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Jack Elijah Rooney-King (or JERK)

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Jack Elijah Rooney-King (or JERK) Empty Jack Elijah Rooney-King (or JERK)

Post by Purpose on Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:55 pm


Name: Jack Elijah Rooney-King

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Kangaroo Faunus (Sports Large ears and the thick tail)

Call Sign/Symbol:

Occupation/Student Year: Camp Instructor/ Year 2

Appearance: Jack stands at six (6) feet even, and appears to weigh about 150 pounds due to his muscle mass. Due to being a kangaroo faunus, he does have a bit of muscle bulk on him, giving him a very fit, athletic look. His front bangs are pulled and clipped back, with the rest of his hair falling in whichever way it wants. His thick hair is a russet color, a nice brown with red and orange undertones. Oddly enough, his eyelashes are long as well, sometimes giving his eyes a more feminine appearance. His eyes are a mossy forest green, complementing the color of his hair. His tanned skin is adorned with an array of scratches, bruises, and scars as he is always an active fighter and explorer. It's rather rare to see him in full health, considering he tends to love to bump heads with others.

His outfit consists of 3 layers of shirts. A sleeveless white button up exists as the bottom layer, with a long black baggy sleeveless shirt over it so only the collar and end tips of the bottom of the button up stick out. On top, he wears a red open sleeveless vest with a large J on the back. An alternative to this 3 layer mess is a red letterman varsity jacket, complete with the Beacon logo on the back. He usually wears a bear of bermuda khaki shorts, and a pair of converse/all-stars. Around his neck is a set of dog tags with his initials carved into them.

Due to his faunus heritage, he is equipped with a large set of kangaroo ears, as well as a thick, muscle bound tail for a sundry of different uses.

History: Originates from town mostly full of marsupial faunus. From cradle to crawling to his first staggering steps, Jack always showed incredible prowess and a will to fight. His parent’s enrolled him in Signal as soon as he was able, and then once his schooling there drew to a close, applied to Beacon.

Personality: Jack is a rather easy going and outspoken lad. He’s always rather friendly, extending a hand to the quiet and introverted. He has a strong love for jokes and pranks, although, may not be the best out there in either of these categories. His outward personality lead him to becoming a bit of a spotlight hog when he gets the chance, although, does seem to notice when he’s pushing people’s buttons and boundaries and will withdraw to give others space. Mentally, his brain is always rattling and going off on tangents, and it is rather difficult to get him to focus on a single thing at once. His classes prove rather challenging often a times, due to his always wandering mind.

When in groups of other extroverts, he likes to enjoy himself and party a bit. With introverts, he slows down a bit, but never fully enough to make them feel truly comfortable with him. He loves to push and test their boundaries, as well as drag them outside of their comfort zone. He’s always ready to fight, no matter how little the circumstance surrounding his feelings.

+Balance. Due to his tail, it's rather difficult to trip him up or knock him off his feet.
+Strength. Thanks to his size and a serious amount of training, he's able to hit harder.
+Speed. Always moving. Always.

-Blinded by Anger. If challenged or threatened, his automatic response is fight, which may not be the safest bet.
-Stealth. He couldn't sneak up on a blind deaf man. He's a heavy footed walker, and somehow just gives off a vibe like 24/7.
-Adrenalin Junkie. He loves the rush and thrill, so he may purposely put himself in an unnecessarily dangerous situation.
-Silence. When he’s anxious or nervous, he may begin to thump his foot unconsciously, giving away his position.

Semblance: War Paint- Contact with blood boosts the user's speed and strength. The greater the skin surface area in contact with blood, the greater the boost. It does not matter whose blood is used.


Name: Stro/Bel

First Form: A pair of large, fist-oriented gauntlets. There are spikes that adorn the knuckles and the tips of the fingers. / An oversized wooden boomerang

History: Made for him by his father.


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