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Panya Utusuki [Fancy Footed Rat] (WIP)

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Panya Utusuki [Fancy Footed Rat] (WIP) Empty Panya Utusuki [Fancy Footed Rat] (WIP)

Post by Purpose on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:10 am


Name: Panya Utusuki

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Fancy Rat Faunus

Call Sign/Symbol: The silhouette of a rat with it's mouth opened wide

Occupation(s)/Student Year:

Appearance: (Picture to come)
This rat faunus stands at a whooping 5" even, a small yet dense gal. Most of her weight comes from pure muscle mass which is evident in her abs that she often brags of. Her hair is cut somewhat shorter in the back, causing it to fluff up and fray out, while her bangs remain long enough to cover the tops of her eyes. This fluffy mass of hair is thick and soft, and although is naturally black, comes in a softer whiteish-grey tone. She has a bit of chub in her cheeks, making them completely squish-able. Due to rat faunus genes, she's also equipped with large, rounded ears and a set of over-sized front teeth to match. Her thicker tail hangs low and drags if she is not holding it up. Ethnically, Panya is Blasian which explains for her darker skin tone yet Asian features alike. Her eyes are a bright hazel hue.

Her attire usually consist of a normal school top cropped short under her (lack of) boobs. A jacket is often seen tied around her waist, and her legs equipped with short shorts.








First Form:

Second Form:

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