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Kimera Lapis Mora

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Kimera Lapis Mora Empty Kimera Lapis Mora

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:59 am


Name: Kimera Lapis Mora (Goes by Kimmy in casual conversation)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Peacock Faunus (Has a tail)

Symbol: A purple peacock sillohuete seen fanning it's tail with a bright, blue flash of light behind it in the shape of a star with 8 points.

job/student year: Beacon Student First-year. Princess of the Kingdom of Moraton.

Appearance: ( - Aoki Lapis - Vocaloid) 4'11. 108 pounds. Blue hair that gradually turns purple closer to the tips and is stylized to fall about shoulder length in most places except for a pair of twin-tails that reach calf-length. Blue eyes. Normal outfit: A white and blue vest with the Mora family symbol sewed onto the back, (See Joey's Symbol for more info on that) a short, teal, ruffled skirt, short white gloves,  white, thigh-length boots and a small, teal scarf. Combat outfit: Pretty much the same thing, but replace the skirt with a pair of short-shorts.

History: Born in the city of Moraton to the king and queen, Levios and Fanta Mora, Kimera was diagnosed with BPS, or Borderline Personality Syndrome, meaning her emotions always went to the extremes, her parents didn't understand how to deal with this exceot to just keep her happy at all times, having her lead a lonely, though still very enjoyable life, though, this came with side-effects, making her think that she was the centre of the world, because "Why else would everyone be obsessed with keeping me happy?" This just made the problem worse in many ways, giving her a rather narcasisstic view of herself by the age of 7. The only one she really cares about is her brother, Joeira,  seeing him as the only boy worthy of her presence, her life was rather boring (For lack of a better term, she did get really into anime eventually) for most of her life, though she did excell at school work and combat, so much that she got into Bloodhound Academy, Moraton's local highschool, two years in advance. When she was 13 she found out her brother had become the leader of a secret fight club at school ('sa long story, go to Joey's page for more info) which made her scared of her brother for a while, but they made up eventually. Eventually both her and her brother got into Beacon academy (Her brother doing so a year late because his father didn't think he was good enough yet) She was extremely excited to go, especially so early. This is the beginning of her story...

Personality: Has Borderline personality disorder, as well as narcissistic personality disorder, meaning she is a very sensitive girl, often getting furious at even the slightest insult, on the upside though, she is often very cheerful, though she's also vain, if you ask her for help and she doesn't already care for you personally, she'll just pass you over as selfish, never realizing the irony. She also has a bit of a brother complex, having a crush on her elder brother Joeira. She often is over-confident and gets in trouble easily. Is a massive otaku, often calling people by japanese honorifics (Yes, I know that Japan isn't a thing in Remnant, but we know that the language might exist, keyword "Might") and peppering her otherwise english speech with occasional japanese words. Straight.

Strengths: Rather intelligent. Extremely agile. A small target to hit. Has many high connections around Remnant. Ambidextrous. Extremely stubborn at times. Has her weapon on her at all times. Combat prodigy, very well trained in multiple forms of combat including hand-to-hand, archer and swordsmanship, though she prefers her arm cannon over anything else.

Weaknesses: Has both borderline and narcissistic personality disorder. Has a bit of a brother complex. Over-confident. Fragile, both physically and emotionally. Rather vain. Sometimes too stubborn.

Semblance: Solar Flare: Manifests as an extremely bright flash that can come from either her palms, eyes or mouth, this can be used to distract or disorientate her opponent. The light itself is a light blue in colour and lasts on average between a quick, half-second flash to about 2 and a half seconds long. After each flash she must wait 5 seconds to release another one.


Name: Imoto Cannon

first Form: ( An old, discontinued model of arm cannon made by AegisCorp. It has the AegisCorp. logo on the side and a button right under it that folds it into it's second form for easy transport. It is made of a sturdy, but light alloy and is powered by freeze dust.

second form: A white wristband that matches her gloves, it is in this form she often carries it around. There is a small button on it's side that transforms it into it's primary form

History: Reluctantly bought by her father from Lucifer Aegis himself when Kimmy said she wanted a weapon that was "Flashy and high-tech! Something with pizzaz, but doesnt go too overboard!" as a birthday present at age 8.

Theme: Vocaloid Fandub - Matryoshka - Ashestoashesjc/Miku-tan duet
Battle theme: Final Fantasy VII - Those Who Fight - Metal Remix

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Kimera Lapis Mora Empty Re: Kimera Lapis Mora

Post by Drae on Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:46 am

History of the weapon. Check the last name. Just wanted to pop in and say that it's about time you finished her. Can't wait for the carnage to begin. As far as feedback goes, (cause I know how you are) I have no problems with her profile. You've really improved over the time I've known you. (And this time you didn't even ask for my help).
You might wanna fix the Weapon claim though, the link isn't working. Also, Melody will be giving her so~ much shit over that weapon. Simply because it's an AegisCorp product.

Again, just wanted to pop in and say that.

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Kimera Lapis Mora Empty Re: Kimera Lapis Mora

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:46 pm

Approved and all that jazz so plus 1
Paige weaver
Paige weaver

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Kimera Lapis Mora Empty Re: Kimera Lapis Mora

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