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Tonma Fujiyu

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Tonma Fujiyu Empty Tonma Fujiyu

Post by Paige weaver on Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:29 pm


Name: Tonma Fujiyu.

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Call sign/symbol:a picture with two her two drones in the middle

job/student year if you're a student: 1st year, local neet.

Appearance: Tonma wears the same thing in her picture but with a pair of black skinny jeans with a rip where her left knee is. She stands 5'9" and weighs about 140 pounds. she carry's a back pack that holds two of her weapons with her at all times. She also has a small computer type device on her wrist.

History:Born in a small mining town outside of the vale called Fractal Caves. At a very young age Tonma was cast aside as an outcast because of her lack of fighting ability and strength to mine at all. Her family cared for her dearly though giving her a very positive outlook on things and seeing all people as equals. Instead she started to read and get online learning how to do advanced things like make small robots and other items. at the age of 15 she was sent to a Grimm school that specialized in the studies of Grimm not the fighting of them. Tonma passed at the top of her class getting her a spot in Beacon. From there is where are story starts. During her first year at beacon she lost her whole team. It is unknown what happened to them.

Personality: Tonma is a very up beat person. Seeing the good in every thing and not the bad. But her inner nerd gets out some times flowing into her speech a lot. Tonma hardly ever gets nervous with people but if she doesn't know something she will change the topic quickly to make her look slightly smarter. Tonma Hardly ever gets embarrassed about things at all and is a very huggy person.

Strengths: Tonma really smart and knows her way around a mech or drone very well. She also is an expect at and thing that is advanced tech often knowing the day of when something comes out if not before. her semblance makes her very good at defending her or her team members.

Weaknesses: Tonma has no weapons she useless in close combat fighting. She also slow and fragile. Making it very hard for her to get out of the way of attacks often blocking with her semblance instead. Tonma is bad at dealing with large areas as her scout drone is only meant for a small area and not a major one.

Semblance: Defense Override. Is Tonma's semblance it slows her to harden object to near unbreakable status but she must have eyes on them and can not move well while doing this. It aslo disables her semblance so she can take alot more damage when she does. It makes things about 100% harder. If it is split to different targets it gos down example to objects is 50% harder.



first Form: Is 7 small drones that each have a small machine gun. Each one of these drones can be controlled by Tonma's computer and have a heat signature detention to help her pick targets. This form is used the least of all of the other forms. do to how big it is and how hard it is to use all of the drones when it is used she only moves three at a time the others acting as scouts to help her keep eyes on every thing.

Second Form:All of the drones combine into a mech that looks like this This mech has missles guns and swords the whole 9 yards of death. This form of Glich is used the most. in this form she does not need to move it her self do to the fact of its chip inside the bot makes it want to protect her and kill any grimm in the area the only time it will attack people is if Tonma tells it to or she is getting hurt.

History: Tonma's best freind in the world she made this as a project during her first year of school. It took her over a year to gets each peice of this mech and she values it the most out of all of her things.


Name:Snafu and snag

first Form: the blue is snag and the red is snafu.
Snag is a advanced recon drone that has four missiles on it. it primary job is to fly around and take out large groups of grimm that get in close or report to her team members about impending danger.

Snafu is a combat drone that fights any and all grimm that gets close to her and stays very close to Tonma. In less she tells it to move away from her. It is armed with a rapid fire machine gun with fire dust bullets.

Second Form:The drones combine into a easy carry back pack that Tonma carrys on her at all times for defense.

History: Made by Tonma after her first team disapeared on there first mission to help her find any and all lost people more easily.

Misk: Glich is called with her scroll then the drones quickly fly to her spot turning into Glich. They do not follow her at all times if Glich is its in her Mech mode and has a good reason to.
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