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Corvou Dracul Azuryn

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Corvou Dracul Azuryn Empty Corvou Dracul Azuryn

Post by Requiem on Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:09 pm


Name: Corvou Dracul Azuryn

Age: 23 years; born on the 27th day of the 10th month.

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon Faunus

Symbol: An ignited tribal eastern dragon, seemingly swirling and wrapping itself around a rose. All figures within the symbol are in a tribal design, and are of different shades of blue. The darkest shade of blue is seen within the rose, grows lighter when it goes to the dragon, and is the lightest when it reaches the flames.

Occupation: Bounty/Grimm hunter, Part-time waiter, Hobbyist musician, Beacon Professor/Teacher (Close Combat).

Appearance: Quite the tall and toned lad, standing at a height of seven foot eleven and weighing in at roughly two hundred and eighty-one pounds. Corvou has eyes that are of an initial, shining tint of silver, though are lightly specked with a rim of thin crimson. Each one has abnormal pupils, as they are shaped into narrowed slits rather than circles. His sight isn’t exactly perfect, nor is it anywhere near considered as legally blind, so he wears contacts rather than glasses. These eyes of his are somewhat shrouded over by his hair, which is pitch black, and semi-long for male standards, as it could shroud fully over the right eye and somewhat over the left. Excluding occasions in which fixing his hair is deemed necessary or fitting, he often wears his hair like this as his normal, casual style.

Sticking out of his hair on either side of his head are two horns that curve in opposite directions, bringing the total up to four horns upon his head. However, the horns on the right side of his head are partially broken and cracked, due to an event that occurred in his past. His canines are slightly elongated and slimmer in comparison to a normal person’s. In addition, his nails are naturally longer, sharper, and a bit thicker than other’s, making them more like a beast’s claws. There is also a long, scaled, reptilian tail of his that is long enough to barely be kept from grazing even grounds when curved. All of these features, alongside his slit pupils, give way to his Faunus genetics.

He has several old scars and stitches laid all throughout his skin from an accident earlier in his life (the same event mentioned moments ago), primarily on the face, neck, arms, and torso. Struck across the bridge of his nose and diagonally across his right eye are a couple of thin, long scars. Starting from the left edge of his lip and curving upwards slightly is another scar, giving him a faint, ever-smiling look. Across the front and side of his neck are a set of two scars and one old stitching. The scars on both of his arms are just a mess of marks riding from the top of the shoulders all the way down and around his hands and fingers. Striking diagonally across his chest is a large gash, starting a bit higher than the area above his heart and going down across his stomach, right below the right side of the ribcage. These wounds of his are normally covered by bandages beneath his clothing.

His basic attire could very well be considered completely formal, if it weren’t for the fact that he wears a few casual items, settling him into the category of semi-casual, rather than full-blown formal. As a first layer upon the torso, he wears a longsleeved and collared button-up dress shirt, which is almost always tucked beneath the waistband of his pants and is guaranteed to be some dark shade of blue. Over this, he wears a tuxedo vest of either a dark or lightish variation of grey. On top of both of the stated layers, he also tends to wear either a tuxedo coat or a simple, collared longsleeve composed of soft material. This last torso layer tends to be strictly of a dark black coloring. Around his neck and beneath the collar of his first shirt, he will be wearing a neatly-fixed tie of either a light blue or a white color. While the knot and a portion of the upper part of it would be seen, the remainder of it is normally tucked beneath his vest.

For the lower body, he has an equal chance of wearing two types of pants: slacks or jeans. Regardless of the type of pants that he wears, however, they will always be of a darkened black. The type of footwear that he sports never seems to differ, as he seems to wear a pair of black dress shoes a lot of the time.

