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Taeseung "Tyrrence" Kyon

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Taeseung "Tyrrence" Kyon Empty Taeseung "Tyrrence" Kyon

Post by Requiem on Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:09 pm


Name: Taeseung “Tyrrence” Kyon
(Prefers to go by Taeseung/Tae, but doesn’t mind being called Tyrrence/Ty for ease in pronunciation.)

Age: Eighteen years; born on the seventh day of the eighth month.

Gender: Male

Species: Faunus; human-wolf cross.

Symbol: The image of a tribal wolf head overlapping a circular figure (seemingly a moon) from the bottom left slightly. Three small, and slightly jagged markings are seen striking over the area where the eye would be, indicating scars.

Occupation: Beacon third-year, lead vocals/lead guitar for a band, part-time cook, weapons producer/blacksmith student, hobbyist/professional dancer, heir to the Ion weapons manufacturing company/combat camp.

Appearance: Taller than most others, standing at a height of six foot five. Weighing in at one hundred and seventy-five pounds, Taeseung has a build that enables him a good balance of both strength and speed alike. His eyes are of a bright, aquamarine color. His hair is somewhat short, and is naturally a light, bluish slate color with black fringes to the right. He uses hair gel to brush/spike it upwards, while also sweeping it partially over his right eye. Both eyes of his are a bold blue, though are heterochromatic due to the fact that the right eye is slightly brighter and a bit more faded in coloring compared to the left. A little bit of facial hair is seen; light sideburns graze the sides of his head, fade away a little bit, and then resume once more further down the lower jaw and chin in a small goatee. On either ear, one would see a line of onyx stud piercings lining up the rim in the helix design. On the very top of his left ear would be a ring piercing, which is connected to the primary stud on the earlobe by a small chain.

He is a Faunus, yes, so he does share similar traits to the animal that he represents: the wolf. Poking through either side of his head and hair are a pair of short-furred canine ears. Alongside this, he also has longer and sharper nails on either hand that are more of an ebon color, as well as a canine tail. His tail, somewhat like his ears, are short-furred, yet long enough to carry a bit of poofiness. His teeth are also the slightest bit more pointed than most; especially the canines, which are sharp and long enough to actually overlap his bottom lip, much like a dog’s.

His attire is semi-casual and somewhat simple, for the most part. On his upper body, he has three layers. The first is a graphic tank top. Over that, there is a collared button up shirt, and over that is a vest. A tie is fixed tightly and neatly beneath his shirt’s collar. As for his lower body, he wears a pair of chained jeans with either black dress shoes or athletic shoes. He also wears a studded belt; more for fashion, rather than to actually hold his lower body wear up.

Both his tank top and button up shirt are normally seen tucked loosely beneath the waistband of his jeans.

History: Taeseung was born on August seventh to Huntsman and Ion Industries CEO Jihyuk Kyon and Huntress Hyeso Choi as their first child and son. From birth, he lived a pretty pampered life. He got basically everything he wanted, went to every event that he wished to go to, did nearly everything that he wanted to do. And, to top it all off, he was rich beyond belief. Being the eldest son of a man who ran a triple-cross industry that manufactured both Dust and weapons, and also ran a large-scale combat camp, it was needless to say that he shared access to quite the fortune.

So, Tae lived his life. For a little while, he didn’t go to school to learn; rather, his father brought his school to him. Jihyuk hired multiple teachers and tutors to drop by on a customary school schedule, and even had a sort of classroom sector built on the mansion grounds in which he and his family lived upon. They were top-class tutors who were paid top-class Lien, so it was safe to say that Taeseung acquired a high-class education despite being home schooled for the first few years of his existence. Both his intellect and combat skills were honed as he was taught by his teachers and was mentored by several people who worked for the combat camp that Ion Industries triple-sided as. Given eight years had passed since his birth, his father would have arranged for his private studies to end, that way he could continue his schooling at a public school to get him used to social activity.

He attended Sanctum Academy, immediately getting along with the more social kids in his class and school due to his natural, charismatic personality, though was often viewed as your typical, snobbish rich kid almost instantly by a lot of kids, despite his inner beliefs and thoughts and whatnot. However, he knew these things and didn’t let them get in his way, instead continuing on with his schooling years with the friends that he had made.

When he was twelve, he became close to a new group of people that he befriended; these ones still social like he was, though were a lot more sensitive to others’ feelings and showed more care for those around them, in contrast to the previous parties that Tae had hung out with. Within said group, he met a certain girl by the name of Cecilia Revelez. He considered everyone in the group one of his ‘best buddies,’ though the boy secretly did admire her significantly more than the rest for numerous reasons.

