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Niles Tyrian (First Year)

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Niles Tyrian (First Year) Empty Niles Tyrian (First Year)

Post by Strategist14 on Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:08 am


Name: Niles Tyrian

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Crow Faunus (feathers in hair, talons)

Call Sign/Symbol: The purple outline of a bird's claw.

Student Year: First Year

Appearance: Niles is 167 cm (about 5’6) tall and olive-skinned, with purple eyes.  His short-cut black hair is interspersed with feathers that betray his nature as a faunus.
Niles's armor is unadorned and minimalistic, consisting of a pair of golden vambraces that cover his forearms - his lower arms are covered by the much-more-intricate gauntlets that make up his weapons.  He also wears a pair of aesthetically-similar greaves, which run up to slightly above his knees.  A supply of red Dust inside the greaves can be partially ignited to cause a small explosion, enough to launch Niles a short distance into the air.  Hypothetically they could also be used to kick somebody and blow them up, but Niles has no training in fighting in such a way so he usually doesn’t even bother to try.
Underneath his armour (which leaves his main body and outfit entirely unconcealed), Niles wears a plain white muscle shirt and a pair of shorts, as well as a black leather belt.  Hanging from this belt is a small pouch filled with sand.  He also wears a purple cape.

History: Niles originally hailed from the kingdom of Vacuo.  In particular, a small "village" called Thebes, just outside Vacuo's walls.  The Tyrian family, the landowners and a group of self-proclaimed nobles, has a history in Thebes, fighting a constant war with Grimm to claim the territory.  Vacuo officials have attempted to intervene and provide assistance in reclaiming the area numerous times, but have been refused every time.  Fighting to reclaim the village only to lose it months or years later is something of a family tradition at this point.
Seeing that this back-and-forth clearly isn't working, Niles's goal in attending Beacon is to pick up new techniques that may work better than the Vacuo-based ones that have been used traditionally.  Maybe also find someone to bring into the family, hint hint?

Personality: Niles is one of those people obsessed with being the best.  He's incredibly competitive, with the caveat that he's an extremely gracious loser.  He WANTS to lose, to be shown there are better ways to do things.  He won't copy them, of course, but if he always wins then there's no point in studying here at all, is there?  Failure gives him something to strive towards.
When outside of combat, Niles generally divides people into two tiers:  Those he considers his superiors, who he can learn from; and those who cannot offer him anything.  To the former group he acts with the utmost respect, deferring to their advice or judgement and obeying their requests.  The latter, he almost entirely ignores.  Not trying to be rude, he just doesn’t think there’s any point in actively interacting with them, though he won’t ignore a meeting initiated by the other party.  The only exception to this rule would be if someone else were in danger, regardless of tier.  It’s his role to either assist his superiors or to protect his inferiors, after all.

+ Well-armoured, relative to the rest of the RWBY-verse
+ Semblance is useful both in and out of combat
+ Extremely versatile combat style
+ Experienced in fighting with his weapon and semblance
+ Used to being in formal events, able to use his pseudo-nobility to get a favour where someone else might not.
+ Loyal to his allies, once he considers them to have proven themselves worthy

- Physically weak
- Not particularly fast
- Not very good at any of his myriad fighting options.  Where others specialize, he’s got a whole bunch of methods that he’s average to poor at.
- Extremely proud, and often unwilling to admit to being wrong without sufficient proof.  That proof usually requires beating him up.
- Old-fashioned, and dead-set in family tradition.
- Finds it difficult to make allies.  He’s not the best at first impressions.

Semblance: Paint Form
Niles can melt into the surface of solid objects such as walls and flooring, turning into a pool of paint (his namesake shade of purple) that can travel along the surface.  This movement ignores gravity, meaning he can travel up walls and along ceilings.  Important note: It isn’t literal paint, it’s just a coloured patch on a wall.  He just refers to it as his paint form.
Niles can bring items (including his weapons and armour) with him, and can also forcibly embed objects or leave them behind after him when he re-emerges.  These objects can remain in place for up to an hour without his influence before they start to slide back out - less time if he only puts them in partway.
By augmenting his semblance with dust, Niles can leave a trail of matter where his paint form travels: frost, fire, stone, and so on.