He also tends to keep several accessories on his being a lot of the time. Atop his head, one will often find his favorite fedora; its base hue of a deep, slightly faded blue, with a black stripe circling around the crown. Alongside this, he also keeps six dogtags with him at all times on three individual chains, though normally only wears one while hooking the other two chains onto either side of the waistband of his pants and tucking the tags within the pockets. Each dogtag is composed of lightly scratched and worn metal of a metallic black, showing the age and the length in which Corvou has had them. Each individual tag has beautifully-designed engravings bordering the front, with a name engraved in the center of said borders horizontally; one for each deceased member of his family.

History: Corvou was born on October 27th to Dracul Azuryn and Akira Kurogane in the more flourishing sector of Vale, thanks to the fact that his family was actually somewhat wealthy. His birth was the third one in the lineage of Azuryn siblings, making him the second youngest child of the total four that the parents had. Back then, he was the type of boy who was quite the witty and rebellious rascal, often pulling pranks and tricks on his other siblings and friends and, if they were in a good enough mood, his parents on rare occasion. Safe to say, he was often lectured on maturity and disciplinary actions often, though he never seemed to heed the words spoken to him all the way. Many minor conflicts between his whole family would be created, though they would all be referred to without any major concern for the most part, as his parents just saw it as how kids acted before they matured. As for his siblings…well, they did the same thing to him sometimes, so it was just one huge, joking family rivalry day by day.

By the time that his two older siblings, Samael and Valencia, had entered Beacon Academy, Corvou had well started his own schooling years alongside his younger sibling, Sophia. Though the two remained in separated classes for the most part due to having a two-year age difference, they both found each other’s company day by day and often went around during breaks to just laugh and goof around before continuing their classes. Both gained a good amount of knowledge of training, earning high grades and good reports of the sorts before they transferred over to Signal Academy. Of course, their actions wouldn’t change even after the move. They just resumed learning and training, and just living life to the fullest with many smiles and laughs, causing the boy to deem his life as “one of the best” at that certain point in time. He would say so with such the worst timing as the next chain of events occurred.

A few years into Corvou’s schooling, when he was perhaps eight or nine years of age, Dracul and Akira decided to schedule a week-long trip away from the city in order to just…let go. It was more of a graduation gift for Samael and Valencia, though they couldn’t just leave the two remaining kids by themselves, so they brought them along, as well. Plus, they figured that they may as well have some fun for the moment and take a break from school life. So, they each packed their belongings and set off for the air shuttles within a matter of days.

They would depart not too long after arriving at the boarding decks and making their way into the according shuttle, alongside many other people that were headed for the same destination that they were. Takeoff was smooth for the first hour or so, without a problem whatsoever. Dracul and Akira had fallen asleep not too long after takeoff, and the rest of the kids just conversed with each other for a good while, enthusiasm taking their tones as they showed how they were clearly excited for the trip.

Give a few minutes more during that experience, and things would take a turn for the worst. The engines within the shuttle ran haywire and burst a tad, rendering the airborne vehicle useless mid-flight. Needless to say, the only direction left to go then was down. And that’s exactly where everyone went.

Within a few minutes more, the shuttle would collide rather violently into a remote island, not too far from the destination that it was set to fly to. The transportation subject would have broken into quite a few large, metallic chunks, leaving those inside severely wounded and bleeding if not dead on impact. Corvou’s family was among the deceased population of the shuttle, leaving him the only one left alive. …Physically, at least.

He was the only one among the family left breathing, yes. However, he was sent into a comatose state upon impact. Rescue teams had eventually arrived and recovered both the wounded and deceased alike, sending those who were still within the land of the living directly to the nearest hospital for medical attention. It would be there that the doctors had deemed that the boy had fallen into a coma, and he would remain under their care for the next two years.

There would come a day two years after the whole crash and burn incident that the lad finally woke up. Confused was he when he had first done so, and somewhat panicked all the while. A nurse would come in and see him conscious, quickly calling in a doctor and working with him to ensure that the boy was as fine as he could be at the moment. Minor tests and diagnostics would be run, and a soon conclusion would be made that the child was healthy as he could have been for the moment. Other than the mass of scars that he had received on the day of the crash, at least.

