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Destiny "Corrine" Ito

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Destiny "Corrine" Ito Empty Destiny "Corrine" Ito

Post by Requiem on Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:37 pm

Eeeeeeh, I don't care if there's, like, a week-long wait that you have to wait between character acceptances. I'll just post both up here and wait for both to be accepted within the according times. If I have to take one of them off until one character is accepted and the wait is over, then...meh. I'll do it. Later.


Birthname: Destiny Faith Ito ; The Grimm Gamer
Primary Alias: Corrine “Cori” Ichijou ; Name used for school registration, job applications, and normal conversation among other things such as normal purchases and whatnot.

Age: Nineteen years of age; born on the seventh day of the first month.

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Call sign/symbol: (Two symbols for each calling as they follow)

As Destiny: An image of a broken, uneven scale. A symbol of unbalance, tragedy, and anarchy.

As Corrine: An image of a mask that has half a happy expression and half a sad expression. A symbol of emotional instability, sadness, and confusion.

job/student year if you're a student: Professional hacker, pro gamer, diehard otaku, weapon smith, renegade (bounty) hunter, assassin, thief, Beacon third-year, parkour artist.

Appearance: Somewhat short and thin, standing at four foot nine and weighing in at a mere ninety-five pounds. Has hair of a natural white coloring and eyes of a bright amber; both of which are occasionally concealed for sake of separate identities. She likes to keep her hair somewhat short (ending an inch or two above the shoulders when let down), but her bangs long enough to partially or fully conceal one or both of her eyes, though fashions her hair accordingly to the identity she is living as; either Destiny or Cori. The same goes for her eyes; under one calling, she will allow her eyes to be their natural color, while under the other, she will conceal her true eye color with a pair of reddish pink contacts.

Though seemingly weak and fragile at first glance, underestimating Destiny in combat and even in other scenarios would be a grave mistake. Her frame may not appear to hold much muscle or fat, but she could very well manage to take care of herself without much trouble in much situations. Thanks to her small stature and activity in parkour, she is naturally nimble and either quiet or silent on her feet, enabling her to slick around most obstacles and people with the uttermost amount of ease. Because of parkour and other sources of training, she is actually pretty strong for a girl of her size, and is able to lift things of weights and sizes that one would be astounded to see her carry.

{|||As Corrine|||}
All natural features such as hair color and eye color are seen in this identity, rather than her true identity. She will have her natural, white hair, as well as her amber eyes. Her hair will be fashioned so that some of her bangs fully cover her right eye, while the rest are brushed out of the way of her left and are either clipped back or brushed behind her ear.

A pretty simplistic yet fashionable attire will be worn. Upon the upper body, Destiny will more than likely wear a simple, solid-colored shortsleeve of varying design with a black vest over it. On occasion, depending on how cold it is outside, she will be wearing a furred, longsleeved hoodie over these two initial layers. Regardless of whether or not she wears this third layer, however, she will likely have a scarf fixed around her neck. It will not be too tight; rather fixed somewhat loose to enable it to hang downwards a little bit above the breasts. Bandages will almost always be seen around both of her wrists for reasons that are most likely obvious enough.

As for the lower body, she has an equal chance of wearing either a pair of semi-short shorts or skinny jeans. Unlike the coloring of her shirt, her lower body wear has been seen to stick strictly to color gradients ranging through the colors black and red, though is seen to be other colors on rare occasion. For footwear, she will be wearing a pair of heeled yet padded combat boots to enable silent movement while giving a fashionable image all the while.

She has a white mp3 player engraved with bright red text in its shell with her at all times that can either play music either with or without earphones or headphones. Unless she is alone, she normally listens to the music uploaded into this device through a pair of headphones that she had bought some time back and has modified time and time again. They are black with red markings and have cat ears on top of them. Their muffs are noise-canceling, so Destiny will more than likely not hear anyone talking to or about her while wearing them.

{|||As Destiny|||}
Her attire is far less revealing as it is when maintaining her primary alias. In fact, little to no features that would be seen on Cori would be seen on Destiny. For starters, her hair will always be dyed a different color as she maintains her true persona as Destiny; normally black or darkish red, with just streaks of her natural, white hair seen throughout. It would also be fixed so that it shrouds over one of her eyes completely – almost always the right one – while the remaining is also covered for the most part though not overly so to allow her to see. Rather than amber, her eyes would be a sort of reddish pink because of a pair of colored contacts that she wears as Destiny. However, they would not be seen due to the mask that she wears. It covers the upper half of the face and is heavily resembling of a Grimm’s mask, as it is a base color of white and has several red markings on either side that seem to be similar to the markings seen on the masking of a Grimm creature. Said mask would be attached to a sort of hat or hood accessory that she wears. It would have canine-like ears on top, as well as a generous amount of fur and a sort of visor in the shape of a Beowolf snout. The hat itself is a bit long, draping down her neck and the back of her head and ending on the tops of her shoulders.