Tae himself knew that he was a bit of a showoff and whatnot, alongside rash and kind of impatient at times, and these qualities often drove others away or easily angered people, even his friends on occasion. She, however, was one of the only ones that seemed to calmly dismiss this persona of his and reply to it with an equal amount of charisma and vigor. The two basically became best friends with their similarities, and it’s needless to say that they developed some feelings for one another throughout the years. They talked often during breaks and after school with friends, eventually making a restaurant their little meeting place and hangout as Taeseung began to develop a culinary interest, eventually sharpening his skills in the kitchen and earning himself a job there as a side activity.

Around the time that he turned fifteen and was nearing his last year at Sanctum with his friends, Taeseung decided to confess his affection to her and, of course, he found out that the feeling was mutual. Their relationship was made official a day or so after his confession, and continued on through that year, as well as their last year at Sanctum.

The both of them and the majority of their friends applied for Beacon, and most of them were accepted. Both Tae and Cecilia were among the accepted members, of course. While they were out shopping for supplies in preparation for the move to Beacon, Cecilia told Tae that she would be heading to another store across the street to look for something in the district, and walked outside of the building after telling him this. A minute or so after she did so, he, as well as the other people in the supply store, would hear the sounds of tires screeching and multiple, mixed screams from outside. The majority of the people in the store, Tae included, rushed out in a rush of concern and curiosity.

As things turned out, the cause of the commotion was a drunk driver. The screeching was created by the driver losing control of the wheel and swerving around quite a bit, mowing a few people who were crossing the street down in the process. After this happened, his car tipped over and crashed into another car, which recoiled quite a bit and was sent through the wall of a nearby building. Nearly everyone in the incident died, and those who were still alive were just clinging to life by a whim.

Cecilia was one of the several who were hit, and was one of the ones who died on impact.

So, Taeseung found out, and soon afterwards, Cecilia’s family did, as well. Both his and her families paid the funeral costs after coming to an agreement that they would both contribute. He was still struck with grief perhaps a month or so after the service, though forced himself to push on and return to his normal way of living. His normal way of action returned as he began his first year at Beacon, though part of it masked the lingering sadness that he still feels for the event to this day.

Losing the one that he loved and was understood by the most at the time was something he wouldn’t get over that easily. As a sort of tribute to her, he wrote a certain song in her memory (which, of course, is actually “Take My Hand” by Simple Plan in the real world). Having taken lessons quite a few instruments and vocals, he created the song with a melody to match his fast and upbeat persona, though gave it lyrics that reflected a sense of how he felt about the somewhat recent event in his past. He has sung it numerous times with his band/friends at clubs, mansion parties, and sometimes even just to himself just because.

Rather than holding himself back with her death, he has fully decided to live his life to the fullest; both for his sake, and for hers. Because of this, he has grown even more charismatic and spontaneous than he was beforehand. However, just because he’s decided to move on doesn’t mean that he’s actually forgotten about it. In addition, the relationship subject is somewhat iffy for him; he doesn’t mind the thought of getting in a relationship with another, but it’s safe to say that he’ll be a bit internally tormented from the subject because of his past.

Personality: Cocky, arrogant, and showoff are three of the dominant qualities that Tae possesses, as well as the things that one will notice about him right off the bat from the first word he speaks. He’s extremely confident in his abilities and excessively proud in his family background, as well as how he’s the eldest son and the heir to a wealthy, higher-than-decent manufacturing group: Ion Industries. His confidence level is very high, and he thinks that his way and ideas (almost always being a plan of just rushing in and killing the foe(s)) have a surefire chance of working every single time so long as he’s around, even when he’s only thought of said idea for a little bit of time. Because of this, he can be a bit stubborn and a little impatient when having to listen to the input of others, and still considers his way the ‘best’ almost all of the time when a truly better plan is thrown out there.

He’s one for having fun; his definition of fun being holding large parties for his friends and those around him, attending mass events at clubs (or just hitting a club for the Hell or it), or other things of the sort. If he’s not partaking in some rave of sorts, then he’s probably hosting it himself. His goal when in general is to make others around him feel the adrenaline coursing throughout their veins and to make them live a positive rush that they’ll never forget while giving them a notice of his ‘rank’ in society, and he does a good job of that both off and on the stage with his band. With his personality, it’s needless to say that he has a significantly high sense of charisma, and has no problem at all with taking charge. In fact, it’s the position that he’d rather have.