News concerning what had happened to his family would soon be brought to his attention. He was achingly silent while listening to what the doctors had to say regarding his whole family, yet he seemed to take it surprisingly well. After a few days, he was brought to the house of one of his uncles to stay. And…that’s pretty much all that he did there. His uncle was rarely ever there, and all that he told Corvou to do was to come home after school each day and just stay in the house, giving him a set of keys in order to get past the front door’s lock in order to do so.

This would continue on as he resumed his classes at Signal, continuing not a day later than where he had left off. He was two years behind in schooling due to his comatose, though he didn’t have much care for the matter. All that he wanted to do was to just…grow up by then; to finish schooling and just move on with his life, as painful as doing so would be. Upon reentering school, his attitude shifted quite a bit. Rather than being that one, obnoxious and rebellious free spirit, he grew to be a lot quieter and mature, though still held the jokester aspect to him relatively close for the friends that he made along the way.

One day in his last year at Signal, his class was brought out for one last sparring match. He was assigned to fight against one of his friends in hand to hand combat, and he was actually looking forward to it, as he grew into the habit of training and sparring a lot with his friends out of school on occasion in order to hone his skills. Both he and his acquaintance entered the sparring area and waited for the teacher to officially start the match.

Just as the fight was about to begin, Corvou overheard a couple of his classmates discussing family-based matters. Normally, he would’ve brushed off such matters as best as he could, though he seemed to pinpoint a few specific things in their conversation. The boy couldn’t help but notice that they were smack talking a few of their family members and seeming to take them for granted. This brought him back to the day of his accident and, soon afterwards, the day that he had awoken and heard what had become of his kin.

Those around him saw that he took the news of his family’s death well that day…on the outside. On the inside, however, it was a whole different story. He masked his true emotions that day, holding the sense of depression, shock, and a surge of other negative feelings within his soul. It was unhealthy to do so, as it often caused an emotional and mental strain upon him whenever he overheard conversations concerning family-type matters primarily among other things. He had done well in masking his inner feelings up until then.

At once, both his aura and semblance would be unlocked for the first time, shocking both his teacher and classmates a great bit. What seemed to be flames of a deep ebony and crimson raged all around his figure, giving him a rather menacing look. His head soon turned toward the two who had been talking badly of their relatives, a slight, sadistic smirk spread across his lips as he lost all train of thought regarding the spar he was to take part in as he began to near them. Within a matter of moments, though, he was seized by his class teacher and had received a pinch to a nerve that knocked him out almost instantly before he was able to do any damage.

Later that day, he would wake up in the nurse’s office, some time after school had ended. His body was rather sore and he held one grand migraine within his head. He couldn’t help but groan loudly from the pain, said groan alerting the one who had been watching him and drawing her over. After easing Corvou down, the nurse calmly explained what had happened. Silent was he all through the explanation, but like he did back at the hospital, he simply took in the information and left with a pretty much stoic reaction.

For the rest of his time at Signal, he remained significantly more quiet and awkward, shying away from most people for fear that they would interrogate him about what had happened without end. During that timespan, the same situation repeated time and time again, causing him much strain physically, and much strain mentally and emotionally, due to having to recall memories of his family in the process. It was around this time that he began to train himself aura and semblance-wise, both for the sake of himself and those that he would come in contact with in the future.

The week before he left Signal, he went back to the drawing board for his primary weapons; said weapons holding a primary form of whiplashes. He shifted the lash material into a more aura-friendly material. After graduating from Signal, he applied for and was accepted into Beacon.

His first year as a Freshman was a somewhat rocky one, as he attempted to get back into the swing of school life as a normal teenager would. Throughout that first year, he loosened up a bit more, regaining small bits of his joking persona and infusing it with a more mature, intellectual, and polite way of action, while saving his rebellious side for the more adrenaline-packed moments of life. He found his first team that year and made a good amount of friends both in and out of it, contributing to his gradual growing comfort of social life once more.

