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Arus Centre [420 Blaze It] (Check)

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Arus Centre [420 Blaze It] (Check) Empty Arus Centre [420 Blaze It] (Check)

Post by Purpose on Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:42 pm


Name: Arus Centre

Age: 18

Gender: Biologically Female but doesn't really identify with a gender. Goes by any pronouns.

Species: Faunus (Arabian Leopard Faunus; Tail Hidden in pants)

Call Sign/Symbol: A leopard and bull silhouette, both with nose rings

Occupation/Student Year: Druggie/ Second Year

Appearance: Arus is around 140 pounds in weight, and roughly 5"9 in height. Silver straight bangs droop down past bright, chartreuse eyes, fluffed up in the back with longer, slightly wavy strands in the front. Being of arabian decent, his complexion is well tanned and the perfect shade. Adorned with a rose ring and many upper ear earrings, these accessories only come in a silver color. He usually walks barefoot, with bandages around his lower legs, ending above his ankles.  Dressed in with a long, sleeveless top and puffy bottoms, he's prepped and ready to go.

History: Arus was born in a small faunus village along the bottom of 2 parallel cliffs that created a ravine. Here, born intersex, forcibly had her male genitalia removed by doctors, and grew up not really identifying with either gender. Male hormones and female hormones are perfectly balanced, giving Arus an androgynous look.The leopard faunus proceeded to go to Signal, where he caught up in quite the crowd and became a stoner. Despite his laid back demeanor, he was surprised to find he had made his way to Beacon, despite his lack of..... Not being high all the time.

Personality: Arus is usually found, high and faded at any point of the day. It's very rare to find him out of this state at all. When you do, she has an incredible sense of humor and is generally a nice gal without much issue. Although, he is a bit introverted and can't get into large crowds. When he's high, she's quite a favorite amongst people. Her sense of humor goes down, and she laughs at the silliest, simplest things. She's the friend who will laugh at all your terrible jokes. Since her hair is always in her eyes, she's generally confused if it's night or day, and will praise the first person to move the hair from her eyes as "The Sun God". Whoever places it back will be revered as "The Moon God". He's clumsy and falls often. He's generally unbothered by touching but doesn't enjoy any piercing pulling.

+Fantastic Vision at night and in dark areas
+Climbing ability. Being a leopard faunus has it's ups.
+Strength. Arus has no problem bench pressing about twice her weight.
+Agility. Flexible and lithe, Arus is able to dodge circles around slower paced fighters.
+Lack of resistance. Being high makes Arus the least resistant person. Will not hold back.

-Focus. Arus gets distracted faster than young children in a toy store.
-Speed. An injury from childhood leaves a slight limp from her left leg. This is a weak point.
-Hair blocking Vision. Someone will have to pin it up for him before a fight.

Semblance:Cockatrice- The user's eyes turn bright yellow, and gazing into them causes a paralyzing fear. Prolonged exposure can trigger seizures or even a heart attack. Breaking eye contact breaks the spell, and both eyes are required, so even closing one eye disrupts the connection. The duration of this for Arus is a max of 5 minutes, but his lack of focus will cause him to disrupt the connection at about 3 minutes. His cool down for this usually a minimum of 45 minutes.


Name: 4/20 (Nicknamed: Snoop)

First Form: Silver claws attached to the fingers. Often laced with dampened acid tads to cause victim to "trip".

Second Form: Claws are lengthed to the size of the forearm. Same properties as above.

History: Given to him via Father

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Arus Centre [420 Blaze It] (Check) Empty Re: Arus Centre [420 Blaze It] (Check)

Post by Paige weaver on Wed May 20, 2015 4:34 pm

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