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Ryan Matthew "Thanatos" Arckeil Varryx

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Ryan Matthew "Thanatos" Arckeil Varryx Empty Ryan Matthew "Thanatos" Arckeil Varryx

Post by Requiem on Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:09 pm


Name: Ryan “Thanatos” Matthew Arckeil Varryx ; The Sadistic Masochist
-Unofficially ‘renamed’ himself Thanatos; true first name is Ryan.
-Most responsive to Thanatos/Than, but will still react somewhat to Ryan.

Age: Nineteen years of age.

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Symbol: A black coffin, with the Japanese symbol for death embed on its cover and a crown hovering above the coffin itself. Each figure is outlined by a single shade of red.

Occupation: Bounty hunter/assassin, dance student, music teacher (vocals/guitar/drums/etc) Masked Revolution member, Beacon First-year.

Appearance: Tall, fit, and rather toned, standing at a height of exactly six three and weighing in at roughly one hundred and seventy-seven pounds; a good portion of this weight being muscle. His hair is a natural black and fashioned in a scene style with a natural poof, though he could often be seen with his hair dyed grey, white, or maybe even a light, frosty blue. Both eyes of his are a shocking, bloody crimson, and the right has a black jester mark striking across it. A line of helix piercings go up both of his ears, while a black onyx stud is seen on the left of his lower lip. A small, silver ring piercing is seen next to this stud. The same type of piercing is seen next to the stud on his lip. Stitches can be seen both above and below his left eye. Various scars are seen all across his body; primarily all across the neck, wrists, and the chest. For the sake of publicity, however, he normally wears bandages over them.

Upon the upper body, Ryan wears a long, slightly tightened and thin vest hoodie with a graphic design; said design varying widely, though is seen displaying images of vibrant and bold dragons and kanji symbols above all. It’s long enough to reach a quarter of the way down his thighs, though he normally tucks it in when he wears a second layer. Said second layer is normally a sleeveless plaid button up shirt with a collar. The collar is almost always popped up, but is usually hidden from view, as it’s covered by his scarf, which is of a shining, emerald green – and strictly that color alone, in contrast to the variety of colors that his other articles of clothing could be.

As for the lower body, he has an equal chance of wearing either chained jeans or cargo shorts. If wearing jeans, then their color more than likely would just coordinate with his button up shirt. If wearing cargo shorts, then his shorts would just be of an arctic camo design, the normal beige coloring, or just black. When wearing jeans, he wears socks that reach just up to the ankles, but when he wears shorts, he wears socks that reach halfway up the calf. Either way, though, he’ll more than likely wear a pair of athletic shoes.

Often times, he’s caught wearing several things that fall under the ‘accessories’ category. He has a lanyard that he seems to keep with him at all times, tucking the portion that has the clip itself within the right pocket of his jeans/shorts. Around his neck would also be his scarf, of course, and a chain with a silver cross pendant would be seen beneath it, and the cross itself would reach maybe a quarter down the way of his torso. Alongside this, he also has a pair of red, plastic framed glasses that are hooked onto the front of his scarf whenever he doesn’t wear it.

History: Born of the seventh day of the first month; the lad was born to Raven Varryx and Sophie Arckeil; both of which were both skilled Hunters and Huntresses, and also led a small, hidden organization called the Masked Revolution. (The boy didn’t find out about this until later.) Being of a wealthy family, he lived a pretty good life day by day. The grand necessities were given to him whenever he needed it, even though he was a more…humble and modest lad back then, thinking that others needn’t aid him in grasping things that he wished. This would continue even so after the birth of his younger brother, approximately a year after his own coming: Tai Jason Arckeil Varryx. The two grew up alongside each other as the years passed, forging quite the strengthened bond between each other.

Around the time that the two entered Sanctum Academy - Ryan being a grade higher than his kin, of course - things would begin getting bumpy. Mid-year within their second year at the school, the two boys had, of course, made different groups of friends whom they spent time with when apart. Tai happened to get picked up by the more…’thug-like’ crowd. At first glance, he and his friends actually came off as the nice bunch; joking, sarcastic, etc. However, it wasn’t until Ryan stumbled in a particular encounter that he found out about his brother’s true intentions alongside his friends.

He was actually on his way to the bathrooms one day during school for a short break, though stopped himself mid-stride as he heard something odd from a hallway. Alongside this, he also sensed something occurring. Curiosity having gotten the better of him, he broke off from his initial path toward the restrooms and strayed off to check what was happening.

