, both through public and private education and training alike, alongside the fact that he has a naturally higher and stronger aura, his semblance duration is on the high side. He can go for long amounts of time (fifteen to twenty minutes max) with his semblance in tact without having much strain. Should he go past the twenty-minute mark, however, he tends to get extremely sore in the places that he had cut himself in order to unleash himself, if any (unless he used the blood of other's). In an attempt to achieve higher power, however, he tends to purposely go past his limits in order to further increase his semblance's stamina and duration - especially when he acts as Deyukken, rather than Orion. If he uses his semblance for under ten or twelve minutes, it normally takes him three minutes less than the time he had consumed using Sanguine to cool down. If he were to go into the buffer zone between fifteen to twenty minutes, however, the time for cooldown would increase to perhaps seven to fifteen minutes before he could use it again with some ease but minor sores. If he were to completely go past his limits and use it for extended periods of time, he will get extremely sore and maybe a bit dizzy, and it would be reccommended that he not use it until the next day or two, when he's fully recovered. Once again, though, in attempt to gain power, he cuts past his limits, only switching himself 'off' and letting himself go easy when he's somewhat near to his breaking point.


Name: Sanguine Reign (Grimm Reign as Deyu)

First Form: A long-poled hammer forged with titanium alloy to ensure strength and durability. To Deyukken, it is rather light, but if others were to attempt to lift it, it would be a bit on the heavy side even with the use of the lightweight titanium alloy. The fact that its interior is not hollow contributes to the weight, as well. To enable the maximum amount of force to be given with each strike, the inside of both the staff and the hammer head alike are filled with metal and a couple of other things.

These ‘other things’ are two different substances: Ice Dust and blood containers. Ice Dust containers were installed and are periodically refilled in order to aid his sister in both training and other occurrences, as her semblance revolves around the control of water and ice. The blood containers are for him, as his semblance revolves around blood manipulation. With the press of one of both buttons on the staff portion of the hammer, one or both of the substances will be released from either side of the hammer head.

Second Form: By pulling a lever built into the staff toward his figure, the hammer head will be altered a little bit, spiking up a great amount and resembling the morning star mace. The previous features seen within Reign are still enabled in this form, and the major change is really the spiking of the hammer head.

Third Form: N/A

History: A weapon that Deyu’s father had given him. After his death, it was altered to hold the according features seen as of now.


Primary Theme – Orion ||| Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin

Primary Theme – Deyukken ||| Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin

Battle Theme – Normal |||  Let It Burn by RED

Battle Theme – Berserk ||| Same Disease by RED

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Deyukken "Orion" Ito Empty Re: Deyukken "Orion" Ito

Post by Drae on Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:23 pm

I like it. Don't really have much to say as far as complaints go, although the occupations list seems a bit excessive.
I mean honestly, who has time to do ALL of that?

I'll leave one of the other staff members to double check before I move it, that way you-know-who isn't jumping my case.

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Deyukken "Orion" Ito Empty Re: Deyukken "Orion" Ito

Post by Paige weaver on Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:32 pm

You need to add a cool down to your semblance also using other peoples blood can get op quick so add that he has to see the blood to use it. As in he cant use it while the blood is in the dudes body exploding him or something
also you need a few combat weaknesses and a few jobs removed or not mentioned there is to many there
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Deyukken "Orion" Ito Empty Re: Deyukken "Orion" Ito

Post by Requiem on Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:23 am

Fixing it up right now before I get to work on some homework assignments, but I'll go and mention some things:

-I'm currently lifting the load off of the jobs the slightest bit, but some of the information is still there. Mind you that, if I counted correctly, four out of the total occupations are really ones that he only takes on when he goes on a killing spree, at night, or if the area is quiet and secluded enough - and also when he undergoes his birth identity. I know for sure that I'll probably use Orion's aspect more than Deyu's aspect.

Deyukken can also manipulate the blood of others with one catch; their blood cannot have any contact with their skin for him to manipulate it. It could lie in a puddle on a ground or it can be found in nature, or even other things and areas. It could even be from a blood bank or a blood pouch collected from an event like a blood drive. So long as it does not have any direct-skin contact with its original host, Deyu is free to manipulate it to his liking.

The contact-to-host drawback was my catch for not being so overly OP. If the blood isn't having any contact with the initial host whatsoever, then there wouldn't even be any worry of him doing things such as making an opponent or victim explode from the inside out to begin with. I'm just tossing that out there, but if you still want me to tweak a couple of things, I'll do that when I come home later.

And also, for him to know that the blood doesn't have any contact with its host would require him to be seeing it to begin with, anyways. Sooo...there's that.

-Added a couple of things to the weaknesses.

-Added a good, long paragraph for you describing the semblance cooldown at the end of that section. Enjoy.

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Deyukken "Orion" Ito Empty Re: Deyukken "Orion" Ito

Post by Paige weaver on Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:07 am

Ok its good now so +1 but i swear if i see one person explode by this where having a talk.
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