Team-wise, his luck seemed to be odd, as each year his team disbanded and he was assigned to a new one. Emergencies and other odd excuses seemed to come up often, messing with his team’s formation and whatnot. Despite his team hopping, he has continued smoothly with his classes, learning with ease and continuing with his high grade streak. The going was hard, as he still encountered the occasional aura and semblance outbursts, but by his third year at Beacon, he seemed to have his abilities under control for the most part.

Things seemed to finally go uphill for him upon his introduction to Beacon, and have continued to do so to the current day.

Personality: Somewhat mature in comparison to many others. Quite calm and polite when in his normal mood; Corvou is the type to respect most people if just the slightest bit, even if they happen to be one of the people he flat-out hates, or have the type of personality he dislikes.

Corvou does like to joke around quite a bit, yes; be it to just light up an interesting conversation, to just be humorous, or to lift someone’s mood. He tries his best to be considerate of others, though his somewhat sarcastic nature, and his dark and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor could get in the way of others seeing that until it’s a bit too late. Whenever he fully realizes that what he has said has negatively effected someone that he talked to, be it from just a one-time encounter or on a regular basis, he would more than likely meet them face to face in attempt to apologize and try to make amends.

Despite what one could possibly take note of his potential, unintentionally (most of the time) offensive and witty remarks upon their first encounter with him, the reptilian is always willing to lend a helping hand to those that he thinks need it the most. Underneath the layers of his being, he’s often glad to others around him when they need it, be it during their studies, combat training, or perhaps when they just need a shoulder to lean on and a person to talk to.

Many don’t know it, but Corvou actually has quite the way with words, and can be a smooth talker when he wishes to be. This aspect of him isn’t shown as often as the others, however, unless he feels like revealing it, is around friends (though normally won’t mean the things he says in this scenario), or is…well, drunk. In other words, he’s…basically a voluntary smooth talker. Sometimes he lets others see this side and plays along with it just to see their reactions, though knows when to stop for a good amount of the time.

It usually takes a lot to crack him mentally, but a way to light his fuse almost instantly is to either discriminate against others in his line of sight, or talk of family members while around him. There are many others things that could set him off, but those two things are the primary things that would piss him off the most. If either of these things happened, he would probably attempt to ask the person/people to politely stop, or perhaps interrogate them on occasion. Should they continue on without heeding what he had requested or asked of them, then it wouldn’t exactly take too long for him to lash out.

Deep within his soul, he also encases a hidden cage of depression, emotional instability, as well as a sense of insanity that burns inside of him day by day. It began to form soon after he had awoken from his coma and learned about the death of his direct family, and grew even worse as he attempted to refrain from accepting the fact. There had been the occasional friend of his when he finished his years at Signal that offered him a chance to talk about what had happened, but each time he refused to say even a word regarding it, thus making his unstable feeling worse. He knows that he needs to vent out his anger and depression in some way, though absolutely refuses to for two reasons.

One being that his mental health (or lack thereof) is the key to his semblance.
The second being that he doesn’t want to burden others with his trouble, rather listening to theirs and helping them in the same way that they would help him.

-He’s capable in maintaining a calm demeanor in most tight situations.
-He has a remarkable sense of night vision, due to being a Faunus.
-While his other attributes are as normal as they could be for a man of his stature and species, his physical strength seems to be augmented significantly.
-His reflexes are second to none.
-He tends to compose strategies with information he has learned over the years when he wants to.
-Once more, unless the two triggers mentioned in his personality are revealed to him, it takes a lot to crack him.