Within a swarm of shock and sudden rage, the lad would find himself lashing out verbally at his brother, as well as his friends, as he caught sight of a girl and a boy, partially sprawled out across the ground, and somewhat beaten and bruised-looking. Initially, he hadn’t been too worked up about the sight before him, but this instantly seemed to change as Ryan fully noticed something.

Both kids laid across the ground were of Faunus heritage and bloodlines.
It would soon ring within his mind that this beating was an act of discrimination.

Ryan had always been a boy of equality at heart, so this realization basically triggered him. Though he knew he probably shouldn’t have done so, he found himself lunging forward and connecting a somewhat powerful slug toward his brother’s face. In reaction, his friends jumped in and grasped the lad by all sides, allowing Tai to take charge of yet another beating. This one didn’t last as long, however, because several minutes after Ryan’s striking started, a couple of teachers heading off to lunch happened to pass by and see the skirmish occurring.

Days after this, things were quite rough between the two brothers, causing a deepened gap of awkwardness, anger, and some depression between them. There would eventually come a day where Tai came out and apologized deeply for his actions, and Ryan did the same thing. However…this didn’t mean that he accepted his brother’s apology, and Ryan made that bluntly clear as he said this aloud. After speaking his own sorry, he simply rejected Tai’s apology before walking off. This process would go on and on, slowly and gradually enraging the axe wielder to the point where he exploded for the first time toward his brother, his tone quite threatening and clear. After this outburst, Ryan found that Tai no longer tried to apologize; rather, he seemed to distance himself away from his brother, from then on. Seeing as his attempts at a life shifting had failed, Tai continued hanging out with his friends and continued his discriminatory acts. Ryan watched on the sidelines - often with a glare.

One day after this everlasting rough patch, Ryan remained home while his brother went out and with his friends. He searched the majority of the second of the four floors of the house, a sense of boredom and slowness overcoming him. His attention eventually was drawn toward his parents’ room; basically the only room in which he had little to no knowledge about. Knowing that both of his parents were home and were in the family room on the first floor, the child silently snuck up to the fourth floor and began his secondary search.

Most things that he found in his caretakers’ chamber were unappealing to his tastes…and then he found a couple of masks. Both were of a primary black hue; one had navy blue swirls, while the other had violet. Interested in this, he picked both accessories up with some hesitance (because he was a tad scared about how his parents would react to him snooping about) and brought them downstairs. He showed his discovery to both adults on the first floor, asking what they were and what they were for in a shy, hesitant tone.

Contrasting greatly toward his assumption that they’d scold him for looking around, both Raven and Sophie handled the situation with calmness and ease. They had their firstborn son sit down, and began to explain matters in a less complicated matter - as Ryan was still a child, and would more than likely get confused if explanations were spoken within a complex fashion. As a result, the boy finally found out that both of his parents were actually the two, primary lead operatives of a small organization called the Masked Revolution. The group was somewhat known to some to work in the background to defend the city, but the primary purpose of the group was to defend Faunus rights and discrimination; both by vocal and physical means as well. Thus, each and every member of the Revolution was highly trained; the original members guided by Raven and Sophie themselves.

Throughout the briefing, Ryan had thought deeply about how he and his brother were acting. Halfway through the second part of his parents’ speech, he burst in suddenly and practically exclaimed that he wished to join, despite his young age and whatnot. At first, his parents rejected the request, and would continue doing so for several days.

Seeing as their son’s persistence wouldn’t die down anytime soon, the two reluctantly accepted their child’s request at long last. He picked a mask to call his own - as the Revolution took the ‘masked’ part of their name quite literally for identity protection purposes - and the two adults themselves began training him in the outdoor sparring section of their residence, and also aided him when he was planning to upgrade his weaponry, since he himself decided to drop out of Sanctum at an early age in order to focus on his Revolution training. It would continue on and on until age fifteen, when he knew well enough to guide himself along.

He continued with this way of life, learning much both by experimenting upon his own methods and learning bits and pieces from training sessions with his parents. Eventually, however, the practice process would soon be brought to a still and brief stop in the timeline. Problems between both Raven and Sophie would turn up, causing some difficulties both within the Revolution and Ryan’s family. Often times, the boy – who was sixteen by the time that this had started – sat within his room while studying or simply indulging within some of his hobbies. All the while, he heard shouting and signs of physical fighting either down the hall or downstairs, showing that the bond between his parents wouldn’t be repaired anytime soon.

