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Bai Hu Wang

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Bai Hu Wang Empty Bai Hu Wang

Post by Requiem on Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:40 pm


Name: Wang, Bai Hu (Surname – First name)

Age: Seventeen years; born the thirteenth day of the first month.

Gender: Male

Species: Faunus; human-albino tiger crossbreed.

Call sign/symbol: The ‘Yin’ half of a Yin Yang symbol, with a tribal tiger head seemingly roaring its breath in place of the ‘Yang’ half of the incomplete symbol. Completely black, and is outlined by a tint of a frosty, faded azure. Rather than the white dot seen on the normal Yin Yang symbol on Yin’s half, there is the Chinese character for tiger in its place. The character’s color, similar to the initial dot on Yang’s half, is white.

job/student year if you're a student: First-year student, parkour student/artist, part-time combat instructor.

Appearance: Tall, standing at a height of six foot three. Maintains a thin yet healthily toned/muscular build, weighing in at roughly one hundred and sixty-seven pounds which, believe it or not, is just slightly underweight for a man of Bai’s height. Due to his specific Faunus genetics of a White Tiger (aka, a Bengal Tiger with albinism), his hair --- while maintaining a short, brushed-up-at-the-tip look --- is white, and his eyes are narrowed, carrying a clear, frosty tint of blue. The point created by the portion of his hair that is brushed up is naturally black, and it continues down his head from the direct center of his head and down his neck, creating a sort of arrow-shaped figure when looking directly down on him. Branching from this initial streak are several shorter, finer streaks of black, creating an uncanny resemblance to a tiger’s black stripes that streak across its fur.

Laid atop his head and through his hair are a pair of pointed, furred feline ears that have an uncanny resemblance to a White Tiger’s. Much like this hair, their fur is of an initial, ashen tint, with several ebon streaks here and there to express the traditional, tiger stripe design. He also has a tail with the same fur color and design, as well as slightly nails that could very well be called claws instead.

Mass varieties of tattoos and some scars and stitches could be seen, strewn across Bai’s skin. Beginning with the tattoos, the primary markings upon his body would consist of a mess of tribal tattoos cycling around both arms, and that each end on the backs of both of his hands. They represent no shape in general, but are identical on either arm in proportion. There is also another tattoo that’s attached to the one on the left arm as it begins at the very top, at the shoulder; much like the other two tattoos, it’s in the tribal design, though is aimed to appear like a raging flame rather than some fancy design. It rides from the left shoulder, up the neck and around the back of the neck, and ends on the right side of the face, so that it seems like the tongues of the designed flame lash over and through the right eye. Similar to how the general tribal arm tattoos lead to the fire tattoo, this same tattoo of pyre leads to one, last and rather long chain of tattoos.

Starting from the back; upon the back of the shoulders, the tattoos laid across the arms would branch out and across the upper portion of Bai’s back. They would then branch even further out in several finer, thinner strands, intertwining occasionally with each other and creating the same type of design near the bottom of the back. Once this is completed, these tattoo strands would then progress to creating a semi-large yin yang symbol that spans across the central portion of the back.

As for the front, the tattoos get significantly lighter in amount. There are several markings that hook around the torso and to the complete front, but don’t reconnect to each other at all, and instead face each other by refined, sharp edges and points. Each of them are somewhat close to each other and, as they grow further downward, tilt southbound a few degrees with each new pair of markings on either side of the torso.

[Combat Gear]
Upon the torso, Bai will wear a simple, graphic tank top that is normally seen in a coloring of black, white, grey, or some variety of blue. Often times, the graphics on the shirt will consist of a tribal design that is relatively similar to the ones seen upon his arms or, if it takes form of a general shape/form, will appear to be some majestic picturing of a tiger. Regardless of the design form, it will scale up either the left or the right side. As a second upper body layer, he wears a traditional, male cheongsam shirt with an upraised collar; its hue normally of either a base color of white with black tiger-like stripes, or a base color of black with light, frosty blue tiger-like stripes. The cheongsam is normally closed though, on occasion, will remain opened.