-If things prove to be too overwhelming, stressing, or quickly-paced, Corvou will have a higher chance of lashing out and losing his calmness.
-Though he has a remarkable sense of night vision, it could prove to be somewhat useless if he doesn’t have his contacts on. Should he forget to put them on for whatever reason, he could have some trouble navigating alone at night…and traveling at night is something he often does.
-Even before his comatose, his stamina seemed to be significantly lower stamina compared to others. This seemed to get slightly worse after the incident, though, through his years at Beacon, he has been gradually improving it.
-Sometimes when he’s just bored, he will just attack blindly and rashly for the most part in battle, which could cause potential problems.
-When he is triggered or is just overly stressed to the point of snapping, he’s fully overwhelmed by a surge of insanity, hatred, depression, and other things of the sort, even when his semblance isn’t activated. This usually causes him to lose his correct train of thought and to act far more aggressively than usual.
-Despite his polite exterior display, Corvou tends to hold grudges easily and for long periods at a time, if not until his dying breath. Given the situation lines up with matters, this, too, could prove to cause problems and tension.

Semblance: Corvou himself likes to refer to it as “Berserk.” While having his semblance enabled, his aura tends to surround his figure in a wild fashion, lashing out in a form that appears to be like a black and red fire. He can’t control it willingly when activating his semblance and that is why it takes on a pyre-like appearance. Of course, this is just more of a flashy look. Other than a potential vision block if his aura were to get visually out of control, this flaring display is basically harmless to the touch unless channeled through by one of his weapons, despite what its looks could potentially hint towards.

His semblance is truly emotion-driven, really. While keeping himself “Berserk,” he channels all of his inner negativity and shifts himself into a sort of trance. Said negativity gives him a great parameter boost by perhaps a sixfold base of what his normal abilities would have been, meaning he would have enhanced strength, speed, and stamina among other things. It is beneficial toward him, yet could prove to be severely unhealthy at the same time when looking at things from the mental aspect. Due to the accidents that had happened in his past, he always holds a sense of depression that he keeps locked within and away from others, which serves as a base for his semblance. Anything else that progresses to be stacked upon that base would be fuel his abilities further, and would enhanced his performance gradually by sevenfold and so on, the maximum increase for his parameters being by tenfold.

While he is granted a significant parameter boost while in this sort of trance, there is, of course, a downside his particular semblance. Corvou’s inner insanity basically takes the wheel whenever he unleashes his semblance. Because of this, it’s safe to say that it isn’t a good idea to be in close contact with him when Berserk is activated, regardless of whether the person in subject is an ally or opponent. He will often lash out at anyone who gets too close, though will be wearing the largest smile that one had ever seen while advancing forward, and would more than likely be laughing and spitting some witty remarks all the while, if not some completely psychotic gibberish.

The activation of Berserk is willing for the most part, alongside the deactivation. Ever since he had woken from his coma and discovered what had become of his family, he had been spending some time in private after getting back on his feet attempting to keep his abilities under control to some extent. Thus, he is able to turn his trance on and off willingly in most scenarios, unless he were so overly stressed that he truly couldn’t keep a right train of thought.

Normally, he gets a good amount of energy drained from his being after putting his semblance to rest willingly when he goes Berserk to the absolute breaking point, though usually still has enough strength left over to effectively walk around for a half hour before just knocking out. If worst comes to worst and his semblance gets too out of control and a willing deactivation proves to be impossible, he tends to have just a few minutes after he cools down before going on to fall unconscious unless he were to receive immediate attention and aid. The time that he can go with his semblance is actually quite long (able to remain activated for a little bit over twenty minutes maximum with his semblance skill), and, if he were to use it for perhaps thirteen minutes or less, his cooldown would only be equivalent to the amount of time that he used his semblance, rather than the whole, full-day cooldown that he recommends for himself.

After a few average usages of his semblance per day, he often refrains from using it until a few days pass, due to the fact that he tends to feel severely tired and strained for the next few days after doing so. Minor sores will linger throughout his muscles, and there is also a good chance that migraines will strike him for the next few days, as well. Unless he is absolutely forced to use it again before he has reached his full cooldown timespan, or if he intends to undergo his own sense of control training over his abilities, he will not use it again until he feels comfortable with doing so.