Soon enough, the rage caused from the two expanded a little bit. Sophie changed from a previously serious yet gentle and loving woman to a somewhat bipolar character who was more negative than positive, and often lashed out at both of her sons. Raven began dropping into an alcoholic’s attitude from stress of the entire situation; shifting from a fun and caring father into a fiery and quick-lit man and maintaining an abusive way of action, similar to how his wife did. In the coming days, they finally filed for a divorce, which tore Ryan apart a little bit. The fact that his father went MIA during a Revolutionary mission alongside some other colleagues – as he was the ‘closer’ parent to the boy when he still acted with a good amount of heart – didn’t quite help at all.

As if it were an aftershock from his discovery about his brother’s actions, Thanatos grew a bit more internally raged and depressed from this sequence of events. Because of this, he seemed to indulge within some…negative activity, per say. Not exactly the negative type that Tai took part in, but rather the self-infliction of pain.

Given another year’s time had passed, he took on a few part-time jobs and new hobbies to take his mind off of these things, all while keeping up with his personal studies and the tasks assigned to him regarding the Masked Revolution. There would come a time that he earned enough money and moved out of his initial house, going on to rent his own apartment for the meantime. Save for the occasional encounter with his mother for Revolutionary purposes, he basically cut off all ties with his remaining family.

The next year would continue on with lots of training and studying, alongside events and missions with the organization that his parents had started. The self-harm continued, as well, despite how much he tried to move his mind from the more painful matters. In an effort to increase the chances of letting go of his past, he continued his studies and training sessions – which were both personal and tutored, as he signed up for a few combat and sparring groups and lessons – after making the decision to apply to Beacon, even if he would be a year or two older than most of the first years. He thought that he may as well learn as much as he could now that he chose to disconnect from his family, and thought that Beacon would be one of the best places around to do so.

So, he applied as soon as the registration season was back in. Well enough, he was accepted into Beacon, and had packed his belongings. It’s safe to say that he overhauled his selected possessions over to the academy by now.

Personality: Ryan is a man of controlled insanity who is somewhat of both a sadist and masochist. He knows very well how and when to keep himself in check, appearing to be completely normal a lot of the time. However, when he gets into action, he tends to get…creative…with his plans. Heavy dishing outs of pain are guaranteed to be given in any way possible, and infliction of pain upon himself will be enjoyed - and is very possible to fuel him and make him more lethal for some period of time. Though mentally unstable at heart, it takes a lot to crack him due to the things he’s seen and gone through in the past when actually trying to make him break. The majority of times that he cracks, however, he knowingly and purposely does so - primarily in battle in order to charge himself for what’s to come. The lad is a walking time bomb, fueled by rage, anger, depression; nearly every negative emotion one can think of. When these feelings of his are released, he often lashes out - vocally, physically, or perhaps even both. Some of his comrades have seen this happen and have offered him chances to talk about his past and emotions for both his safety and theirs. However, all of the offers such as these that Thanatos has received he has rejected, partially to keep himself as lethal as possible in his own way, and partially because he’s greatly uncomfortable with telling anybody about himself at heart.

When off duty from the Revolution (or just around friends), he’s much more casual and much less formal than he is when ‘working,’ for say. He’ll give way toward his more joking, and quite sarcastic side, revealing his somewhat dark sense of humor in the process. Much laziness and slacking features will be released when he loosens up like this, giving way to a side of him that was never known to those in the Revolution.

Due to the events that happened later in his life, Thanatos encases a deal of negative emotions within him; primarily depression and insanity. These qualities describe his true self, though he masks them – both literally and metaphorically. Acting happy and cheerful is what he tends to do almost all of the time when he’s out with his companions, though that’s basically scratching the surface to his being. Within is a sadistic masochist due to his ways of dealing with the agony of his family’s ways. That being said, should one mention something about family, he’ll more than likely grow suddenly serious and silent, shying himself away from conversations and tending to his own matters. When in this state, he more than likely won’t talk without a reason – such as if somebody talks to him – or if enough time for him to cool off passes.

Also due to his past, Ryan has developed somewhat of an ability to see past the masks that others make for themselves and to catch a glance towards the true emotions that one may be feeling. This is because of the fact that he, too, was – and actually still is – experiencing this sensation for himself. Masking of true emotions by a barricade of false ones is what he does day by day; often wearing a smile and joking to seal the torment within him. This specific thing allows him to actually be a pretty good judge of character, alongside an accurate reader of emotions toward most people.