The lower body wear gives him a somewhat semi-formal/partly casual appearance most of the time, as he wears a pair of jeans that are often black or grey, with chains hanging from the waistband. The bottom cuffs of his jeans drape over his shoes, which are almost always black or white athletic shoes. They cover the well majority of his footwear, and drag along the ground as he walks, so the very bottoms of them are often torn. Other times, he’ll wear a simple pair of slacks black slacks, alongside a pair of black dress shoes.

When entering his accessories’ description, there are a few things to take note of. Upon the right shoulder, he wears a grey cloth armband, alongside a black, studded and chained leather dual armband. On the left, he only wears a grey cloth armband that is identical to the one on the right. Seen on both of his hands is a pair of fingerless gloves that he wears, even underneath his weapons. They’re somewhat long, ending a little just before the elbow. The way that they’re designed, they have an initial, long strip of leather going down the top of the arm, with several smaller bands that strike horizontally across the first, and that wrap around the arm for security. Moving down along the body somewhat, there is also a chained pocket watch that he seems to carry at all times, guarding it constantly and ensuring that it isn’t damaged. Its outer ‘shell’ is of a shining silver, and has engravings of a Yin Yang symbol, with a tiger circling around on the Yin side, and a dragon circling around on the Yang side. When opened, one would see a background of a metallic, silver flame, with the Chinese character for tiger in the upper right (near the ‘12’ and the ‘1’ on the clock), and the Chinese character for dragon in the lower left (near the ‘6’ and ‘7’). To end the accessories, there is often a scarf tied around his neck. This scarf is strictly of an ebon hue, with light azure markings in a ---you guessed it --- tribal design. The ends of the scarf are slightly torn, making it obvious that it has been used for quite a while.

History: Bai was born to Daiyu Xiaolian and Guang Wang, five years after the birth of his older brother, Liu Yan Wang, and alongside his twin brother, Dong Long Wang, within a darker, less law-restricted sector of Vale. The area in which they were born and lived in was a somewhat crime-ridden sector, known mostly for its unlawful activities and heavy discrimination acts. As he grew up, both he and Dong went through much discrimination like their parents and older brother, and this only increased further more as they began schooling. Throughout the years, the two brothers would decently manage, often coming home with wounds and bruises from fights that others picked with them. Their bond quite close (as they had no choice but to trust and talk to each other, rarely ever dropping their guard around others), the two constantly defended each other day after day. If one brother were being bullied, the other would step in and physically help their kin without much care for consequences, and with much rage and anger.

Five years after they were born would come the birth of their last and youngest sibling: Lijuan Qiang Wang, the only female of the children. As her first name implied, the girl was born a beautiful child, and remained this way even through her later years. However, this didn’t excuse her from the same torment that her whole family went through. Seemingly reflecting the exact same things that Bai and Dong went through, she often came home with cuts and bruises, as well as one other difference between her siblings. The same days that she received harsh treatments were the times that she returned home crying, due to the fact that she wasn’t quite as strong as her brothers both emotionally and physically. Seeing this enraged nine year-old Bai greatly, and it was primarily due to this that his hatred for humanity as a whole began to form.

Months of poor treatment would continue on (soon turning to a totaled year, eventually) would go on, but the children would endure still. Though extremely against the idea due to their wish to stay by Lijuan and ensure her safety, Bai and Dong went on to school at Sanctum Academy after their parents enrolled them there after they turned ten. Dong lightened up a good amount a month or so as he and his brother entered Sanctum, as the levels of Faunus discrimination were minimal in comparison to the area that he schooled in beforehand. Eventually, he would break out of the antisocial shell he had created for himself, revealing his true, social and outgoing self that just may have been a little bit of a flirt, as well. He found that his life was renewed, and he went on to make a mass amount of friends and companions during his time at Sanctum. Bai on the other hand, however, still clung to his thoughts of hatred through humanity in general. Many a day, Dong would check up on his brother, attempting to get him into the social group to introduce him to his friends, but Bai declined constantly and often strayed off afterwards, purposely separating himself in a secluded area. The times when social gatherings or group activities initiated, he would be the farthest person from the event, sitting within his lonesome.

Bai himself had unlocked his semblance at an early age of seven, though never told anybody about it. Instead, he would occasionally use his abilities to ‘erase’ himself from view, being an onlooker toward various activities that he wanted to be apart of, though refrained from even greeting the participants of due to a fear of being tortured, and a sort of rage from past experiences. (Dong often asked where Bai ‘went’ when he disappeared, as he noticed that his brother was gone sometimes, but Bai lied about his location often times.) This behavior would continue on as he got to Sanctum, and it would be then that other people finally found out about his little semblance.