Being from a family of high wealth, Taeseung has a large bank account under his will, and is often seen displaying that in high amounts by eating at the fanciest restaurants, ordering lots of custom-made and expensive merchandise, and other things of the sort. Most would more than likely see him as your stereotypical rich kid: smooth with words; sometimes really pushy; excessively proud of his business and lineage (and gets a bit urked when someone hasn’t heard of his family or company); always yearns to be in the spotlight; thinks that he’s ‘above’ everyone else; uncaring for those who are poor and in poverty. So on, and so forth. Which…he actually is, excluding the last two things stated previously. Truth be told, he actually does aim to treat everyone around him as an equal, be they human or Faunus, and actually keeps an open mind to the poor and wouldn’t mind sparing some of his family’s fortune for their cause. So…though he takes the image of your normal rich kid, he actually does have a good heart and good intentions.

It’s just…really hard to tell when slapped with a first impression of his. Because…well, ‘cocky,’ ‘arrogant,’ and ‘showoff’ aren’t really the most attractive personality traits.

Something else to take note of that doesn’t have to do with his normal persona, however, is how he has a more…feral feel about him. Compared to some other wolf Faunus, he’s more likely to react to things as a wolf would; an example being that he’d growl at the sight of danger, or maybe howl to catch the attention of others. That being said…yes, he does have a wolf’s mating needs on occasion. So…there’s that, and something to take note of.

-Actually pretty intelligent and achieves high-marking grades.
-His personality basically makes him a natural-born and charismatic leader.
-High skill in hunting and combat, from being trained by his mother and father, as well as various mentors from his homeschooling days.
-Knows his way around Dust and a good majority of weapons, due to the fact that he comes from a family who runs a weapons/Dust manufacturing company.
-Due to partaking in his own personal exercise sessions for nearly a decade, his stamina is remarkably high. Sharing his genes with the wolf, whose stamina is naturally marked above decent, only adds on to this.
-His sense of smell is significantly sharper than a human’s due to being a wolf Faunus.
-Highly overconfident in his abilities. This main quality of his basically makes him solid and fearless in what he does, so he doesn’t let many things get in his way.

-Often thinks that his way is the best, so he doesn’t give others’ opinions much of a listen most of the time.
-Once again, highly overconfident in his abilities. While this basically makes him fearless and high-achieving, this could also lead to miscalculations and trouble.
-Grows stubborn and impatient when his ideas and methods are challenged and/or questioned.
-Hates it when the spotlight is taken from him. Rarely will he willingly give and/or allow attention to be taken away from him, but when he does, it’s normally because something is really wrong.
-Prideful habits in his family name and company could get out of hand and annoying to others.
-A heavy showoff. This could spark potential and unnecessary rivalries and provoke some people.
-For him, cockiness and overconfidence go hand in hand a lot. If a foe were to get injured enough for him to have a good advantage, he would more than likely get blinded by his ‘accomplishment’ with a witty tongue, leaving an opening to turn the tables.
-His feral instincts could prove to be troublesome in even (and perhaps especially) the tightest of situations.

Semblance: Charge and Destroy ||| Taeseung is able to charge objects with an amount of explosive energy. When one of his limbs comes in contact with a subject of observation, he can form a sort of electrical kinetic mine that he can set off at will, considering that he’s within forty yards of the mine in mind. They also give off some amount of light, so, at times, he may just place them on some structures as a source of light, should a lack of natural light or a manmade source of light be present, and just make them explode when he’s done with them.

It takes a couple of seconds for him to make the smallest possible mine when in undisturbed contact with something. It grows larger every second or so, and is at its largest size after maybe seven seconds of contact. He can make several bombs at a time in different places, but the more bombs that he makes, the longer his cooldown time is. A single, normal-sized mine would more than likely take a half a minute for a cooldown. Small bombs would take maybe a quarter of a minute, and large ones would take probably take much more time; maybe five minutes per large mine, due to the amount of aura and focus he must put into this mine type. He is capable of creating mines of various sizes and numbers beyond his comfort zone, but it would most likely cause him a great deal of pain and stress after the event, if not during. Said pain would be so excruciating to the point of possibly passing out. Because of this, he refrains from doing this unless it’s absolutely needed/as a last resort.

At maximum, he can create maybe six small mines, four medium-sized, and maybe just one or two large-sized. Upon explosion, the mines dispel a few shockwaves of kinetic energy. Small ones wouldn’t do much damage unless used in close proximities and in small numbers, medium ones would be capable of actually doing damage by themselves and maybe even blowing a faint crater, and large mines would more than likely just blow a dent in the ground, alongside a strong and painful outburst of electricity, should one be caught even near the explosion radius.