Atop the upper body, she would wear a simple, solid-colored shortsleeve underneath collared hoodie. Said hoodie would almost always be either fully zipped up or near to it so that the collar attached to the fabric would cover the majority of the lower half of her face, and the hood would hang over the mask that she wears to enable further covering. Its sleeves end right below the elbows, though the rest of her forearms would be covered by a generous amount of bandaging that wraps around either limb up to the wrist. Fingered, clawed gloves clad both hands. To further ensure that her face is completely concealed, she will also wear a scarf – a different one from the one that she uses when casually in public – and wrap it around the bottom half of her face, inside of the collar of her hoodie.

The lower body would be fixed with either loose jeans or sweats, the bottoms and cuffs of them either tucked beneath a pair of padded combat boots or shrouding over the tops of a pair of sneakers. A studded belt would be seen around the waistband regardless; not to keep her pants up or for fashion purposes, but rather to allow her to carry several medium-sized containers of water on her at all times when out. The cases are kept within a series of pouch-like containments that she customized onto the belt herself in order to allow movement of the water cases with her.

As Destiny, she wants to appear to be resembling the image of a Grimm – obviously a Beowolf – so she gives herself a few extra features using her semblance in order to do so. By using her abilities, she forms attachments such as fur and a tail out of loosely-connected but still held together shards of ice. The makeshift furs cover the tops of her shoulders and ride all the way down the sides of her sleeves until they cut off over the elbow. The tail, of course, begins at the end of her tailbone as a chilled, representing extension of the beast she chose to mimic. Rather than clear and perhaps light blue, she fixes these ice shards of hers to be black, white, and red altogether in order to match the normal palette seen within a creature of Grimm.

History: See Deyukken's History.

Personality: Regardless of whether she is taking up her true identity as Destiny or her alias as Cori, the way she acts tends to be somewhat the same. Initially, the girl is a bit on the cold pun totally intended and quiet side, often straying away from larger groups and most conversations and just staying on the sidelines. Her hidden hobby is to be an observer – and a sharp and careful one at that. For the most part, she notices everything happening around her; noticing body language, listening to details…just gathering information in general and piecing things together. Because of this loner nature of hers, those who notice her sometimes think that she is shy, rather than selectively lonesome. Most of the time, people are turned away as quickly as they had approached her after experiencing a few calm, yet witty and sharp remarks from the girl’s lips.

Through the time that she takes to fully understand someone from afar, Destiny will begin to decide whether or not she would like to hold a conversation with them and get to know them. Should she see that making a conversation with a person is worth it, she will physically get up and start one for herself – but the process beforehand of declaring whether or not the person is “worthy” of being talked to could prove to be very long. The quicker solution, in some ways, would be to walk up to her and just hang around through the possible snarky comments she has to make and try to get to know her while she does the same with the one who had approached her. This way is somewhat quicker sometimes, though could backfire in some instances due to the fact that Destiny would not know much about the person at hand. While the way where she is the one who approaches rather than the person normally has higher chances of a friendship being started, it is also the longest method of the two.

If one were to successfully get close enough to Destiny to be able to be called a “friend” by her, they would gradually begin to unlock a heavily shielded side of her. They will uncover the more sensitive and…well, basically more girl-like personality and likes she keeps within. Deep inside, she actually is somewhat of a little child, not wanting to be left alone by those she trusted and will more than likely seclude herself in a corner – be it physically, mentally, or even both – and cry quietly to herself if either a bond she had created with a closer friend was broken, she did something to hurt a friend, or vice-versa. Alongside this shroud of sensitivity that she holds, she will also indirectly reveal that she loves things that your average, teenage girl would like, such as small and fluffy animals, romance novels and/or games, and things of the sort. If one were to realize these hidden likings of hers, they may or may not be a little shocked because of the way she would normally act toward these things. If she were to realize that someone else had realized that she secretly liked these sorts of things, she would freeze up for a couple of moments before gaining a light blush and denying everything, which…would really just make it more obvious that she actually does like what she does.

Another thing that one would come to realize is that, although she does encase a hidden yet at the same time apparent hatred for humanity as a whole, she cares more for her friends and family than herself, and would go to the ends of the Earth for them. She truly is thankful and grateful to those who had allowed her to get close and vice versa and would not be able to imagine life without them, so she would do…nearly anything in her power to ensure their safety and ensure that she would not lose them.

+Excellent hand-eye coordination from years of computer-usage and gaming.
+Has a naturally high amount of aura.
+Physically strong.
+Silent, lithe, and agile.
+Flexible from parkour.
+Excellent skill in dodging and getting around obstacles from parkour.
+Normally a very good judge of character.
+Normally doesn’t let the minor worries faze her on the outside.
+Capable of hacking into most security systems; some higher grade if she’s careful.
+Knows her way around weapon creation and manufacturing.