Name: Draconian Blaze

Primary Form: Takes the form of a dual set of whiplashes. Each lash has a handle that has multiple, cylinder-shaped metallic layers that can slide up and down, and lock in place. On the bottom of each handle is a sort of hook that can bind each lash by the bottom and hold them in place against each other.

The whiplashes themselves were initially composed of a rough, yet leather-like material. After Corvou awoke from his coma, he adjusted his weaponry a little bit in order to incorporate a type of material that would conduct aura with more ease, especially for when he has entered his Berserk state.

Should each individual lash be measured (excluding the handle when taking said measurements), they are each roughly six feet long.

Secondary Form: The cylindrical, metallic plates that surround the handles of each whiplash extend across both of the lashes themselves and lock in place, closing around the very tips of them and sealing them over to create a more staff-like form. They are still able to be bound together to create an elongated staff-type weapon and, if connected, can be separated in order to create a sort of dual set of staves/baton-like equipment.

Tertiary Form: Only able to be accessed if both whiplashes/staves are bound together by their handles. Small, circular sections all throughout either staff reveal themselves in order to allow aura to escape through them. When this happens, they continue to lash wildly outwards as it does when it surrounds his body, creating more fire-like appearances and driving one to think that each half of the weapon has some sort of fire blade. In order for the aura to be conducted effectively, Corvou has to be using his semblance, otherwise the channeled aura is too weak to make even the slightest bit of impact.

The tertiary form of Blaze is only used when Corvou has his semblance activated. When coursing throughout it, he can manipulate his aura to an extent in order to create minor blasts or shockwaves of sorts that are meant to deal extra damage to foes, should his weapons make contact with his opponent during an attack that he made.

History: Blaze was crafted by Corvou’s own hands back in his years at Signal Academy, not too long after he was enrolled and began his classes. Initially, they were just a simple whiplash-staff hybrid, incapable of any interesting and unique abilities for the most part. After awakening from his comatose state and gaining knowledge of his semblance, he returned to the school and made a somewhat major adjustment to his weaponry; said adjustment being the replacement of the first lash material that he had used to create Draconian Blaze.

He experimented with various materials in order to incorporate the conduction of his aura into it. Time and time again he had failed, and had nearly given up and just considered shifting back to the old material that his lashes were composed off before. After a few more tries, however, he got it down. The upgraded version of his weapon is the one that he wields in the current time.


Name: Twins of Dracul

Primary Form: The Twins of Dracul are a dual set of Dust-based assault rifles. They initially fired regular bullets, though Corvou altered their ammunition a bit, shifting them from the standard bullet to Dust bullets. One of the guns would shoot bullets infused with fire Dust, while the remaining would shoot bullets infused with ice Dust.

Secondary Form: N/A

Tertiary Form: N/A

History: The Twins were actually a hand-me-down from Corvou’s father. While the boy still attended Signal, his father would bring him out on occasion to practice with guns, despite the fact that his son seemed to take a primary interest in what seemed to be close combat. Of course, Corvou himself had always been interested in guns, as he told his father before he passed away time and time again, so he was always happy when he was brought out for shooting practice and things of the sort.

A month before the accident, Dracul had officially gifted his old, past weapons to Corvou. During that month, Corvou asked his father if he could experiment around with changing the bullet types. He agreed, and even helped out with the bullet crafting and experimentation. This continued for a week or two after the whole incident and his awakening.

To this day, he continues to craft his own Dust bullets, though keeps the original bullets stashed safely away as a sort of memento of his father, along with the other things that he keeps as mementos of his other family members.


Primary Theme ||| Give Me a Sign by Breaking Benjamin

Battle Theme - Normal ||| Comatose by Skillet

Battle Theme - Berserk ||| Hopeless by Breaking Benjamin


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