During the first spar that he officially took part in was the time that he let his self erasure technique go to work. He was fighting with another boy in his class, while the other students --- his brother included --- observed the scene. Of course, they fought on with practice weapons; wooden sticks and staves, and other objects of wooden stature if a student decided to use something other than their fists. Midway through the fight, Bai purposely let his aura overtake him, fading out of view. When he did so, the other boy seemed to have been caught off-guard, as he froze immediately upon realizing that Bai seemingly vanished. Taking that little moment as an opening, the hidden Faunus quickly sidestepped and ducked down toward the ground, legsweeping his sparring partner onto his back within seconds. Soon after the surprised child landed, Bai slowly faded back into few, ignoring the gazes sent toward him as he offered a hand to the other. Once he helped the boy up, Bai turned around and walked away and outside, fading and becoming invisible yet again in the process.

Before his own fight, Dong excused himself and separated from the class in attempt to find his kin. He eventually found him after some time not too long after stepping outdoors, sitting against the shade of a tree with his knees tucked to his chest. Having had some knowledge about semblances from the first few lessons he and Bai had been in at Sanctum, Dong questioned Bai if that little ability of his was his own semblance. Though he preferred not to say, Bai said that it was, in fact. Afterwards, his brother went on to ask about just how long he was able to turn invisible, after remembering the times at their previous school and how the white tiger seemed to literally disappear.

The conversation simply ended as the feline sent a quick, glare-like look toward his brother before shifting into his little state of invisibility. Dong didn’t know it at the time, but Bai had immediately taken off after doing so, away from him to find some other location to find some time alone. Time and time again after the occurrence, he attempted to talk to Bai but, each time he did so, the tiger just shied away toward another secluded area. Eventually, Dong would just give up with a mass reluctance and continue on with his own life.

Matters have basically been like this ever since then. Both Baihu and Dong attend Beacon to this day; Dong hangs out with his friends, while Bai secludes himself excluding the times that he’s in class.

Personality: At first, Bai will more than likely be automatically labeled as that one extremely antisocial guy who is the biggest ass to everyone who tries to talk to him. Due to countless accounts of discrimination that he himself had endured, alongside the events that he can recall in which his siblings had been harshly treated, as well, he holds an overwhelming sense of hatred not to just humans, but to humans and even other Faunus alike. Often times, he will be on the sidelines doing things on his own such as skygazing/stargazing or reading a book – often times in a tree or some place up high – while watching those around him. Should one approach him and begin to even try to converse with him, they will more than likely get a little bit of lashing vocally from the boy, which sets a really bad first impression (and, a lot of the times, only impression) on those that talk to him before walking away with heavy regrets. To prevent these instances from happening, he may be caught using his semblance to cloak his being, and, if he isn’t merely watching his surroundings, may even mess with other people around him just to spite them while within this cloaked stature of his.

Little do the people that instantly grow to hate him know, however, is that continuously bothering him for legitimate reasons such as simply having a nice conversation or to invite him to some sort of event – so NOT just annoying him for God knows what reason – is actually a very good way of getting him to gradually accept another. Though he will keep up his harsh demeanor for the most part a lot of the time, he will slowly begin to piece together that the people who attempt to approach him and actually try to be nice with him are simply taking time out of their lives in order to notice him in a positive way. Through this eventual realization, he will grow to respect those who treat him as an actual equal, and will slowly but surely begin to finally loosen up and show a smile and share a joke or two on occasion. Should he get close enough to a person or group of people, they will also notice the true sense of immaturity and wishes to have fun that Bai holds within.

In addition to this, they will also realize that, despite the hatred that he has for humanity that is so achingly clear, he holds those who had tolerated him and allowed him to get close in an even higher regard than his own being. He will say – and only around his companions only – that he would be willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his friends and family. If a person who had just met him heard him say this, they would most likely just reject the statement and continue to see him as the selfish jackass that he portrays himself to be. However, those that he can call his friends and him theirs will know for a fact that he is telling the whole truth.