-Weighs under one hundred pounds, so it could be easy for one to just lift her off of her feet.
-Her short stature could prove to be troublesome in various scenarios.
-Often strains herself aura-and-semblance-wise in hopes to achieve even more power, so she tends to walk around a bit on the sore side.
-Various bone fractures and whatnot have been gained in the past due to parkour practices. As of this day, they’re mostly healed, but could still inflict excruciating pain with the wrong movements.
-Killer instincts. She won’t hesitate to physically threaten another if they get on her nerves or if she’s attacked.
-Concealing her identities. Sometimes, she accidentally leaves little traces of her true identity as Destiny visible, which, although are faint, could cause suspicion if caught.
-Helpless when she so much as thinks that a friendship she has is in danger. She will begin to fret more often and will be much more frantic, even if there really isn’t anything to worry about.
-Tends to conflict and stress herself out through matters between her two identities.
-Is a bit on the suicidal side. It isn’t nearly bad as it was in the past years, though is still definitely something to watch out for.
-Has chronic insomnia. Though she won’t show it unless caught off guard, she suffers from a lack of sleep; often getting a mere six or seven hours of sleep per week.
-She is takes a shine to both sadism and masochism alike.

Semblance: Cryokinesis, aka the creation and control of ice and ice figures, as well as water – to an extent. Often times, she uses her semblance to produce different types of weaponry other than the ones that she normally has with her. In addition to this, she also uses it to shroud some parts of her body to act as armoring, and also to use it as frozen projectiles to pierce through her opponents when striking.

The larger the object she creates, the more aura is diminished. Regardless of what size the object is, aura will also be drained so long as the object is still solidified and in use. Of course, less aura will be consumed if the object is small and things along those lines.


Name: Hunted Massacre (Grimm Massacre as Destiny)

First Form: A black-bladed katana with a black and red handle. The blade itself is composed of titanium alloy, enabling a large amount of strength and durability. The handleguard is a dial that shifts the Dust chamber within the katana blade. It only has two modes: off and on. The on function is also known as Frost.

Second Form: The blade itself separates into many sharper, more narrowed blades. Said blades extend from the handle to form a circular shape when looking directly down on it. The central part of the blade remains as it is, extending outward from the cycle of smaller blades around it and is boosted outward perhaps half a foot or so in length. From the gap between the central blade and the ring around it would rise several red spires – the Dust containers that had been inside the blade. With each slash and thrust, a shower of Dust would cloud outward. One would expect to encounter Fire Dust due to its color, though may be caught off guard by a sudden chill by the Ice Dust that it actually is. Rather than blue, it takes on a bright red coloring because Destiny manipulates it when the weapon is active.

Third Form: ONLY REVEALED AS DESTINY. The handle of the katana bends a little bit to create a sort of arm/shoulder rest, while the blades connect together in the outer ring to create a solid, cylindrical shape. The canisters within begin spinning and rotating, emitting a red glow all the while. Meanwhile, the handle would have branched off to create another, smaller trigger to be held within the hand. At this point, Hunted (Grimm) Massacre would be a bladed Dust Cannon. It is often utilized with her semblance.

History: Initially a normal katana given to her by her father. After his insane breakdown and death, she began to gradually alter it. Alongside it being her primary weapon, Destiny considers Massacre to be one of her most beloved possessions, as it serves as a memento for her father.


Name: Corrupted Souls

First Form: A dual pair of hachiwara, a knife-like Japanese weapon, that are almost always held in defensive blade positions when equipped. Their blades, which are forged with titanium alloy, are incredibly durable and are both a snowy, reflective white, with bright red engravings (general quotes revolving around death, poison, and other negative things) embed all over either side of the blade. Their blades are always kept in fine care and hold the sharpest edges and points possible due to the amount and degree of handling and refurbishing that Destiny gives them. The curves seen on both blades are somewhat longer than a normal than a normal blade of this type, ending two or three inches before the halfway point of the already-elongated blades of a foot and a quarter without counting the handles themselves, which are of a deep crimson shading, and are perhaps half a foot in length.

Like Massacre, the Souls also maintain Dust features – specifically from Ice Dust – and can be initiated with the position in which the hachiwara hook is in. Should it be straight as it is supposed to be, no mode is activated. If it is angled inward a but not enough to actually touch the blade, then this Dust function is enabled and medium-to-large-size flurries of Ice Dust will be emitted with each strike – regardless if it is simply attempted or successful – and will have a good chance of being utilized with her semblance. Another feature that it holds is a poison feature. Similar to how it holds a few narrowed canisters of Ice Dust within part of its handle and the majority of the blade, the Souls also contain a few similar canisters of liquid poison. They can be released by tilting the hook away from the blade via the blade edges or points. A little bit is released with each strike to prevent wasting of the material, though the type of poison used is easily able to kill a victim if it seeps within the bloodstream or consumed with only a good four to seven drops.

Second Form: N/A

Third Form: N/A

History: Crafted and altered numerous times after Destiny took up a job as a weaponry-oriented employee under the alias of Corrine. Simple as that.


Primary Theme – Thoughtful ||| Dear You (Vocaloid; Miku/Kaito Version)

Primary Theme – Cori ||| Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

Primary Theme – Destiny ||| Hurricane by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Battle Theme – Normal ||| Night of the Hunter by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Battle Theme – Berserk ||| Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold

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Destiny "Corrine" Ito Empty Re: Destiny "Corrine" Ito

Post by Empoleon_Blownaparte on Sat Nov 01, 2014 7:09 pm

As a moderator I see nothing wrong but one typo in her first weapon's history "a normal katana given to a normal katana given to her by her father", so fix that and I say Approved!

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