Though seemingly heartless at times and ignorant when joking, Than does care for those he’s allowed himself to get close to, and vice versa. Sacrifices for his friends are completely normal and to be expected, even if that sacrifice is the ultimate one; the giving of his life. Of course…him being him, don’t expect him to go out without a bang, or at least from boring matters.

-High reflexes
-Enhanced strength from Revolutionary/personal training
-Parkour activities
-Slick and silent (as was a training skill in the Revolution)
-Musical arts
-Artistic activities
-Seeing one’s true feelings and emotions
-Flexible from dance lessons
-Naturally speedy

-Tends to lose his sense of right and wrong when ‘cracked’ emotionally.
-Immensely and internally stressed about the troubles that he keeps to himself.
-Talk of siblings and family in general, as they stress him out, make him uncomfortable, and make him prone to lashing out violently most of the time.
-Shies away from people who offer a shoulder for him to lean on. (Sometimes goes so far as to lash out at allies and friends if kept on the topic and offers too much.)
-Easily triggered by the thought of being completely and legitimately left alone.
-Truly has a lack of confidence and pride, despite how he acts.
-Sight has degraded a little bit due to the constant use of video games and the computer.
-Actually sensitive to the heavier topics of discussion; while he may seem fine on the outside, he could be tearing himself apart internally.
-Does indulge within self-harm.

Semblance: Bloodlust ||| To put matters as short as possible, Thanatos seems to get somewhat of a…boost…the more blood is drawn from his body. A strong influence of this comes from his history of self-harm and being a sadist, more than likely. Though it truly means that he’s more prone to infections and grave injuries, getting wounded seems to heighten the lad’s senses, strength, speed, etc. So…the more blood that he bleeds, the deadlier he is. Often times, he purposely wounds himself and draws blood from his body before engaging within a serious fight in order to give himself an extra kick. In more recent times, he’s been getting a bit more daring, willingly giving himself wounds that are a bit more serious enough to be called as gashes.

However, blood loss is still a huge issue. Should he lose a significant amount of blood, Than does have a risk of passing out almost instantly, or perhaps even dying. Because of this, he uses his semblance quite often, though won’t push himself to drastic measures by, say…stabbing himself in the shoulder or stomach.


Name: Bestial Retribution

Primary Form: Takes form as a sort of folded club, thus initially making it a blunt weapon in primary form. Rather than sticking out, the handle is folded in as well, and is stationed behind the thicker part that is often used as the striking point. Because of this arrangement, Than uses the heavier portion of Retribution as a sort of hand guard when striking, and holds it like some thieves are portrayed to hold their daggers. (Hand holding the handle like a drumstick, with the blade - or, in this case, club - point pointing down at the ground.) A few, small blades and spikes are arranged across the top of the actual club itself in a ring formation, giving a more deadly look and feel to the weapon while in primary form and basically taking the 'blunt' aspect away.

Quite heavier than the average weapon but, thanks to extended times at the gym, is able to lift and swing Retribution with much more ease than most.

Secondary Form: Unfolds a tad in secondary form, going into a more pole-like figure as various gears and metal tubings slide and lock to create a longer ‘handle’ of sorts. The spiked club is further out, and a couple of geared axe heads/blades extend and lock from both sides, nearly meeting toward the tops by the points. (Axe heads are kind of like the ones on Professor Port’s weapon(?) )

Alongside this, metallic bars also extend and bend around the area that the handle begins to end and shifts into the club/axe base. Another pair of these sorts of bars bend around the axe pole, more toward the center of the pole itself. When unfolded, they’re revealed to have flat, pointed tips. These are meant for security, as Retribution is an axe-mounted machine gun hybrid. When the bars are extended, the points can dig deeply into dirt or hardened grain to secure itself, and can flip over onto its flat sides when being secured onto harder surfaces such as stone or tile. To allow an adjustment of angles and whatnot, a series of rotating discs have been connected to the bottom of the axe pole and the top of each supporting leg group.