Name: Noblesse and Oblige

First Form: A pair of bronze gauntlets that run up to his elbows.  Covered in tiny bladed scales of metal, similar in form to a cheese grater, which can be folded down to make the surface smooth.  His fingertips (read: talons) are left uncovered, both for comfort and because they’re already sharp and solid enough for his purposes.  Attached to the ends of the elbows are large cylinders of metal, roughly the size of footballs, used for battering foes into submission.
Worth noting is that neither of the gauntlets has a particular claim to either name - as long as one is Noblesse and one is Oblige, he doesn’t care which is which.

Second Form: Each gauntlet can rotate the weighted cylinder at the elbow end towards the front, where they fit over Niles’s hands.  These both protect him from injuries and let him improve his punching ability, at the sacrifice of the manual dexterity that access to his hands would provide.  Doing this causes the aforementioned cheese grater to take effect on anything hanging onto the elbow-mounted cylinders at the time, as it is scraped along the layered blades.

Third Form: Finally, the weighted cylinders can be launched away from the rest of the gauntlet to serve as either grappling hooks or pseudo-projectiles, which are connected by wire to the rest of the gauntlet.  Niles can channel his semblance through these, allowing the featureless cylinders to partially enter any surface they impact.  In this way, he can easily get a grip on something otherwise impossible to wrap a grappling hook around, such as a flat building or an angry Grimm.
The grappling hooks do not necessarily need to be launched the full length.  By extending them only a few feet each, they become heavy arm-mounted flails.

History: Noblesse and Oblige are variants of an ancestral weapon design, used for generations by the Tyrian lineage.  The original design called for hooked spikes in place where Niles has his cylindrical weights, but when his own pair was being forged he requested the modification, so that it would better suit his semblance.  Making such a request is not considered an infrequent occurrence, so it was a particularly simple adjustment to make.


Name: Impractically Large Shield

First Form: A really big circular shield.  Like, too big to be actually useful for blocking with, because you need both hands to pick it up in the first place.  A full meter in diameter - seriously, this thing is ridiculous.  It doesn’t even have a strap or any way to hold it, it’s just a big bronze disc.  If Niles bothers lugging this around with him at all, it’s usually easiest to just roll it along beside him.  The shield is utterly featureless and polished to the point of functioning as a mirror.

History: He wanted a shield for when he arrived in Vale, and he wanted a really really good one, and he figured that bigger is better, right?  Before setting off from Vacuo, Niles commissioned a smith in Vale to make him a large shield.  The smith didn’t realize, however, that Niles was severely overestimating his own size.  Subsequently, he gave him exactly what he asked for - which just happened to be almost totally useless once Niles actually arrived to pick it up.  Niles is far too proud to admit his mistake, however, and insists the shield is exactly as he’d intended it to be while he leaves it under his bed for ninety-nine percent of the time.

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Niles Tyrian (First Year) Empty Re: Niles Tyrian (First Year)

Post by Paige weaver on Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:40 am

approved i will move in the morning to the approved section.
Paige weaver
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Niles Tyrian (First Year) Empty Re: Niles Tyrian (First Year)

Post by Strategist14 on Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:14 am

Alright. So, now that I've got a character, where do I go from here? Wait for a team that needs a new member?

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Niles Tyrian (First Year) Empty Re: Niles Tyrian (First Year)

Post by Strategist14 on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:00 am

Changelog: Added links to colour and icon, modified costume, removed length of chain. Reduced speed to make up for the fact that having armour on both arms and legs is actually pretty huge defence in RWBY.

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Niles Tyrian (First Year) Empty Re: Niles Tyrian (First Year)

Post by Requiem on Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:09 pm

Seems fine. Reapproved!

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Niles Tyrian (First Year) Empty Re: Niles Tyrian (First Year)

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