+Reflexes are second to none.
+Maintains high speeds when participating in physical activities.
+Has exceptional fighting skills for a student of his year.
+Night vision/navigating in the dark; a perk from the Faunus night vision.
+Highly skilled in close combat.
+Able to utilize with his semblance for long amounts of time.
+Uses his rage to fuel his attacks, which augments him in a variety of ways.
+Flexible and has ease with dodging and climbing around objects due to parkour training.
+Augmented sense of hearing.
+Has exceptional sight; a benefit from the tiger.

-Extremely antisocial.
-Very hotheaded; it won’t take that much to make him snap and lash out most of the time.
-His pessimism normally gets him labeled as a killjoy.
-Has major trust issues.
-Triggers easily at the sight of any discrimination in general.
-Rejects aid that is offered to him even if he needs it.
-Often has headaches due to straining himself in order to increase his semblance capabilities.
-Somewhat sore for the same reason that was given with the previous weakness.

Semblance: Short-term invisibility or, as Bai himself likes to call it, Self-Erasure. More than likely due to his past (and current, as well) wishes to sometimes just…vanish from the world and into thin air in ‘blissful ignorance to the world,’ or so Bai says. Primarily used for stealth and long-ranged purposes, though one wouldn’t put it past him to use his semblance for the sole reason of messing with a friend or family member, as low as a chance compared to other situations it would be.

At most as of now (due to the fact that he hasn’t completely mastered his semblance, but could possibly be coming close), Bai will be able to turn himself invisible for maybe a maximum of twelve to seventeen minutes without any strain or breaks. If this limit is passed, then he will begin wavering and flickering back into sight gradually, unless he completely forces himself not to, which will cause his aura to deplete at a much faster pace than normal. Should he take use of his semblance out of his comfort zone, he will begin to be stressed and pained, and these effects could very well linger for the next few days in the form of soreness and migraines. However, much like how one improves stamina by participating in activities for longer periods of time, the only way to increase his ‘invisibility stamina’ is to go through said pain and strain. He tends to time himself in order to keep track of his progress when training upon his semblance.

After unlocking his semblance at a younger age, Bai tended to use it a lot day by day, in order to purposely be ignored by those around him to prevent any possible discrimination against his being. This mass usage is why he’s somewhat close to semblance mastery as of now.


Name: Stalked Hunters

first Form: Takes the form of a pair of hand gauntlets that extend up the arm, just below the bend of the elbow. Somewhat heavily plated with steeled plates that protect the arm and hand beneath the gauntlet from being damaged too much. Small spikes and razor-like objects are placed here and there across the sides of each gauntlet, as well as onto the knuckles to increase the damage inflicted by possible strikes. Within each gauntlet is a small bar that Bai wraps his hand around while holding his weaponry. It is able to be turned the slightest bit with the flick of the wrist, though this is normally held off for the secondary and tertiary forms.

Second Form: In secondary form, some sniper-like aspects of each gauntlet appear. A somewhat medium-sized scope in the shape of a rounded rectangle rises from the top of each gauntlet, and is kept in place by gears, chains, and a few other plates that act as ‘legs’ of sorts. It’s designed so that it’s kept to Bai’s eye level whenever he lifts it to his face. In addition, another small, thin tube is uncovered and revealed, though is still kept hidden for the most part. With the press of the button on the edge of the bar mentioned in the primary form (next to the thumb), a single sniper bullet will be fired. Starting in this form, the flicking of the bar will become necessary, as it controls the whole reloading function. With a flick of the wrist/turn of the bar, the empty sniper clip will be released and will move on to the next.

Clips are secured onto the horizontal bands of Bai’s gloves.

Third Form: There aren’t exactly any major changes to be noted, for say. The thing to take the most note of would more than likely just be the fact that a couple of the spikes and blades mentioned in the primary form of Hunter would slide out and lock themselves, giving them a slightly extended range around the arm and protecting it even further, alongside the armoring laid across the weaponry. They’re more for defensive actions, though could be used for offensive and defensive maneuvers alike.

History: Nothing too fancy, really. Having had a high interest in martial arts since his younger years, Bai just wanted to base his weaponry primarily on hand-to-hand/close-ranged combat. His side interest for stealth/long-ranged weapons also sparked his focus, thus driving him to incorporate a little sniper aspect into his gauntlets. Simple as that, really.

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