A small slot is uncovered just beneath the area in which the first set of supporting legs would be located. This is the ammo slot; a somewhat large ammo pack is allowed to be placed within it before sealing it and firing away. Each pack holds maybe about two hundred and fifty bullets, thus can be very effective given certain conditions. However, it tends to take a while to reload and whatnot, due to the distance from the revealed gun trigger and the ammo slot itself. This reloading drawback basically makes up for the amount of bullets it can dispense within a single go.

In secondary form, Retribution also shifts quite a bit toward the pole base in order to create a sort of arm/shoulder rest when firing, and to help with recoil.

When pressing and holding of a button, close to the gun trigger, Than can adjust the axe heads so that they build a sort of wall or guard to protect him while using Retribution’s gun feature. The shift takes perhaps a good three to five seconds so, if the lad is aiming to use the guard feature alongside the gun, he often presses the button while still swinging his weapon as an axe. Another button right beside the first reverts the blades to how they were prior, taking the same amount of time to switch back and forth. Carries on into tertiary form, as well.

Tertiary Form: Growing the slightest bit longer, Bestial Retribution stands tall, towering over Thanatos by exactly a foot when holding it vertically. A second pair of axe blades extend, fold out, and lock, similar to how the first two would from a blank spot between the initial axe heads and the second supporting legs. These axe heads are just the slightest bit smaller than the primary two, however.

Apart from the additional couple of axe heads and the growth in length, there isn’t much to note about Bestial Retribution in this form.

For secondary and tertiary forms, Ry keeps around two to five extra ammo ‘slings’ and packs on him. The packs are actually attached to his lanyard rather than keys, while the slings are slung over his upper body somewhat like a shoulder bag.

History: From the start of his Revolution training to the end, Retribution was initially a simple extendable axe that Thanatos seemed to adore. Having started using it at roughly age eight or nine toward his start of his years at Sanctum, it was designed to be significantly smaller and lighter, that way he could lift it with ease. As he grew older and gained more strength, he gradually added more weight and features to it to improve its performance.

Around age thirteen, the basic gun attributes were added.
Age fifteen, the extra pair of axe heads were added, and the gun aspect was further improved.
By age seventeen, the last axe pole extension, as well as any other upgrades seen in Retribution now, were added.


Name: Shadow’s Embrace

Primary Form: A completely black katana; from the handle to the blade itself. The handle is roughly half a foot in length, while the entirety of the blade is roughly seven feet long. Ryan’s secondary/backup weapon. Its metal has been tested and altered numerous times through durability trials, so it’s safe to say that it would take a lot to even so much as chip it.

Several channels containing Dust cycle throughout the blade of Embrace. The handleguard can rotate, and is also the dial that controls the dust mode that the weapon takes. It’s circular, and is embed with four different gems: ruby, topaz, sapphire, and onyx. When locked onto each gem, a different Dust type would be used, or maybe even a combination:

Ruby causes Fire Dust sealed within the sword to be expelled. It can cause ignition and burns on contact.

Topaz expels Lightning Dust, which is capable of shocking, stunning, and paralyzing in higher amounts.

Sapphire sets the mode to use Ice Dust, which chills and can even briefly freeze things on contact, and if in high enough amounts.

Onyx unleashes all Dust Types at once. When itching for sheer power or if power is just needed, Ryan will shift the dial to Onyx.

Secondary Form: Basically a cross between a gauntlet and a whole arm-to-shoulder armoring. The way that the blade is structured is in layers, and said layers slide up and around the arm in question. The Dust channels seen coursing throughout the blade are still seen, though are a bit more jagged in pattern due to the number of changes that the blade itself had taken. As for the handle, it dismembers some bit in order to create the actual gauntlet part of the gauntlet. Its material isn’t quite metal, though is still extremely durable and is able to withstand high damage.

The channels running throughout Embrace in this state join together in the palm, creating a circle, of sorts. From this little circle, the Dust mentioned in primary form can be charged and expelled within a high-powered beam. A movable and lockable ring will have formed around the wrist, and has the same functions and gems as the one seen on Embrace’s handleguard in primary form.

Tertiary Form: N/A

History: Initially a standard weapon supplied by the Revolution. After deciding that he wanted a second weapon more accustomed to an agile style of combat, he picked Shadow’s Embrace out of the weaponry departments.

He made the ranged alterations seen within Embrace during the timespan of a couple of weeks, with the help of some of the weapons specialists down at the Revolution.


Primary Theme ||| No Love by Simple Plan

Battle Theme - Normal ||| Release the Panic by RED

Battle Theme - Berserk ||| Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead

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