Smaller mines typically hold a blast radius of three feet. Medium mines have a radius of six or seven feet, and larger mines have a radius of maybe fourteen feet.


Name: Romulus and Remus

Primary Form: A dual set of sharp, black-bladed swords. Each sword’s handle curves around and connects itself to the upper part of the handle, creating a sort of guard for the hand. Due to the way that Taeseung wields Romulus and Remus (defensive positions with the blades pointing downward when held vertically), these handle curves are actually pretty useful.

Within the blade of both Romulus and Remus are several narrowed chambers that each serve as Dust containments. By using a small dial on either sword’s handle, he can set it so that a decent amount of Dust is expelled with each successful strike that he lands with either blade. Each sword has three different types of Dust: Lightning, Ice, and Fire. Each dial has five settings: standard, which just uses no dust at all; Pyre, which uses Fire Dust and burns on contact; Frost, which uses Ice Dust and produces a chilling and slightly numbing feeling; Shock, which uses Lightning Dust and is capable of stunning and briefly paralyzing/restricting some movement; and Destructive, which uses all types of Dust at once. Using many types of Dust at once for a single cause would probably produce some explosive results, and thus the last mode that the swords can be shifted to is called Destructive. Because of the disastrous results that it could cause, Taeseung also refrains from using this specific mode on either blade unless power is absolutely needed.

Secondary Form: N/A

Tertiary Form: N/A

History: One of the later weapons that Tae’s father made him after the growth of his company. A finer product of the Ion industries, as well as Taeseung’s very first weapon. Gifted to him by his father. Was altered and tested several times in order to tolerate the stress of his semblance’s effects.


Name: Melodious Vocalizer

Primary Form: A normal-looking microphone stand with the microphone itself. When used for performances, it could either be wireless or plugged in to a speaker; it just depends on Taeseung’s preference on stage. The microphone is wireless as well, but can be tightened further in place when slid into the mic clip via a screw that tightens the bottom of the microphone to the middle of the inner section of the clip.

A couple of channels are seen coursing around both the mic stand and the microphone itself; each channel hosting a flow of both Lightning and Ice Dust. In the primary form, Tae normally just uses the Dust to create his own sort or chain of special effects while on stage, and to pump out the crowds that he’s performing for.

Secondary Form: The stand itself extends a bit, and the disc at the bottom that helped support its upright position compresses inwards and creates a sort of stub at the bottom of the pole. The microphone connected to it shifts in form, switching from a vocalizing device to a scythe head. The channels that were shown all throughout the mic stand and the microphone continue to swirl around the blade portion of the scythe head, and spiral in two different channels down the staff, ending in two separate containers in the stub created by the disc.

Operational ports can be seen on the blade. Like Romulus and Remus, it has a few little levers that provide several weapon modes. There are three in total. When the first is activated, the ports open upon each successful strike that he lands, and flurries of Ice Dust are released to create a chilling and somewhat numbing sensation in high doses. The second latch releases Lightning Dust, which, like how it functions in Romulus and Remus, has high capabilities of stunning and shocking. The third latch activates both Dust modes at once.

Tertiary Form: N/A

History: A more recent product of Ion’s blueprints, though not quite the latest of weaponry that they have produced and introduced to the world of Remnant. Unlike Romulus and Remus, Vocalizer was more of a personally-crafted weapon. Taeseung himself began crafting it after being taught about various types of weapons, and completed it with some help from his father. Based upon his love and side hobby for music and band-related events; on stage, he uses Vocalizer as his own personal microphone with minor Dust effects to spice up performances, and a hefty scythe off stage with good Dust capabilities and enhancements.

Much like Romulus and Remus, Vocalizer was put through numerous tests and alterations in order to allow it to withstand the stress that would come from using it as the object of Tae’s semblance.


Name: Feral Symphony

Primary Form: A simple, electronic violin; complete with the bow. In this form, it’s safe to assume that it isn’t used as a full-fledged weapon quite yet; rather, a simple musical instrument to be played.

Secondary Form: A submachine gun; most resembling to the QCW-05 model. It doesn’t really differ much from most other machine guns, as it’s basically built and fired the same way as the others. The main difference to take note of is that, rather than normal bullets, he uses Dust bullets. The types of Dust used in these bullets are the same as the ones used in his other weapons: Fire, Ice, and Lightning/Electricity. He carries two clips per Dust type. Each clip holds fifty bullets each.

Tertiary Form: N/A

History: Crafted to follow the basic qualities seen within the most recent products of the Ion corporation. While it holds the normal shifting abilities seen within most other student-held weapons, it’s also infused with a few more Dust combinations that the company has been known to use and experiment with as it’s grown.


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