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Sarah edin

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Post by Paige weaver on Wed Oct 01, 2014 9:27 pm


Sarah Eden
fox faunas

Call sign/symbol:
twins swords being broken by a laser

job/student year if your a student:
1st year student professional stalker

( ) first picture one on right is  combat one left is non combat
Height: 5'6"
Weight: !45 pounds
all other stuff is in the picture so yea ignore tail.

Born in the vale Sarah never really had a good life living with a rather mean family and racist neighbors. Sarah slowly spiraled into madness finding things to obsesses over such as a local boy named ryan Matthews. She began to follow the boy learning more and more about him in tell she fell in love with him. as she grew up her family sent her every summer to a small village named clear cliff to work and bring money back home. On one of her few days off from working the Fields she met a girl who became her friend so she spent most of her time with her when she was over in clear cliff. As she grew she  ran away from home to become a hunter like the boy she loved so much first she went to signal then started her first year at beacon all the while keeping in contact with Sierra her dear friend from clear cliff.

Sarah is rather dark to every one but her Friends and love interests even going as far as attacking people that piss her off. Sarah has a rather cruel sense of humor and gets much joy off of watching things suffer. When around her Friends she is kind hearted and nice to them as much as possible going out of her way to do what ever she can for them to a fault.

Extreme speed: Sarah is very fast to the point of being able to out run beowolfs at full speed.

Blade master: Do to her time in clear cliff she learned how to fight with a blade.

Faunas traits: Like most of her kind she has very good eyes and hearing able to see in the dark as it was day.

Mid range doom: Sarah has both weapons for short range and long range Sarah is perfect for any situation.

Low pain tolrance: The name says it all

No semblance: Sarah has yet to discover her semblance.

Broke as Jet: No money at all to the point she cant buy things for her self at all.

Not yet discovered

god slayers kit.
first Form:
Picture for reference. The kit is two swords and a ranged weapon that fires out small blasts  that look like lasers but are not laser! they fire in quick bursts that last about .2 seconds per shot. Shots are charged by dust and each cannon can have up to 10 shots before reload.
Her blades are connected to very strong string that will not break from a blade so she will not lose her blades at all and can use them as a somewhat ranged weapon.

History: Sarah made the kit when she went to beacon it first started out as a single swords but she upgraded it over the months.
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